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  1. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Hi guys, What dvd's are actually fighting forms as opposed to for example mudras and palm work? Any recommendations for a beginner?
  2. Draining the swamp!

    Lol. Why 70's fiction in particular?
  3. Share good recipes during coronavirus

    I stocked up on broccoli soup mix... I like broccoli soup....
  4. Gut feeling or yijing?

    Hello bums. Let us say you consulted the oracle about a problem, but the reading went straight against your gut feeling or your evaluation. What would you do? Of course one could consult the oracle to learn more about the problem... And I admit I'm not an expert of the yijing. But I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this?
  5. Sumer: the "black-headed" vs. the "red-faced"

    It's all fun and games until you actually have to fight a Cyborg Mummy.
  6. But why would you refuse to help stop global warming if you're a super saiyan?
  7. I guess you're right about the water. I thought most of it was underground... Well that is good news. What is the difference between a spaceship and a starship? A starship can go to other solar systems? I mean the name for the "spacecraft" is "Starship" so I can understand if they got confused
  8. I think by that time they will have complete control already. But I wonder if the ecosystem will collapse before whatever technocratic agenda is completed. My ghost friends and I will have a party watching the last millionaires die in their bunkers, while we eat ghost popcorn.
  9. https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-plans-1-million-people-to-mars-by-2050-2020-1 "Umm who gave you permission to carry our water off world?"
  10. https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2019/07/29/brandon-cronenberg-unleashes-human-drones-and-experimental-film-techniques "They kidnap people and implant mind-control devices into their brains, and then those people are piloted by a sort of performer who goes into a kind of coma and guides them via these implants to commit lone-wolf assassinations that are good for the financial and political gains of the company involved."
  11. I happen to be a wizard! A soothsayer! A prognosticator! I have the power to see into the future! Centuries into the future!
  12. Ok maybe I misunderstood the original post... but now you're doing the thing I originally criticized you for