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  1. hi there

    Welcome to the forum John
  2. Wolfs Arrival

    Good guess
  3. What is your personality type

    Your Type is INFP Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving Strength of the preferences % 44 62 12 11 Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are: * moderately expressed introvert * distinctively expressed intuitive personality * slightly expressed feeling personality * slightly expressed perceiving personality
  4. Wolfs Arrival

    I'm interested in how perceptive you are, take a guess at how old I am, you can use estimations not exact guesses, like 50-55, i'm looking forward to your reply~
  5. Wolfs Arrival

    I believe you're quite far in your quest but there is much doubt in my mind that you have completed it
  6. Wolfs Arrival

    I'm sure you jest about the quest, you seem to be through the quest a great deal but have not reached salvation, unless my senses are lying, I was given a percentage of how far I am through my journey/quest by very wise ex-friends, 22%, I started the quest in last december and i'm constantly seeking to change my ways and become my true self, I hope you aren't just joking and have reached salvation though~
  7. Wolfs Arrival

    Indeed it is a quest, the quest only I can persue, but you also have the same quest waiting for you, when we start our quests may differ, but I know you'll start yours at some point in your life
  8. Wolfs Arrival

    Hello there, I just registered and i'd like to announce it, so here I go I am Wolf, I am a proud person and seeking a sense of spiritual salvation, I do not believe in any man made religions because they are simply that, I do however know that God(s) can exist for there is no evidence to suggest they don't, just as there is no evidence to prove things like dragons don't exist, what I am trying to achieve is to rid myself of all influence, to achieve spiritual salvation and be what I truelly should be, myself~