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  1. Slave of Gods

    Here is my theory, take it for what it is. Lately i am somewhat realizing that things are stored, everything, even the after life. Thoughts are all connected, this thought is the same for many paths. But the end path is where it differs. Think of the end path as a battery's end of storage, while our thoughts and prayers as charging it. Demons are known to seek out peeps and take their energy. So does spirits, they seak out the yin energy of peeps. And when we think our thoughts and prayers go to at the other end? That depends our path. With god followers, it goes to him, with islam, it would go to their god. Or in both cases, their respective prophets. Is each path right? That is for you to decide. Personally, buddha has it right, the highest realm is at the buddha realm. Where eternal energy begins and ends. Its better to reach that instead of praying to buddha, he was not a prophet but a way for others to follow. Same with taoism (some sects). The universal thought for taoism is how many can reach the high realm. THere are stories of humans becoming gods! They are benevolent to those who are willing and help those on the way (thats why stories are told of those who have been visited by these dieties). Meh, take this for granted. Meditate for your purpose and change your path to something more less stressful then your meditative practices will reap benefits.
  2. Mozi Neidan Scam

    EG is a known scammer. I was close to giving him 300 dollars, but he never corresponded with me regarded the deal, just an email saying he wanted 300 bones. But further investigation, i found EG= Wilson. Wilson= known scammer on many forums. Not very tao like to scam, but very tao like to not know taoism. So in a way, he follows the current understanding of taoism.
  3. Mozi And Buku San Kong

    How did you get it for 450? I would love to buy it for that price (if its the same manual that goes for 3600).
  4. NYC Nei Kung?

    Hi, I am wondering if there are any good nei kung schools in NYC? I am looking for strictly Nei Kung (or Chi Kung) and not a professor that teaches other arts. Any help would be good. Thank you, J