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    Look at the difference now Vajra... these seem to be sincere words and now I feel like actually reading what you write seriously, learn a thing or two for you don't sound to have any hidden agendas or are trying to "clean" others. We started off on a wrong foot, hope to talk to you much more cordially in future I don't think you deserve a response. Vajra seems to see and learn from his mistake, but not you. I would really need to undo my years of schooling, social conditioning and what are taught as good manners to be able to converse with you. Probably this is how you talk to your mother as well, but it is her problem not mine. I can and will chose to avoid getting filth from you by not engaging in a conversation with you. Sorry, not my cup of tea
  2. RE: The Buddha Bums

    This is one way to sideline some valid observations I have made, Fine But don't you think it will be a valuable activity to evaluate your level of infatuation with Vajrahridaya? I am also curious to know why you said once you distance yourself from his behavior and then edited it out? Are you that infatuated with him? Also, doing something useful will be much more beneficial than trying to figure out who I am, how many wasteful posts I have written etc. No?
  3. Jeff Primack

    Adam, good luck! I have the level 3 disk and it is very good. The only disk I have ever used is from my teacher John Dolic but graphics were really cool on your dvd. Both my wife and daughter were trying to use follow it for sometime but gave up as they found it a little tough.
  4. RE: The Buddha Bums

  5. RE: The Buddha Bums

    Vajra, now you seem to be taking it personally. Now being the big guy and the enlightened one you are, why don't you ever show your "bigness" by ignoring what you think are insults? You respond to each and every post that you think is even faintly directed at you. Is that not attachment? Need more meditation I guess
  6. RE: The Buddha Bums

    So being arrogant and condescending is okay as long as it in put within a context? It is easy to see that he creates such contexts out of nowhere. I am not meaning to say that responding to him the same way he talks to others is not completely correct. But it may just be that some others think that is the only language he understands. Different people, different opinions no? When you heard Vaj, you should probably hear out the rest? Or should those expressing displeasure at how he behaves be now banned?
  7. RE: The Buddha Bums

    I think you are trying to make yourself feel better by clinging to your belief in Dalai Lama and insisting it is not blind. If it does make you feel better, thats fine. Many met Hitler and who knows probably in dreams as well. Is that a justification for their faith in him, blind or not?
  8. RE: The Buddha Bums

    Ok, you blindly believe because DL says so and expect others to believe you, fine! I still don't see how this story is different from Satanic horror movies of the 70s
  9. RE: The Buddha Bums

    You did not answer my question. Is this an evil deity like Lucifer? If so, is Dalai Lama like the Christ? Are not all Tibetan deities supposedly just manifestations of emptiness? How is one manifestation good and the other evil? Because Dalai Lama says so?
  10. What the Self Is (and Is Not)

    What makes you think I would allow trash in my head?
  11. RE: The Buddha Bums

    I still fail to see your point. Everyone who disagrees with you or your gang (mikael, lucky, xabir fill that list) is wrong, talking to his own projections and don't have much to do with anyone etc. etc.? Those who agree with you and scream Hail Buddhism are wise? Are you in first grade? By the way your gf is gone? Time to bring her back in
  12. What the Self Is (and Is Not)

    You can't buy quality for cheap
  13. RE: The Buddha Bums

    Wait a minute, are you saying there are good and evil deities somewhere? Sounds like what the Falun Gong guy writes. I Like that, Truth and Opinion... When there is nothing like an absolute truth, is not every opinion then someone's truth? What is the conflict about? Conflict and fanaticism (okay, "passion" for some) displayed here seem so unlike how Thich Nhat Hanh talks of Buddhism.
  14. What the Self Is (and Is Not)

    You could have said: Tibetan Buddhism is reasonable and does not drive others away for lack of money. But you and Mikaelz both make it a point to bring in Hindu guru or some other one as if to say they all charge money and drive those without money away but Tibetan Buddhists don't. Why not just stick to your point? Or is it not permitted by Buddha? That you two need to speak low of something else to elevate your own religion or practice and cannot explain its worth on its own merit speaks of the depth of understanding of whatever path you claim to tread. Nac was clever and made peace when he sensed he was about to be based, but I didn't learn from his mistake and had to comment here I think I am not clever enough to sense when and when not to express ones convictions like him. For Christ sake, there is a lot to learn from you Buddhists for every aspect of life, especially for the boardroom.
  15. RE: The Buddha Bums