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  1. Good Will Hunting

    You have a short fuse. Very short. Is this how you talk with your employer? Is this how you talk with your friend? I haven't been judging you angrily or with disdain, and I never tried to instill in you that you might be gay. You've interpreted things that way. I'm 67 years old. I'll be 67 November 14 to be exact. 20 years is nowhere near long enough to know someone. Best to spend time getting to know yourself first, all falls into place and flows better that way.
  2. Good Will Hunting

    Yet you work for "Bob" You don't have the proper attitude to work for him. Go to work, do your job. Leave work at work. Both of you spend time discussing him, assuming things about him. You don't have the proper attitude to be his friend. Old Friend and New Friend are no longer "Bob's" friend. Stop trying to help him. Let him be.
  3. Kunlun follow up poll

    This to me does not seem unreasonable and is what all good schools provide. Please stop this now. Both sides are using people! All of this is appalling and reflects badly on everyone involved.
  4. Kunlun follow up poll

  5. The Last Step

    Thank you kindly for the welcome.
  6. The Last Step

    Hello, This introduction will complete the last step to full membership. So now I'm supposed to tell the group a little about myself... I went searching at a young age devouring books at first, then setting out to find a cultivation method and teacher. It's been hit and miss and I learned a lot from it. Somewhere along the way I've managed to come up with something that seems to fit. I have no set routine as that seems to change as I do. It's doubtful I'll contribute much here as everything I've ever really been sure of always manages to change. So in general the only thing you really need to now about me is that I set out looking for the truth and have found it in each moment. I hold what comes lightly and let it go quickly, so there's always room for more. "LittleBuddha" is not a name I gave myself, (just in case anyone is wondering) it's a term of endearment from a loving mom to a little boy full of questions. Best, Scott