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  1. Not as difficult to answer that as explain rigpa. People like yourself
  2. Glad to have helped. I see Vajra has climbed the hill, time for me to jump off the brokeback mountain and let you two cowboyz have some fun with the emptiness. Have a fun weekend ahead
  3. Trying to sound wise does not make one wise. Don't underestimate the intelligence of others Well at least you're honest in stating that YOU find Vajra clear. Obviously no one else does as has been stated here many times. But you are not a standard you want others to emulate or compare with are you? You talking of anger and pride and advising me to "wake up" from it makes this all nothing more than a cheezy evangelical show on late night television. It would do you much more good to focus on Namkhai Norbu than spend your days and nights posting on this forum and defending every fart of Vajra. Smell something better for a change dude
  4. I wish you considered applying the same to yourself and Vajra to whose rescue you jump faster ignoring your own back that is on fire. Truly compassionate like a Bodhisattva except that this compassion does not extend beyond your idol and know-all figure
  5. Running into walls again....ARGH!

    There is some good information on this thread here. Have you tried Meditation Mastery? Not special in terms of technique but very good in terms of approach. The advice below comes not from beginners but experienced practitioners who have studied and taught taoism, advaita, buddhism, shamanism etc for several decades.
  6. Rick, beautifully put. I don't want to comment on Vajra's repulsive dhamma preaching here; one should not get the impression that his approach or blabber seen here is reflective of Namkhai Norbu's teaching. He is not my root master but nevertheless I have studied with him for many years. Those without skill should listen and learn and not talk
  7. Who is trained in Micro Cosmic Orbit?

    ROFL Well said Stephen, your posts have helped clarify a few questions I have had for years if not decades. Thank you
  8. Michael Lomax

    I have the book and also took class from Lomax. Honestly don't understand what people are raving about. I can only speak for myself and Kunlun was certainly something I would do over and over again rather than the Stillness movement thing (love you Max). Does this offer on returning the book still hold good? I got it directly off the website and want to return it. If yes, I will mail you directly. I am impressed with all the feedback about Lomax here and want to check if people write this stuff here because he insists? If people genuinely find his work useful, I am happy for them.
  9. euthanasia [not youth in asia]

    Would you need a layman's perspective or a Buddhist perspective? Because from your earlier posts, it seems to me that you like to hear and talk about only Buddhist or Mahayanic angle. If that is the case, it is better to state that clearly here and no one will waste time presenting what you will interpret as Christian or Jewish or Hindu things here. I see two arguments within Buddhism that one can talk of here more from the perspective of suttas and theory, but I would assume you would raise this topic at E-sangha if that was what you were trying to make out of this topic. And, who are you more worried of here? The pup whose suffering you want to ease or of the person who is going to effect this and possibly gain some karma?
  10. RE: The Buddha Bums

    I have been silently following this thread for quite a bit and know some of you from E-sangha. This is the reason great Buddhist masters have discouraged teaching or preaching when a skillful approach is lacking. And the result would be exactly like this one; rather than feeling attracted to dharma, a feeling of repulsion sweeps over. Frankly, such exposition of Buddhism is very very E-sangha and one should not confuse it to be reflective of any or many aspects of true Dharma and when I say that, I don't mean just hard facts or suttas but also the attitude and the approach. On the lighter side, why are you 'Taoists' encouraging the hyper fellow here when you know what he gets into? Silence is golden especially in this case. Allow him to preach whatever he wants and correct whoever he wants. You won't have a problem if you don't want to. Vajra drastically reduced his postings on Sangha and eventually will do the same here, if you stop feeding the troll. When his arguments were going no where on E-sangha, he had to bounce back some place else and I won't get into stories here. But a big fish in a smaller well Michael was and is enchanted with Vajra and he is responsible for bringing him here. He will defend Vajra and dismiss all those who oppose him as closet cases or drama. That is because he traces everything Vajra does to that initial cause for which he is responsible - invitation to the troll to come here and argue, pretty simple to figure that out right? So he has to defend Vajra for everything he does whether he really likes it or not, his ego leaves him no other choice. Once you recognize this, you will see the futility of arguing with some like Michael.
  11. Hello

    Hi, have been a Falun gong practitioner for a decade now and also a Buddhist.