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  1. New to me

    Well I think I see what the chat room is about. If nobody is there, like yesterday then I guess that somehow I can PM people who are on site and see if anyone wants to chat. I spent a couple hours browsing posts last night and I am beginning to see the uses of other things like attach and also how the reply buttons work. Go down to the bottom of the page to reply as the next posting or else reply to a specific previous post by using the reply button under that post. Thanks though for responding and telling me what the PM was. There are a lot of abbreviations commonly used. Some I can figure out LOL and some are more cryptic
  2. New to me

    I think I'm starting to figure this out
  3. The collected works of Blissmusic

    That is a very beautiful piece of wordsmithing. It was very introspective, so to speak, and yet I sometimes wonder..... and would offer a counterpoint. Not in dispute, rather as a complement or companion, ponder this: While it can be good to look closely at self and our place in the universe, it is also good to forget self and look at our companions. The fact that we are all experiencing this here and this now gives us delightful things to do in service of others. Sometimes the best meditation is to chop wood, carry water and do whatever else we think may be beneficial to our companions in this here and now. Is the ecstasy of oneness with the universe really any better than the mild pleasure of creating a smile on a face that previously held a grimace? If all we do is clean our own yard the neighborhood can still look like crap. But it is our responsibility to clean our yard. Cleaning the neighborhood is our opportunity. I think that chi is a little bit like money in that it is good to have some around but its real use is when you spend it. Don't hold back. Empty to be filled. Your 25,000 days will be over before you know it but that is still over 2 trillion seconds of opportunity. Who knows what comes next? I love qiqong so much. But in my garden I grow many flowers, some not so perfect, others pretty ok. Another garden may have perfect roses or tiger lilies beyond compare. I have great admiration for the refinement of those intricate works but still prefer the variety of my simple unsophisticated garden. In the end there is unity without uniformity. I suppose there will be some who say the old man just doesn't get it. Missed the point completely he did. To those I would offer a very humble "So What". Right now I am unreasonably, illogically, maybe its the dementia, what's the matter with that guy, happy. As don Juan said, "If all you lose is your mind, you haven't lost much."
  4. First Greeting

    Well whattayaknow!! I found a 20 in my pocket!! Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm starting to get the hang of this place already.
  5. New to me

    I have never used a site like this and don't really know how. I decided to start this topic and try to ask specific questions in hopes that some patient soul will respond and help out the muddled old man. What is the PM button on the bottom of some pages? I saw a post about live chat and it said to PM everybody and then see who chats. How do I actually push the right keys to do this? I have never been to a "chat room" and I really don't know the protocols etc. Anyone got any help for me? I can't stay online always but will check back periodically. And thank you all in advance.
  6. Idea for 'spiritual' room lighting

    Well, in theory white light is the combination of all the colors and as such that may be the result of your idea. A normally lit room. Although the relative strength for different colors might not be quite balanced. More wattage may be required for one end or the other of the spectrum to create a good balance. Also, in the natural spectrum of white light there is no distinct separation between the colors. Each color blends to the next and in that sense it may also reflect the true nature of the chakras. Whereas someone gave each chakra a color, the actual distinction between colors and chakras may be more gradual. The first chakra blends into the second and fades as the second becomes more dominant and then blends into the third and so on. I don't really know, I am just thinking out loud so to speak. It is handy for our mind to classify things with distinct boundaries between classes, but reality may be more complex than that. Still, I kinda like your idea.
  7. First Greeting

    Greetings earthlings! You know I have a hard time figuring out how to use something new like this. I guess that starting a new topic is how it goes. Hopefully, I can figure out how to post to an existing topic which is why I signed up and all. Wish me luck, or some other good fortune