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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    What is the point? FORGIVENESS Forgiveness may be considered simply in terms of the person who forgives including forgiving themselves. To forgive someone is to forswear resentment, anger, or other reactions to their having done something that justifies such responses. The philosophical problem is that this is apparently treating them better than they deserve; but how can it be a requirement, or even be permissible, to treat someone in any other way than as they deserve? The advice of Augustine, that we hate the sin but not the sinner also suggests an objective or impersonal attitude towards the sinner, as if the character of the agent is only accidentally connected with the hatefulness of his or her actions, and it has been argued, notably by Strawson, that this objective stance is inconsistent with full recognition of the personhood of others.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Some of us are aware of when we engage in drama. You son have no recollection of having done so many times.
  3. Kunlun follow up poll

    There are tons of posts to prove you flipped flopped back and forth and even called what Max was doing as being irresponsible. You whined, and it was okay and reasonable. It was easy then for you to stop whining and move on once Chris and Max helped and cleared up a couple of things was it? Now ain't that a surprise. I am truly happy for you Scotty, some of us weren't so lucky so please forgive us and allow us to take a little more time before we move on.
  4. Kunlun follow up poll

    I know I behave like a real ass sometimes but the difference is I always know when I'm doing it. Max is not teaching anymore but how many instructors and facilitators are? None of this will get to them either, and you said you won't be teaching so I have no other issues with you Chris. What do you care now if I rant, rave or whine? You are no longer responsible right?
  5. Kunlun follow up poll

    You would know Scotty because this little bit I wrote was about you: "some can't make up their minds first loving it and voicing praise, then hating it and speaking out against it and moving onto other practices, then coming back to it, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth."
  6. Kunlun follow up poll

    What exactly has changed now? Max or those representing him have never admitted that he might be doing something wrong. It's only when you started writing about how people had been hurt that everyone started to consider it as a possibility. What real change can there ever be if the teacher assumes no responsibility? You've mentioned that this same pattern will filter down to all the instructors and facilitators. If there is a problem won't it continue to get bigger? You pointed out that Max likes to disappear when things get bothersome. Chris has pointed out that Max has done that as a test to see what the students do, some survive or damage their minds, others look for help with other teachers, some can't make up their minds first loving it and voicing praise, then hating it and speaking out against it and moving onto other practices, then coming back to it, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. The worst scenario is that some consider themselves teacher material and pass the teachings along to others. This has all been bullshit and needed to be fine tuned before taking it on the road.
  7. Kunlun follow up poll

    Well now...I'd like to thank all the whiners for their courage in the face of the repeated abuse. I think Oceanside said it best when he said that Kunlun/RP was the path to madness. Amazing ain't it what you have to do to shed a little light. Chris/Satori you behaved like an insane egotistical vile and vicious S.O.B and your mother as well as your teacher should be ashamed. I've come across rattlers with better manners. I wanted there to be peace yes but as for forgiveness well, I'm just not feeling it yet. To -O- thank you is appropriate, as well as sorrow to hear about your mother. I'd still be harboring a good deal of hate about that and wouldn't be able to speak or recommend a teacher or his methods if that had happened to someone I loved, you are a better man than me, even if turns out to be that you are a woman. I have to add this too, you wrote that your mother was ill before you introduced her to Max. How had the practices affected your judgment by that point so you couldn't see that what your mother needed was a doctor instead? How is it that Max couldn't see that either?
  8. Follow-up on Kunlun; consequences? ?

    The Kunlun Poll thread gives a good overview. You called it a swamp, yes there is lots to wade through that the practices brings up. As is, and especially including RP I can't recommend it to anyone. I'm gonna do a two-step out of here now.
  9. Kunlun follow up poll

    The question was answered by -O- on page 34. The books may be "crazy" free but the seminars and forums, Kunlun as well as The Tao Bums are not.
  10. Kunlun follow up poll

    I edited my previous post. Please read it. This is the reason why training/preparation with these powerful practices is important. Teacher and student both run a risk of having difficulty determining what is happening.
  11. Kunlun follow up poll

    Very good -O-. It's important for everyone to know what can happen with these practices. Teachers and students need to be aware and prepared/trained properly.