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    Hi there guys. It's me with the website that heals. Can I just say one thing Thaddeus. Please don't blame the first thing you can when shit happens. It would already be happening to start with, so to blame it on the healing is just absurd! I'm affraid we all have to deal with shit at some point in our lives, that's all part of life and the lessons we have to learn. If you look to outside influences to blame things on, you're just looking in vain and for excuses. The problem ALWAYS LIES WITHIN. If there's someone you don't like or something about them, take a look at yourself before you blame other people. The faults we find with other's are the faults we really have with ourselves or what we are lacking. If you want removing darlin, then just let me know. Anyone who is removed from the circle will not be placed back in there as I already have thousands to send the healing to without having to take people out, should they be blaming the first thing which seems appropriate at the time. Another point which may answer some of your questions. When someone heals, sending or hands on, they only channel the energy. The energy we channel is Universal Life Force energy, what we are all made up of. Spirit does the healing. Without both, none of the healing could take place at all. Every living entity on this planet is a vibration. A thought, feeling, emotion, the food you eat, the colour of the clothes you wear, your name. We are vibrations and energy nothing more. We are spiritual beings which have been given a human form, nothing more. It does not matter whether I know you or not to send healing. As long as I have your location and name, spirit know's exactly where to find you. Open your eye's everyone, there's another plane a couple of feet above this one, I communicate with it each day. I sense people, hear them, we are all capable of these things, if only you open up and allow yourselves to be. If you people really don't think the healing works, then don't bother adding yourself into the heaing circle. I'd rather spend my time healing people who are grateful for the help and healing they receive in order to give their bodies the right conditions to heal themselves. If you are not prepared to allow the changes to happen in your life and be willing to help make them happen, then you will never find true happiness.
  2. Healing For You

    Hi there to you all. I found you in the first place because I followed a link from my invisible stat counter I have on all my pages, just incase you are wondering. You will find me everywhere! LOL You only have to search for planethealer (me), holistictherapyconsultant and free reiki heailng for life and I'll be there on the search engine. About the healing I do. I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this, but when you send distant healing spirit does the healing. Anyone who practices reiki and healing ONLY channel the energy, it does not come from them. But without someone here on earth plane to channel, the energy enchange would not be possible. So all healer's including myself have a lot of guides. Personal guides, reiki guides and anyone kind enough to help. Like I said on my website. I give you all the tools to help you heal yourself. Everyone on this planet is more than capable of healing themselves with a little help. If you don't believe any of this is possible, then please do add yourself into my healing circle and notice the difference for yourself. The feedback I've had has been just amazing. As much as I NEVER limit my healing, or place any conditions on the healing whatsoever, I do believe in order to continue to receive the healing once you are in my healing circle, there must be an exchange of energy. You must give back to others less fortune in your own way and spread the good fortune you have been given freely and unconditionally in order that you continue to receive the healing. Like I said, I don't place this condition there, but this is what I believe. You cannot go through life always taking and never giving anything back in return, if you were to do just that, you would probably be the most miserable person on this planet. The person who is prepared to give everything away unconditionally and freely,without ever wanting anything back in return, like it was given to you in the first place, in order to help others less fortunate, will be the happiest person on this planet. Everything will come back to you tenfold the moment you are prepared to give it all away in the first place. Saying that if you don't have self love and self acceptance, you cannot give away what you don't have yourself. Therefore you must feel complete yourself. Do visit the website and have a read, it's very deep stuff but I'm sure you'll learn something from it about yourself. Also add yourself into the heailng circle and see what happens. If you only ever believe what you see, then why do you pay your gas bill? The healing I do isn't just Reiki, but it certainly work's! Victoria/planethealer FREE REIKI HEALING / HEALING NOW
  3. Healing For You