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  1. nipple point orgasm?

    Hello to all.I would like share more info about this which i have found today. I found a book :sexual-secrets-alchemy-of-ecstasy-by-nik-douglas (if you use google you can found it also) In the pag 243 they are a picture showing some points (also the ping-i ,with the same name) ,and a comment ( the same i posted here,same tranlation of this older book,BUT a interesting thing is it has an older picture of a couple using it !!! I have to upload to imageshark: the coment is: "Taoist posture of sexual yoga used to aid retention and empower the libido.Album painting in silk,china,nineteeth century." it seems it was more common than we tought. a question.someone knows in what collection it is found? i would like buy a copy of it as an poster thanks (i post here a doc with all info i have found about this) ping_i.doc
  2. nipple point orgasm?

    Hello again. I have read the text taoist81 talk about in google books in pag 51. "Misterpreting the ping-i (an alternate name fo the hui-yin at the perineum) as "one inch above the right nipple",he was mistakenly lead to claim disovery of a new eyaculation control technique." I think willes is who has a mistake .Here is the explanation: 1)I have just remembered ,i also read it in other book, called "Puntos de placer of su-nu hsuan tsai " ( ) about reflexology of pleasure and it talk about 2 diferent points,one is the "millon point" and other diferent is the ping-i (with other name,it uses numbers not names,and it is the point 42 ). excuse me but i only found spanish version,it also discusses about this point and this uses. "It is an special point used only in man.It is a tsun on right nipple. It is an autotratament point. We press it constantly in vertical ,strong ,with index and middle fingers of left hand. It will do while dual practique (intercouse, or penis stimulation)" It said only press on male,never on woman;and it is used for seminal retention. 2)Also ,i would finish telling i have tried this technique several times,and it workes fine for me.
  3. nipple point orgasm?

  4. hi

    hello,i am new in the forum.I am a person very interesting in taoism