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  1. I meditate on a deity and ask the deity to teach me to be energetically free from that person. It takes time. IMO if you're free of someone energetically you can forgive them.
  2. Distribution of I.Q

  3. Well if they spent 22 million dollars ( we know they've spent much more, this is just one program ) they probably have done things outside of "assessing threat" of these objects: " Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. " <--!
  4. Stopping karma at its track.......

    Sounds like you have strong spirit guides. Maybe it would be easier to talk to your mother about having boundaries and a right to recover rather than arguing with your sister? Just a thought. Family is the worst lol.
  5. Shifting timelines

  6. Shifting timelines

    My idea for these magical investigations come from Tom Kenyon http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines I think the text has interesting ideas, but I also think it's new age. I admire Kenyon's talent for singing but I don't understand how, after having worked with so many cultures he still uses so many new age clichés. " From an energetic standpoint, the ascension process begins when your life force, called Sekhem by the ancient Egyptians, begins its ascent up the Djed, or sacred pathway of the chakras. " Right. So you have to do egyptian hatha yoga work with timelines. When everything you have is a hammer... I'm talking more about -cultivating perception of liminal space occurring -perception of archetypal patterns that can be changed -how these transformations can open a jump into a new dynamic or "dimention". It's a change of dynamic not manifestation. You don't "put more energy out there to attract the timeline you want" like Kenyon writes. At least in my experience you become more quiet and allowing to access change. Well. I'm mostly just theorizing...
  7. Shifting timelines

    "Magick, then, is the art and science of navigating the liminalspace" -from the book Now that's what i call chaos magick
  8. Shifting timelines

    Here's another one. A crossroads sigil.
  9. Shifting timelines

    Here's a sigil I found for 'Invoking the Magick of Liminal Spaces", a very related art. I like her work. I find it opens new territory. Here's the artist: tumblr patreon