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  1. The Placebo Effect

    You confused me though but... yup, you're right . So how can I distinguish my sensations/experiences from placebo effect? That's because those things occur spontaneously occasionally without my thinking "There's gonna be something good happening." I don't even know about them because I haven't heard them before. I don't think I'm the only case though, some people told me they also experienced the same thing. Anyway, your experiment is a really good example but I think it may not be clear enough. Say, how about an experiemnt like this: 2 groups of people, 100 each. The 1st group is taught a qigong that can boost the function of heart but they are told that it help elevate the liver. The 2nd group (control group) is taught the same qigong while knowing it really works for the heart. Later, they are examined for the effect. In the 1st group, if the effect on their livers is not impressive and insignificant, then qigong is no placebo. If the effect is so so, average, then even I don't know if qigong is placebo or not. But... if somehow, there is only improvement on the liver, not the heart, I will immediately stop my qigong training and start to read the Bible or some Buddhist philosophies instead .
  2. The Placebo Effect

    Very interesting topic! I was confused by this placebo vs qigong for while but now I can certainly tell you they are 2 seperate things. Both have healing power, no one can deny that. The only different thing is how they work. Placebo works with pure faith. You will get what you believe in. And the effect also varies. Sometimes, it can be large but also very insignificant sometimes (that's why researchers don't know how exactly it works). On the other hand, the healing power of qigong is created with constant practice (and a little faith of course). The effect is the same every time, you can expect such thing. The more you go on with your practice, the more its power be enhanced. And one more thing is (just my personal thought though) qi sensation. Occasionally, during a rest or when I'm relaxed, I suddenly feel warm, light, some of my muscles twitching, etc... Those feelings don't seem to have anything to do with faith/belief I guess. P.S Has someone ever experienced such a thing like me?
  3. What languages do you speak?

    Well, Vietnamese, English and some Chinese characters . Is something the matter?
  4. Krav maga and spirituality

    Nope, I don't think so, it has physical benefits rather than spiritual benefits
  5. qigong empowerment question

    Hi Buscon, 'Qigong empowerment' is indeed a very good book. You don't have to worry about problems caused by reverse breathing that much. The only common problem i usually heard is chest pain which is caused by contracting your abdomen too much and too hard (thus creating sudden pressure in your abdomen and chest). Just contract it gently, there should be no problem. And i kind of disagree with the idea of using the book only for reference. Every technique mentioned in the book was meant for self-training.Except for Gathering the Spirit Method and 7 Star Big Dipper Method (pg 121-123), which must be directly taught by a qualified master/teacher. If you follow the instructions closely, you don't have to worry. Happy training! Qigongaddict
  6. ~Hi fellows~

    Hi! I'm just someone wandering around trying to gather as much knowledge about qigong as possible. Nice to meet you guys!!