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  1. I guess I would love to learn the basics.

    What can you offer?

    And what can I offer back for your efforts?

  2. I would love to hear more about how Karma works and the like. You have some very interesting things to say. I would love to just speak to you about spirituality and Tao. When are you free and how?

  3. HI brother, I am happy that I could contribute to your journey, what is it you wish to know more of and learn regarding money and karma?

  4. Hi brother I would love to share what I know, what do you want to learn more of?

  5. I really enjoyed what you said about karma money.

    Would love ot hear more.

  6. Knowledge And Wisdom

    Wisdom is a deep understanding and realizing of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to choose or act to consistently produce the optimum results with a minimum of time and energy. (wikipedia) wise men would agree that the line between wisdom and insanity is very thin. but then there shall always be balance between sanity and insanity wisdom is simple, but deep. knowledge = 5+5=10 hope it helps.
  7. Money Karma?

    Hi! I would like to know more about your and the tao way of how energy is used for manifestation and how it is transformed etc, and this thing that is called alchemy. I will read the book you mentioned it seems to be a good one by what you are saying I think the analogy is very deep and about the negative state of mind of universal lack. witch is the only sin " The only sin is limitation" someone wise said. Could you please teach me how to transform my energies It feels lke my second chackra has been overexposed due to some experimentation from my part. I would like to know what to search for on the forum or if you know of any thread or person who is good at the tao philosophy that could help me get my self to the next lvl. I know very little of the tao metaphor and philosophy but they are all the same thing in the end what I am looking for is what I do not know, and I do not know what I do not know thank you and many blessings.
  8. Money Karma?

    you need to spend some serious time on it then. if you want to acquire riches trough karma you need to study karma. you must understand why a lot of philosophies and religions have rules where you need to give % of your income to charity etc. you must understand that "The mind is everything. What you think you become- Buddha" work on your higher energies I.E 3rd eye Anja chakra etc , you must be able to see opportunities that comes your way grab them and cultivate them. when you ask for something you will acquire it wether you want to or not but if you have 2 thoughts one of acquiring and one where you think it is imposible there will be a conflict where you first want something and then you dont want it, you must be calm and in absolute faith until you can reap your harvest. I would suggest that you read a few books, if you do not understand what I wrote you will need to educate yourself until you understand what I just wrote or you need to stop thinking about karma and get a job, if your situation is stable at this moment you should make time to study laws of karma and the laws of personal success. you need love, you need wealth and health. but you must be willing to first give all of those to acquire them, does it sound fair? give love to a person and the person will give you love give the same person hate and you will receive hate, make that same person laugh and that person will make you laugh. basic karma 101. you are your own teacher, you will learn only what you want and what you need. if you need money you must know how to acquire it so that it becomes one of your habits only then you can be like water, bruce lee knew this so does many martial artists but they were into selfdefense and fighting it is a part of confidence (confi-dare in latin means to belive in the ultimate not belive in yourself even tough its the something it is very different). another example is the samurajs they always had to overcome the fear of death before going to battle. you need to overcome the fear of poverty ,you do not want to think about death in a fight with weapons, the same way you dont want to think of poverty in your personal battle because that will be acquired with 100% accuracy, ask yourself have you had thoughts % of being rich or being poor lately ? they say time is money if you want to be a billionaire for example you need to hurry since a tree wont grow in one day, do you want to be the tallest wisest tree in the forest or do you want to be the gras on the ground or you might be happiest somewhere in the middle. these are questions a wise man should ask himself! jesus, mohamed, buddah. were all rich. the so called heavens does not include poverty or lack only abundance. where are you? always go for perfection until the curses that have been put upon you dissolve. make someone thin believe they are fat and they will become fat.. that is a curse. but do that and I guarantee that you to will become fat be with a woman and have toughts of cheating and see what happens. (do not do this) I do not know much about the taoist methods yet but I am studying it and I have not yet read about anything that reminds me of karma in the Tao philosophy I suggest that no one ever becomes attached to only one philosophy, a philosophy is something personal and is always being governed by the same laws of the universe, but how do I know that you see the world exacly as I do? You to should create your own philosophy a philosphy that resonates with your heart and your higher self and never starve yourself in ANY way. but try to find the middle way that the great teachers( Buddah ) are preaching about. the middle way has nothing to do with the amount of money you will ever make or the amount of love you will have or health etc, but that is a very deep metaphor I hope you understand this one day so that you can teach me what I have forgoten to learn. read all of the true knowledge that the great teachers have provided you with but always remember that they all speak of the same universe and "god" and that the one "god" is within yourself the creator, the tao the vessel of god allah god shiva etc. we all live under the same stars dont we? we just see it indifferent ways to quote lao tzu "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." walk i the light.
  9. Money Karma?

    Hi brother! I have had the same problem as you and I am a strong beliver in the karmatic laws, you seem to be to. that is why I am going to tell you what worked for me and wich mindset was the most effective. first of all I noticed that I needed help with this task and there was something I had not learned simply because I never was interested in money, that does not mean I did not get what I needed when I needed it. I am typing this from my brand new Mac book pro i7 that costs a smal fortune. I have not earned a single cent for the past 2 years. I am very greatful for the information I have learned and the state of mind that I have accuired. a state of mind where there is no differance between a million dollars and a single cent, called total abundance. but this does not mean it is easy to earn 1 dollar, it is harder to earn one dollar if you hate what you are doing but a lot easier to earn a million if you love what you do and it keeps you in a good mood or "vibration" it creates a kind of momentum. I think you are looking for an answer like this. this is my second or third post on this forum and the last one I wrote a year ago or so and somehow i stumbled upon this post... Im here for a reason today. but first you must understand the true principles of karma and the laws of attraction (this is something you cincerly ask for), build up chi etc and live by the golden rule, they say you dont find books, they find you. in the stories of king Solomon (wheltiest man on earth) he asked for the wisdom of the heart so he could rule his nation. wich heart and who he asked is up to you to decide. you must start to meditate on money and create your own world from the inside out, some wants to be billionaires some want to be industrial workers, do what resonates in your heart and you will never have to work a single day in your life. what resonates in your heart is the harder thing to find, and it takes time and meditation, and do not be discouraged because its a tough line of work with competition etc you live here to enjoy life, if you really want it you will get it whitout a doubt, just dont loose faith. the second you loose faith you loose faith in karma and karma gives you exacly what you ask for do you understand? and you will lose more faith and you will end up exacly where you are again. they once asked Micheal jackson in an interview why he tought no one belived in "god" anymore he said it is because you cannot se "god" we most often belive only in what we see, karma requires patience and self control. I said once if you sleep and dream and you notice that you are dreaming. you could wish for a ferrari and it would manifest instantly! but when you wake up the physical world is active and it would be imposible to manifest a car into your world without breaking a few physical laws. a law cannot be broken OR ignored. when you wake up you DO NOT TURN OF YOUR MIND you turn on the physical world. you could lie to me and say you have no desire whatsoever for money and I would belive you but we all want to live good lifes and money is an important part of it. you could manifest the most beautiful life but you are to lazy... honestly I was to and from time to time I slip back to my bad behaviours. YOU MUST GROW LIKE A TREE like a seed you have planted in your heart never stop growing become a man and be like water let an abundance of love welth and health flow trough your experience on this beautiful planet of ours. be a filantropist and build schools and hospitals. give back to the world and the world will pay you with 100% accuracy. A friend of mine once asked me of money and said then let me gamble and win money. I said you can fool yourself but not the universe. Be of assitance to mother earth and mother earth will be of assitance to you.find your true calling in life and be what you always have dreamt to be and be as rich as you were intended to be. The universe is and has always been perfect and there is nothing you can do about it. just as there is gravity there is karma... ask einstein! the first book that will find you is Napoleon hills - law of succes in 16 lessons. now its all about dedication and how much you want it and a game of disciplin and habits. and the first quote for making money will come from steve jobs. "connect the dots" God bless you and I hope that the stars will stand in line for you and guide you trough your life just as they have been guiding me all my life, find the tao in a beautiful world. Thank you. EDIT: I forgot to mention that now I am reaping what I have sown for the past year, and I am a very happy man with a great future in one of the most if not the most challenging lines of work. I work with major labels (universal, Sony etc) and I am a man of great value. my father said to me that working in the music buissness is like lottery all my life. I proved him wrong... and I cant even play an instrument! I am still waiting and praying for the day I am nr one on billboard. we must always grow. Thank you for all your blessings and prayers.
  10. Erection problem

    Hi, i fixed one problem and another one imidiatly arrised... I was at home with a beautiful girl a fewdays ago, after 2 hours of foreplay and a a super wood on my penis. she was about to go cowgirl on me. well the penis entered and died after 3 secs, this has never happened to me before, and I havent had sex after rising the kundalini this was the first time in months. well after the akwardnes dissapered i gave it another try the penis is fully erect and she tries again and it gives up again. now a few days later i get worried and think well hope it was just for that one night. so I try to maturbate with no problems, but the only problem is that it wont erect to the max its in some kind of 50/50 position and its softer than it used to be and im 25 years old. my bad habits are that I smoke cigarettes , I dont execise much, i eat like once or twice a day (pizza most often) im gonna take care of these problems since they seme to be bad. Ive stoped jerkin of I used to do it once everyday, so now I dont know how to fix this problem. should i start jerking of again? should I do reiki? go on viagra? see a doctor? Any advice would be great since atm I only work with my innerguru and even my inner guru seems to be confused atm. I need maximum presure in my penis! /tnx for any advice
  11. any one else got this "symptom"?

    hey mate, well the problem is im not practicing anything. and tbh id like to have my orgasm + ejaculation like back in the good old days, so that i can both have kids and have fun.
  12. Hey ! hope you guys are doing good, tnx for all your great advices in the past some of it helped me alot, the grounding exercises might have saved my sanity haha. I got a new question id lik some help with if possible. Ive opened the kundalini somehow and have had some problems with it and ive been searching for some kind of mentor or master in my area but cant seem to find anyone! so I have to ask my questions here untill i can find someone. something strange happened a few weeks ago. I had sex with a really hot chick 1st time since i opened kundlaini and i felt how energy was leaving my body trough my penis. and into her . was very good sex tbh. ok problem now is 2-3 days later I go home and jerk off and when i "cum" theres no orgasm!!! only lots of seemen like pissing. no orgasm at all, this really freaked me out. so i trid again a few days later, same result. so I talked to a friend about it that is in the same situation as me with kundlaini etc. and he said samething happened to him he only can have orgasms with his gf?! whats that all about?!
  13. In big need of help.

    Thank you again It was somewhat under controll, the rooting really helped alot and I rooted everytime I got a chance, its tricky! I will get this book to and read it as soon as I get a chance, well my second chakra choose the wrong time to energize thats for sure, if that is what is happening. Ive made apointments with a kundalini center inmy home town,I cant wait for me to go there and have a serious chat with someone. Damn this stuff is very heavy, I meet my fathers friend and his wife, and the energ was out of controll and pepole were sweating like pigs and thelady was about to loose it sexually.I had to leave the room over and over again so they could have apeace of mind. and the only thing happening in my head was like. daamn what have I done, they might think something is wrong with me.and things of that nature.Is it only me or is it comon?