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  1. Well THAT was different.

    This thread holds the highest value per words on the entire forum. Now go practice for a year or two.
  2. So how do we get from here to there? The two largest problems the planet is facing are poverty and the environment. None of these are handled by the current politics. 60 million people die every year. About a third of those die from being poor. At the same time the industrialized nations are using the planets resources at an unsustainable level. An average American is spending about 8 times what the planet can sustain, an European about 4 or 5 times. This is unnatural and will come to an end one way or another. When that day comes most of us will have to come to terms with living on a dollar a day. This sounds extreme, but it's basically what the guy who harvested your tea makes and most of the poor majority of the world makes. So how do we get liberty for all? It's mostly a question of who controls the infrastructure. You need to control you food supply, have access to your own clean drinking water, the resources needed to heat and cool you home, medicine/sanitation and security. Once that is taken care of nothing can kill you except old age. :-) Once you have reached this point you are also free to teach how you did it to other people/ communities and give the State the finger with both hands. Call it liberty for all, human rights, the basis for anarchy or whatever. :-) I'm not calling for a revolution. What I'd like to see is an evolution towards an sustainable, free world where nobody dies of poverty. So what I'm proposing here is a different perspective on politics and ethics. States are failing, just look at Greece and Spain. The international financial system is balancing on a fine edge. To me makes the left right bickering mostly irrelevant. The only party I see that has stepped of the left -right axis to talk about relevant issues is The Pirate Party. Other that that I don't see much use for party politics. - Kris
  3. No Me?

    I like to invite you to really look; If it's true that there is no me, what would change? - Kris
  4. New site for permaculture tips

    Here is a couple of good links: Miiu And one for those of you that like the big picture: John Robb is the guy behind all three sites. He's what a British friend of mine calls "rather bright." Edit: Bitcoin might have some good implications. To dial down in style I find a lot of inspiration at:
  5. no money more fun?

    Historically bartering was something you did only with enemies. The need for bartering implies a lack of trust. Money implies the same thing. You don't need to trust the buyer at all to make a trade as long as you trust the value of the money. Where I grew up we "borrowed." Everything from a cup of sugar to a truckload of feed for the animals could be borrowed with nobody expecting payment or trade in kind. If you had a big surplus of something you would share it just because you could and without anybody asking. When your community works like this you can live with far less money than you would think possible. Everywhere I've lived I've found that if I start giving my surplus of time, skills and products away people start acting in the same manner. It's like a dormant cultural DNA that just needs a little nudge to come to the surface.
  6. Thank you for the advice. The maralroot is a strong adaptogen / tonic. I've only tried tea made mostly from dried leaves. The effects where very promising. The roots are supposed to be where the really good stuff is. I'm exited to see the effects from root grown with care and harvested on the right time. I get overexcited every time I find something valuable that I can grow in my climate (90-100 day growing season)
  7. Do you fertilize them the same as you would tomatoes to? Did you get fruit the first year? 3 of my plants are 2 years old this spring. I'm exited to see if they will bear fruit this year. The quality should be great as I have almost 24 hour sunlight during summer. Can't wait for spring to come. I've got some maralroot that should be ready to harvest this year to.
  8. Do you grow your own goji berries? I have two plants in the ground and 4 more ready to plant next spring. Could need some advice from somebody with goji growing experience.
  9. book of five rings

    My favorite is the William Scott Wilson translation. I probably own 3 or 4 translations and have read several more over the years. You might also enjoy Musashi by E. Yoshikawa, This is i fictional book, but might just provide you with more that entertainment....
  10. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) experiences?

    I could trade you in Chinese mountain herbs from my own garden. We might just have the beginning of a transatlantic smuggling operation here. Don't say nothing good ever comes from Internet discussion forums....
  11. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) experiences?

    Thank you, but I believe there would be a problem importing it where I am
  12. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) experiences?

    I like to boost my HGH levels by doing intermittent fasting + strength training. It takes a bit more effort, but I'm more comfortable doing it a more natural way. Plus I get all the other benefits of IF. I could go for some of that lu rong jiu if I was able to get my hands on some. -Kris
  13. Good topic. I'll be interesting to see how people combine stuff. Random list of what i do: -t-handle swings twice a week. - sprinting/ original tabata protocol every 10 days. - 3- 5 hours of hard physical work or trekking per week - Target Focus Training Leg Dynamics - IntoFlow - Trauma Release Protocol - WuJi-gong (when ever i feel like it) - I dabble in circle walking and other bagua related stuff... - Kunlun Dragon. - And most importantly my main nei kung practice aka "The good stuff"
  14. Big Mind Big Heart

    I used to practice Big Mind quite a bit. When you have done it a few times it gets easier to access the "non-dual states" fast and to bring them of the meditation seat and into the world. I agree that it's not the next turning of the wheel, but it's a good preview of higher states of development. It kind of pries open the door to non dual states in a fast and gentle way. Fast and gentle isn't something you get everyday in this game. Since Big Mind is so easy to do I don't see why anybody shouldn't do it at least once. The basic practice used to be available on youtube and/or on the website for free. - Kris
  15. Greetings from Norway

    Hei og velkommen, Eivind - Kris