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  1. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Oh brother...I agree with you...Vasistha was indeed dumb. These Self folks may claim that it was the incompetent one who was untrained that could not look into the words that hence felt that Vasistha did not know it all. Some of these ignorant ones may also claim that Vasistha spoke of what he wanted to convey through words and left some things obscure for experience alone could reveal the truth. Some may also claim Vasistha's book does not represent mainstream Theism. But that is all bullshit. If you say Vasistha did not get it, that means that IS the truth. Afterall, you/Buddha/DL/NN know it all... we have seen your knowledge proven by your own kind words repeatedly here and we have also the meditational bliss-cosmic journeys etc. etc. that have proved Theism wrong....We could also quote here specific verses that prove Vasistha's ignorance but the Self guys will explain how it was the failure on the part of the reader to understand what was being said that we found him to be incomplete and ignorant. Why take that brother...they will attribute the claimed ignorance of Vasistha to be a mirror effect...hmmm...let's leave it here...let's say he is dumb and people will take it its true...after all is YOU who is saying that! If he is not a Buddhist and does not speak of Dependent Origination at least twice the number of posts on Thusness' blog, there is no way he can know it all and full. I don't understand why someone would ask for more proof than brother.... me and tequila are here for you again. I guess it is time to throw away the yogavasistha. Would you still recommend laghu vasistha as it takes less space brother and can even be used for weight training. Brother, you have spoken so less of how incompetent Theism is, today. Are you sure you're not under the God spell...I am worried for Sereneblue, you've a cute puppy on your it's my duty to tell you what VH is withholding from saying all this on account of his gigantic compassion towards the poor Theists. But my tequila will give me the strength to let it all out...Vasistha's book is good for theists but is also rubbish because he did not know it all. Read it if you want to be stuck in samsara. And Samsara is not a loooong and slow-moving boring movie if you thought you could get away with an unlimited supply of popcorn, no...samsara is scary!!!! We need to be scared of samsara and every moment of our life should be dedicated to finding out and debating on how to escape this samsara. Don't you make the mistake of actually "living" in this samsara brother...samsara is to be escaped!!! But I also felt samsara is nirvana...never mind, sometimes a third schizophrenic personality of mine kicks in who has severe theravada leanings. So, Vasistha did not escape samsara and how will reading his samsaric book help you? You are better off reading VH's posts for he has figured out Vasistha completely and accurately...stay happy brother.....this is all neither real nor an illusion...and that this is neither illusion or real and like illusion, is an illusion. And that this [...] is an illusion is the truth...and this truth is like a truth but actually an illusion. Ah, I am going offtrack to the concept of maya being beginningless and VH will not pardon me for this...Back to Buddha-bus - the only Bus with permit to drive on Enlightenemnt highway... blue, stay well...
  2. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Oops, right, sorry were right beside me and I had too much tequila...I hate to piss in the middle of the night and much so less on others. But the mishap happened...and I am sure it is all karma at play... Please take a shower and accept my apology...lets re-incarnate and start our Missionary Activity with renewed vigor and fresh clothes on ...Brother
  3. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Brother, call me Sand, call me mud, call me Silicon, I take them all as expressions of your love. Brother, apologies for keeping you awake.....I know your love for me brings you back here. Brother, Three's company is awesome..and what a set of three we, if it helps you sleep, I will stop posting till morning...and will start again after you're back...that way you will get the testimonies of my loyalty to dhamma fressssh...will that help and what makes you think I have silicon implants brother... love me for who I am and not my And brother what is bad karma? I thought not agreeing with Buddha/NN/DL/VH and you is bad karma. I am agreeing with every bit. I am even bashing the Self folks. Is that not good karma...I know you're testing me brother. Sweet brother...sleep, I will sing a lullabye for you...if that helps...and will guard you from God Self...I promise...its not me you should lose your sleep about...I aint worthy of this attention. And there are so few profanities you've used today brother, the dhamma does not permit it...we need to deal with utmost profanity when talking to Self folks. You started well with Ken W but then lost it all? Cummon, it's in you...bring out the dhamma, let it all out...This mellowing is not helping with your young and restless image....herbs are helping but not to the desired level ..... relax....breathe.....[tequila has kicked in] .. you guys give meaning to my life....I fear the day when you stop posting here...but that is impossible for dhamma depends on none and follows its own course...okay, I lost it here...its now only tequila talking and not me... and some pot you guys...even more....
  4. The Chicken or the Ego?

    Yes brother, dense with silicon ...but less dense than diamond beat me there as well density.. brother do the three lols mean three jewels brother? Or Buddha/DL/NN... Is this symbolic of our unfailing faith in the triad brother? But I must warn you...the evil God folks will twist this to mean the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost...beware, Brother...and Mikaelz sure has made you proud again this MSN is, he may be waiting there to tell you something...please check...I will guard the fort here till you're back..dhamma is safe here...
  5. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Brother, don't give up on me... I am already missing your PMs... don't I deserve more than just two abusive PMs that were aimed at correcting me, just like your master corrected you... Brother...I crave for more of them. I surely despise Dwai at this instant, he seems to have drained you of many such corrective insults. But brother, your repository is infinite like the number of mindstreams. Brother, dont give up on me. And those smilies brother, what is their significance? Shape of Dalai Lama's head? Or the number has something special? Brother, nothing you say lacks a deeper dimension...but enlighten me and help me see beyond this pretentious garb of obnoxiousness... love you more brother...more than ever
  6. Nikola Tesla

    Yes brother, totally. If you say it must be true. And if DL feels that, it must be more correct. But wait, its about all the more correct. I would love Dalai Lama to control the entire world - of course with wisdom and not power. And we can control this forum and all other forums...sorry sorry sorry...replace 'control' with 'lead'... Brother, i am confused I puncture the mirror or what I see in the mirror? Or were you asking an acupuncture treatment on your left shoulder? Or you want to borrow my mirror and see the Theists attacking you from behind your back? Brother, please speak English and not Pali..I ain't as learned as you .. show some compassion, will you brother... And brother, the sacred pin that I need to use to prick [the mirror/your shoulder/something else - or all of these] - should that be acquired through a direct transmission? Does NN offer it through a webcast? Help me out brother... don't speak in riddles...
  7. The Chicken or the Ego?

    Buddha brand brother...but I was cheated...The God folks took away everything inside it...the I have the bottle alone...but its empty and so its good brother...I will fill it with water and drink brother...its not empty but I will imagine its empty and drink emptiness brother... Let the god folks tie themselves to samsara drinking that wine of fullness while I and you enjoy the emptiness with pure awareness that is empty - brother pardon my ignorance...but should I stare at the empty bottle and be aware of it and get a kick out of it? Does this confirm to the golden rule of dependent origination? Do I need to seek help from Xabir to understand awareness and its need that tequila now...or else, I may lose control and slip to being a Jesuit me
  8. Nikola Tesla

  9. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Brother, you don't remember me already? An year is too short to forget your most ardent admirer. You cannot run away from your admirers by moving to a new city and a new forum. Adoration follows the one who deserves it. I am happy brother that I made you smile...hugs and more love... I also accept I dont understand dependent origination, my brain is so damn thick and filled with years of Jesus stuff and now tequila. Empty it for me brother, make me bald like Dalai Lama, make me wise...make me like you...make me you...make me empty brother... and brother, don't bother sending PMs. I totally understand that your abuses are for my own betterment. Please shed those pearls here so that more people are benefited by them. Please do, I beg of you... Don't worry about your Buddhist image brother...abusing those who don't agree is the ninth dharma of the noble path which Buddha taught to non-samsaric beings. These idiots here who may accuse you being non compassionate or abusive know nothing. Brother, I yearn for more such abuse. Correct me through thy abuse, purify me..give me a ticket to the buddha bus...I beg of you... and brother I have an msn messenger too, please add me will save you and the upcoming Bodhisatva time that would otherwise be spent in discussion of future strategy. Take me into your ghetto brother...only you sick puppies can care for another of your kind...anything for you BROTHER
  10. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Sure brother, Ken Wilber might have left you high and dry, I won't. Sleep brother sleep...I will stay awake all night and carry on with your sacred mission...Okay, I already put on my monk robes... O Bhikkus..listen..I alone know the truth and the way to it..Tramp the rest and you shall pass the test...[need more tequila for dhamma talk to you sleep...I will take care here ...I promise
  11. The Chicken or the Ego?

    Brother, why is KW silly? For being bald? Now you are accusing Dalai Lama of silliness brother. Bald was Buddha (bad genes) and was replaced by a bad Dalai Lama...KW might as well be the next Buddha...Boy how I shall miss the sight of a future Mikaelz taking up the cause of Ancient Buddha KW... Smart fuck...he fucked you? Was it good? Tell us more brother..and all this you say's all so smart...does it come from your hind you as always...I also learnt that it sounds powerful and angry and you know..all that...if you use profanities and fuck and all that...every topic you deal with is a great lesson you again I also acknowledge your greatness brother in showcasing the stupidness of who we do't agree with and the such for that in every post we write here. Brilliant example with Ken Wilber. For sake of simplicity, shall we say we need to abuse one guy, in every post, who does not 100% agree with Dalai Lama/Namkhai Norbu/Buddha/VH? KW, Bill Bodhri, some Hindu guys I don't know much of...I now get how you guys earn Buddha points. I now know why I made no progress with Jesus love all message. What a waste of time brother...thank you for the lessons..
  12. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Brother one Friday is nothing great. I am inspired by the likes of VH and Mikaelz who have dedicated months to the compassionate task of showing the shortcomings of other religions in no uncertain terms. I must agree that I have failed to adhere to the same standards of dignity but I have always admitted my shortcomings. that Shunyata Neuro Linguistic sutra brother? I may look into it if it is Pali. But you know all other sutras on internet. Help out this poor soul brother...please show me how to copy and paste? I will adhere to thy instruction and make myself an image of knowing all. I know brother I am repeating myself. Reason one is my overflowing love for you the second is inspiration - from you brother and VH more than have beaten all the other incomplete path-mongers to death explaining the greatness of dependent origination. Let me follow the same virtue brother. Even if with lesser dignity and compassion... mental state is sometime that of a five year old...thank you for lifting me up to are herbs are making you even more, no brother..I am just following your footstep and trying to teach these idiots how wrong they are all. Repetitive brother...yes...I am way too inspired by you and VH to be not brother...that we only throw at others...not amongst ourselves...we are all in one gang... we are family brother...I can even hum this one...We Are Family.....Sorry brother I think I took away a lot of your time making you read my stuff, which you would have otherwise spent in deep meditations (quality is important and not few minutes is okay...its normal) or preaching dhamma here..But no worries brother...I have arrived to help you both in your mission..I may still need to learn how to be blunt and honest - also how to grow balls (ah..thats what the herbs are for?) -but I am willing to learn brother....anything for you and VH ...time for tequila might as well complete reading brother and post something, you may not feel good if you don't have the last say here...its okay brother...I understand...and the old trick of assuming people don't repeat when you accuse them of repetition is so very 80s brother..As amazing a guy you are as recognizing VH Bodhistava's true greatness, I am surprised you missed this brother...I feel bad sometimes you have all this pressure on you to prove what a rebel you are, the intellectual you are that questions all set norms, how you rely on truth and honesty, how you believe in bluntness and not courtesy etc. But this streetcat image is so 70s brother...Or is the theme retro here? lets both sing in unison...Buddha, Best, Balls, Blunt, like Bs do I...BROTHER
  13. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Yes brother, you're right - completely... as long as you're on VH's team. It seems to me that you've dependently originated from him. Love you too...but not as much as VH. Don't talk about balls... Buddha didn't say anything about balls in pali suttas - neither growing them or shaving them. Love you too man, a little less though... You have all my support, let's all be blunt and honest and tell everyone how wrong they are and how they don't see our point. After all, preaching dhamma on this forum is our life goal. You already lost your brownie point in making a late appearance. I smell a God conspiracy here ... I admit by incapability to copy and quote what Buddha/Namkhai Norbu/Dalai Lama/...........(fill in names approved for you by VH)...but that's why I am here to learn. Learn from your criticism, from the truth you're trying to show the lost souls...the light of true complete path...accept spite of my shortcomings...I will serve the dhamma by continuing this mission on every online forum that was ever created. Does that prove my loyalty to Buddha/...../ know the list now... I like the rhyme though ... balls, blunt, buddha and Best!!!!! ... If you're already annoyed with me, what will happen once my New Age personality kicks in and I begin to channel Hindus and make the mistake of equating Buddhism with any other World religion? I don't even have Jezuz any more to seek redemption from this blasphemy for I have forsaken my Lord to adopt VH's dhamma that radiates from this forum. love you...not as much as VH though...
  14. The Chicken or the Egg?

    Brother, what would we do without you pointing to the world the 'right' and 'complete' tools? Can I express my gratitude to Buddha/Dalai Lama/Namkhai Norbu for this guidance through you by a special ritual? But that was copied from Hindus. Can I do some breathing? But that was again copied from Hindus and Chinese. Forget all that copied shit, I will express my gratitude by debating with the pizza delivery boy how incomplete his path is and how by not seeing Dependent Origination, his tips are dropping. I have always suspected that it is Michael Jackson who posed as Hindu and Christian angels and gods and duped those fools. But only a Buddhist can see the subtle truth - mind you, thinner than the thinnest of bikini briefs .. Did you say hustle? attempt on life? My my...why would someone do that on someone as loving and as compassionate as your kind self? If someone attacked you, it must be because they didn't see all the wisdom and realization behind the drama. Also, brother, now your image is even more cool in my mind - the wise, all-knowing, realized bodhisattva, who is from the hood and had street fights... Buddha meets rap.. Brother, but I must caution you...are you moving away from Buddha's pali suttas in favor of a new cool image? I care for you brother...the New Age Hindus are after you man... but fear not...I am behind you with a Buddha stick to beat them all up.. I don't want you to get up from meditation or typing on this forum and get disturbed..your mission is to keep the Eternalists at bay and I will do anything to help you in this mission brother... E-Sangha, T-Sangha or Z-Sangha...I will follow you wherever you go... If they kick you out from here as well, I will kick myself out to prove my loyalty to you/Buddha/Dalai Lama/Thusness/,,,,/..../ ... I love you man Brother, I dont disagree with you...they are all good, but they are just rubbish. Brother, you have the Buddhascope which shows you all that..Think of the poor self-hanging idiots here. It is not upto them to squeeze out pearls of wisdom like you do - as easily as squeezing paste out of the tube - they need help brother. They need to be told they are wrong, their paths are complete and they cannot compete against the Buddha-60 team. They can score a few goals but we will kick the shit out them man. These Christians are seriously fanatic, they think they are the only ones who know!'s us who know and not would I do without you man.. I will go even to Mars to find those souls who appreciate what and how you say and will get them here to prove your popularity...your image is mine brother... anything for you.. And don't stop talking to me brother...this is the only joy I have left in my life after I gave up Jesus and ran out of tequila. This forum and posting here is our mission brother. Let's stay focused and beat the shit out of every ignorant dualist and non-Buddhist (I mean non Tibetan Buddhist) here. Man, this is our time to prove Buddha is the Best. We can even get Tshirts which read BiB. We can donate the money made from selling these to Chinese government and ask them to let go of Tibet. dreams (sorry, that would be dualistic...lucid dreams) are soaring like never before after I surrendered to you/Buddha/ know that list.