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  1. Some advice for my situation!

    Of course clean air is best but... why not use your will and intent to create an energetic air filter? If you are connected and tranquil it is that simple
  2. Immortality Book

    Exactly right. There are three treasures of heaven earth and man
  3. Microcosmic Orbit

    Many feel that the MCO is an advanced practice: perhaps because many of us are energetically depleated. It is considered dangerous by some, but only if done incorrectly. The fire path(down front/up back) should be cleared and circulated first. The water path is by no means unnatural, as this is the way qi circulates naturally when we are children. It is associated more with intuition. It changes to the fire path as we get to our teens and adulthood. The wind path circulates around and through the spine and brain which is more advanced, and could be detrimental to a novice. If you are a beginner practicing the fire path, the water path can be used to help clear blockages and coll any excess heat.
  4. Attention Canadian Taoists!

    There are many practitioners in BC, especially on the islands and vancouver. The islands have a different way of life in general.
  5. Science and Nonduality

    Very interesting.
  6. Role of Virtue

    some abilities can certainly be cultivated without virtue. There have always been "dark" sorcerers and such. The dark path is always ultimately self-destructive. A non-virtuous person will not be looked after by divine beings, but will be involved with malevolent spiritual entities. It is the difference between Yoda and Darth Vader.
  7. Who Is the Lord/God in the Tao Te Ching?

    Agree. Many so-called Taoists forget about the cultivation of virtue. It is so important to work for the betterment of all things. When we get lost in a search for power we will eventually head down the path to the Dark Side. I like how the Native Americans approached this. All decisions were made with the consideration of how it would affect the next seven generations. It is funny how"ego" in its benign state is our survival mechanism, yet in its empowered state will ultimately bring about the destruction of humanity. This is why whatever someone believes is great when it gets results. Eliminate the root!
  8. Who Is the Lord/God in the Tao Te Ching?

    Wu yes. Wuji yes. Wuji is very misunderstood, as is the Buddhas emptiness, as many people mistake it for nothingness. Tao and Dharma- you may have something there. I know Dharma has multiple meanings as well, but in a broad sense I would agree. Tao has many facets. If we are talking about spirituality it is explained one way, in medicine the meaning may differ, martial arts as well. People focus in on an aspect relevant to their pursuits. Really, Tao is understood through contemplation. You could talk to 100 people, even experts and they would define Tao differently. Tao is a paradox, it is duality, yet non-duality simultaneously. Yin and Yang, Yang within yin and vice versa.So Tao is the D.O of all things from the state of Wuji, or emptiness
  9. Who Is the Lord/God in the Tao Te Ching?

    People tend to lean too much on theory and philosophy. If as much time was spent practicing as reading, we would be able to explain things better, and probably agree more often. Both Buddhism and Taoism have much philosophy. Most of it is an attempt to convey the abstract, and various archetypal concepts. One is not correct, and at the base they are all the same- the same root- which is human evolution. Taoism and Buddhism talk about the same deities, different names. If I free myself from tradition, some colorfully named deity, might just be "Bob" to me. Vajra, you are indeed knowledgeable, but I think are trying to reconcile Buddhism with Taoism with imbalanced knowledge. If you really know what is meant by emptiness in Buddhism, then you know what similar terms mean in Taoism. I don't think you need to rely on opinions. To even understand Taoist writing requires intimate knowledge of Chinese culture, language and history. There is no fundamental difference between the two religions beyond dogma. Wipe it all away, and we have a few simple practical methods and virtue being very similar. Buddhist theory is far more organized and systematic. You seem to get very hung up on terms. When someone makes a reference to emptiness, you take a position based around the word, rather than the fact that someone was just trying to convey a concept. This is meant to be constructive, not that I know anything. There is much in Taoist teachings warning that too much focus on intellectual knowledge leads us down side roads. We should all learn to focus more on what we experience and really"know" than on what we have memorized.
  10. Christian views on Taoism & Cultivation.

    I havn't read all the posts here so forgive me if I repeat anything. Most Taoist and Buddhist practices can work with Christianity. There is a book called the Jesus Sutras that may interest you. Born-Agains have harassed me as well. I question them as to what the hell did they think Jesus did? He was always going into solitude and practicing. When they put the bible together, they cut out dozens of books. The original definition of Heretic is "one who chooses how to think". Magitek has a good point in cutting the cord. Unless you agree that fossils and scrolls were planted by Satan and the earth is only 6000 years old. Practices are not ungodly. If everyone was meant to agree we would not have created thousands of religions and belief systems. If you look at the life of Jesus, he embodied the Taoist Sage. If you really investigate you will find that Christianity has very little to do with the teachings of Christ. The transfiguration story is great, it pertains to energy bodies and reincarnation. No matter what you find in the bible, it is my experience that fundementalists will always find a way to discredit it. Fundementalism in any religion is really collective psychosis, and displays many of the symptoms of schitziphrenia. ie.- I am part of a selected special group, some evil force is out to get us...etc. Plus if god is all powerful, how can any other being or any practice undermine that. If you do want to cut the cord, you should read some Richard Dawkins. Religion, in my opinion is bad news. If you go to some monasteries(of any faith) and find highly realized individuals you find they are always rule-breakers. It seems like most people who preach fundementally, have memorized books but done nothing. God is all loving, yet hates gays? God is all forgiving but will condemn us to hell? No logic whatsoever. Be free, the truth is within you, if you are a good person, no harm will come.
  11. Let's talk basics.

    I agree that Vipassana is great, but it is and advanced practice as well. Without skill in Samatha(tranquility meditation) it is a waste of time. The work done in Vipassana is within the Jhanas or spheres that equate to the trance state. The samatha provides the mind with the proper "fuel" to remain aware, if aware is the best word, while one dwells in the deeper states. The microcosmic orbit as well is best left until you have some experience and intiimacy with feeling and moving qi. To me it is not an advanced practice, but intermediate. Everyone is giving you good advice!
  12. Let's talk basics.

    Simple tranquility meditation daily will give you the ability to practice and succeed with qigong. Microcosmic orbit is pretty safe if you follow directions. Just be careful not to force things or over-concentrate. You want your focus to move through the orbit, but remain an observer; gently forming a relationship with the "force". I don't think celibacy matters, just don't over do it. I can't stress enough the importance of tranquil meditation and cultivation of virtue ie. loving kindness, patience. Meditation will empower the mind to sustain your other practice. It makes the qigong, life in general many times more effective. Everything in moderation. If you have any Chinese traditional doctors, or acupuncturist, sometimes they know some qigong. You can learn basics from books, and I always recommend Ken Cohens the Way of Qigong. Yang Jwing- Ming books have reliable knowledge. Just stay away from weird and overcomplicated practice in the beginning. Sitting meditation, walking meditation, standing meditation, the orbit are all good. I also recommend sticking with such simple practices for at least 6 months. Dabbling in and going from one popular practice to another just causes confusion, and most peoples big mistake. Results come with consistency as does a solid foundation. Hope that helps, sorry its so long-winded.
  13. Getting a grip on classic traditions.

    Buddhism, Dhammapada is great. Tao- Chuang Tzu, Wen Tzu... there are so many others but poor translations, we may as well watch sesame
  14. There will be many such breakthroughs on the path. Several years ago during a full moon I was doing some shengong meditation, and was overcome by a feeling of ecstasy. I could barely contain from bursting out laughing but tried to remain calm and centered. Opening my eyes, I could see that my hands were glowing. I wondered if I was Hallucinating, because this did not look like a normal "aura" to me. I ran home, faster than I should have been able to, and it felt like my feet did not touch the ground. I entered the house and my wife screamed at me " what the hell is wrong with you! there is some weird light circulating around you". That is to make a long story short. At that point I knew I was not imagining things, but I still do not know exactly how to explain exactly what occurred. I asked a couple Buddhist Monks and so-called qigong masters but they did not know how to explain. I tried for a while to figure it out, but then decided it was best to forget about it before becoming obsessed with replicating the experience. I do know that after that I rarely get ill, and can swiftly heal myself. If anyone has a similar thing happen and knows if it has some meaning, let me know.
  15. Calling ascended beings.

    Yes, this is why so many so-called channellers and intuitives go crazy and become paranoid