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  1. Taoism and Anarchy

    Thank you, Stigweard, for the additional article. I suppose it's just frequently come to mind how many people strive to make the world a completely "good" place to live, with no regard to the fact that there can be no good without evil. I often times see the government in many ways doing the same thing, and only causing more strife in the end. After all, these illusions of power and authority have had such a terrible impact on so many people... But that's simply my thoughts on it.
  2. Taoism and Anarchy

    Ah, such friendly posts. I thought I may be stepping on some toes here, but I'm glad to see how accepting these reactions are. I do have to agree with Nanashi, sadly enough. Though it seems to make a lot of sense and really appeal to me, I believe it's more a dream than a reality that may one day come true... XP River Gazer, I get the feeling we may have a lot in common.
  3. Taoism and Anarchy

    http://www.strike-the-root.com/3/gillespie/gillespie1.html Your thoughts?
  4. carmelldansen?

    Never trust a spiritual leader who can't dance.
  5. Taoism and the dark night on the soul

    All I can really say is the same...
  6. Abortion...

    You're right, I apologize. I meant to receive Hindu, Buddhist, or Daoist perspectives. I'll keep in mind to phrase things better in the future.
  7. Abortion...

    I'm not quite sure this is the right place to post this, but how can someone justify killing a child and experimenting on a fetus? I would really love to hear your views on said topic. Perhaps I just feel that human life is not something to be delt with so lightly as most people I feel are doing. It upsets me to the point that I break at times, and I need different perspectives and views. Thank you for your time, and I apologize if this is not the right thing to be posting here...
  8. Dealing with Your Demons

    When I come across things like this I simply accept it, take it in as a learning experience, and note once again that the world is filled with both good and evil, and I am no acception. Still, if I feel the need, I will do what I can to make myself a better person.
  9. Where are you from

    I've lived in various places, but only in the US, and mainly in the south.
  10. Christian views on Taoism & Cultivation.

    I havn't so much as looked at a bible in years, my friend, so I can't help you with that... But I can say that everyone must find enlightenment in their own way, no matter the religion, and you cannot force someone to believe what you do. If these people are trying to convert you or simply are too aggressive about their veiws on what you're doing being wrong, you may need to let them go. I understand eveyone has good in them, and I'm glad to know you can see that in them, but I personally do not let people hault my spiritual persuits. Everyone has their Way, and choosing to stay friends with them or not is a path you must decide for yourself. It will effect other aspects of your life, as well. I hope I have been of some help, and I wish you well.
  11. What is real, mature manhood?

    Whereas I agree with Marblehead on this one, I don't usually concentrate on such things. I'd rather concnetrate on how to become a better person than how to become a better adult. Something that has quite frankly always pissed me off is when an adult thinks they are any more important than a child. The way I see it, everyone is just as important as the next. I hate when someone thinks they are better for any reason. Now, dicipline and teachings of respect and such things are of course nothing I object to... But in my personal experience, the way we live today in America, everyone's itching to prove they are much better than the next person, even people you would think are decent, living a well life. And, in a way, dealing with the kind of adults I have to deal with... I almost have to wonder if we never can truely call ourselves adults anymore. Often times I see these people around me and think that they are children, only with more responsibilites on their shoulders because of their age. Ultimately, my advice to you is simply to not get caught up in silly things like this as I have. As long as you are satisfied with who you are, no such thing should be able to bring you down. Or so is my belief.
  12. Irreligious Taoism?

    Thank you for your responses. I've always been eager to learn more about Taoism, and I think I've chosen the right place to be. I appriciate the in-depth descriptions Zhuo Ming-Dao. It's helped me understand quite a bit better than before.
  13. talk me into staying in college.

    I have to say Marblehead took the words from my mouth yet again. I do wish you well.
  14. Irreligious Taoism?

    Thank you for the insight. I kind of figured you would be the one to answer this.
  15. Irreligious Taoism?

    I was asked today in another forum I've started posting in if I was an irreligious Taoist... And I was wondering what the general meaning of that is. I took it to be true because whereas as far as I have read Taoists believe in one path that will bring them to enlightenment and awareness, I believe everyone's Tao, or Way, is different, and that different people need their own personal way of achieving said enlightenment and awareness. Am I correct, or is there a different deffinition for what I believe?