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  1. Are there girlfriends in the 5th dimension?

    ...also i'm in in favor of the 6.66 dimension.
  2. Are there girlfriends in the 5th dimension?

    Thank you all for your input. I'm in a better place now
  3. Are there girlfriends in the 5th dimension?

    Because mostly I don't want to stay in this dimension, as it's rife with duality and suffering.
  4. Lately I've been terribly worried that ascending to the 5th dimension will mean that I won't get that great long lasting love(girlfriend, friend/lover) that I've always wanted/yearned for. I've worried about this ever since I learned about enlightenment(many years ago). I've been incredibly drawn into the notion of ascension just lately(weeks). I spend pretty much all of my time focused on the idea of ascending, but a huge sticking point for me is the girlfriend thing. Of course I try to reason "when in the land of true bliss I won't care about that anymore, we'll all be equal, or something like that, etc." But I'm not enlightened beyond this plane yet, so I do care. Please share your insight and thoughts on this matter. It's a really really a big sticking point for me, I want to get past it.
  5. i suppose it had to be this way. *still waiting for the ETs to land*
  6. it's been proposed that this could be the work of another person. What if this is the awakening of our own consciousness? the awareness of a, perhaps more spiritual, dimension.
  7. this is a beautiful thing
  8. can this turn into a discussion about 2012?
  9. I'm not sure I believe in a heavenly will.
  10. Grigori Rasputin

    history like this is an interesting topic
  11. Dealing with fear and sorrow

    Thank you both! I feel like I need it.
  12. Dealing with fear and sorrow

    When we meet another person we naturally, if open to it, feel a very close connection with that person. It is difficult to see another person suffer, because you know what it's like to suffer yourself. If you can help guide that person out of suffering, it is one way to find relief in yourself as well. Another way is to remember the light inside yourself, that's ready to be accessed at any time. My advice to you, and to myself, is return to that light. May it surround us both and cover this world. thank you for the story I've spent too much time in my thoughts and fears, plagued with grief. Please say a prayer for me anyone who feels inclined.
  13. Haiku Chain

    cinema go bye here we go bye bye, bye bye never to return
  14. Haiku Chain

    Sweet hypocrisy! mind numbing thought of us here, both getting angry.
  15. What is the essence of spirituality?

    I really want to give my input because it's such an interesting subject, "what is spirituality?". I've often thought that everything is spiritual because I look at spirituality as something rising and consuming everything, an inevitable fate. Maybe the question in the future will be "what isn't spiritual?" Maybe a good way to measure spirituality would be whatever quiets your mind? I think many buddhists and zen practitioners would agree with this. I wanted to go on with ideas, however, I feel good on this point. I'll look forward to more input