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  1. Which practices promote hair growth/avoid hair loss?

    Just a funny blurb... i just oopsied cutting my sons hair and now he is as short as a sphinx cat. So this post has incredible timing. Not sure if I can get him (8 yrs old) to do hair breathing but it's worth a try. Peace and Love on the Way
  2. The Tao and Baptism (christian)

    Nail right on the head there Paul, I don't want my son to have to do the spiritual bouncing I have for 30 years because I think differently, and have questions that one religion can't answer. If he can have the freedom to choose and decide for himself, that is all I really want for him.
  3. The Tao and Baptism (christian)

    My mom is very much the fanatical christian to the point that she has to work in the church, then gossips about all the problems and people in it. But that is another issue. I appreciate all the different views and input on this topic, I know I do not want to just go along with it, just to make her happy, she needs to learn that she can't run my familys life, and my new wife is very good at keeping me focused, but I still need to find the right approach. It has been ten years since the issue with Wicca, and since I went back to christianity for a time, but have found the path that I have been on always (Tao... or is that redundant?) and I want my son to have the freedom of choice, and not have the guilt that seems to prevail from the christian path. Any advice from those raising their kids in the Tao or another path? Thanks
  4. The Tao and Baptism (christian)

    I feel that it is wrong for two reasons, first is that the ritual includes the (commitment) of the congregation to bring him up in the christian faith and I feel it is very hollow, two is that I don't want him to feel obligated to follow this path because of this. my other dilema is that the last time I informed my 'mom' that I was on a different path (Wiccan) she "feared for my immortal soul". i am past this and she just doesn't get it.
  5. The Tao and Baptism (christian)

    I appreciate the input, and a clear mind is definently what I need.
  6. I have been following the Tao for a couple years now, and want to bring my new son (2 months old) up following this path, and let him make his own spiritual decisions when he gets old enough, BUT my mom does not know this, and is adamant that I have him baptised in the christian faith, and I have a problem with this. It just does not feel right to me, but the last time I studied another path (wicca) she FREAKED! So I am looking for some feedback from fellows on different paths. Thanks

    Yin and Yang are more of a process than opposites, they flow into each other, sometimes one is more prominent sometimes the other, nature is that process. The flow of nature, of yin/yang flows through the seasons, our day/night, and in ourselves. from sleep to wake, but there are levels there, and when we learn to flow with our inner nature, things fall into place actions become easier and this IMHO is the first steps to wu-weh.
  8. Karezza & taoist sexual practice

    Very true, if we could take some of the time devoted to sports or TV and focus it on our partner, and lovemaking.........
  9. Karezza & taoist sexual practice

    The fatal flaw here is the persuit of the orgasm, where the focus should be on the lovemaking. The couple needs to get out of the mindset of the orgasm is the goal, and just enjoy each other. Take things slow and savor each other. The Chi willl build between the two and create a union between the two that rivals and can surpass an orgasm. I am not saying do away with it, but that is not the focus, not the intent of the encounter. An excellent book on this is "The Tao of love and Sex", It teaches male ejaculation control, but most of the text is based on ancient Taoist texts (most of which I am still trying to find in english) that explain the importance of the lovemaking act itself not the (bred into our minds) orgasm that must be achieved for satisfaction.
  10. Good Morning to all.

    The Path is not something set in stone, but a continuing process different for each and every person, after all no two people can step in the same place twice... A quick background on me (spiritually anyway) I grew up the good little christian boy, church, bible camp, the works. When I got to high school I found something different and that led my path down the new age / Wiccan aspect. after many years of this, I was pulled back into christianity, but after a few years back I had too many questions that no one would (or could) answer. I started out on a new quest that has led me to the Tao. I have been reading and studying and absorbing as much of this as I can over the past few years and have come to one conclusion... I have ALWAYS been on the Path. Now I am reaching out to fellow Taoists and spiritualists to share in the Path and see where it goes. Thanks for listening, James