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  1. Ok I want the truth

    How did you do that? shield it with chi? @ SSTT Thanks for the invite, I'll check it out
  2. The purpose of Full Lotus?

    Think you can get surveillance footage of the burger place? I have made it to semi full lotus and its ok, but once I stretched and pushed a little into a full full lotus and I did feel a difference of some sort, like my mind went quiet and I was just in the zone for meditation. Maybe a coincidence who knows I dont do it often though because I just am not flexible enough to do with without putting pressure on my knees right now, and I dont want to injure them Semi full Full full
  3. Ok I want the truth

    Maybe your best friends readings were so off the charts it was confused you But overall I guess you have a pretty good track record Yeah I ve heard and seen that too about bronnikov method, its like everytime you find something like that it doesnt take long to find something saying otherwise, so its not long before being disappointed And I know, but its interesting, i mean could your practice be enhancing your abilities as a human being somehow? And very interesting, next time it happens try looking behind you or through a wall or something if you can I mean creatures that live in the dark caves of the world or in the depths of the ocean seem to get around somehow, and if we have evolved from the same stuff we may be able to touch on those abilities through meditation or something @TheWhiteRabbit Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts on the matter. Someday I do hope to go out there and find proof first hand myself, definitely want to see the shamans of the amazon, I just hope there are genuine ones left by the time I make it there... As for Randi, I think hes a bit of an ass, but at the same time he has done us favours by exposing people like uri geller. Hes been clearly show I fraud, by my standards anyway, and sometime I still hear people from Coast to Coast am for example talk about him as if he really had powers, makes me sad cause I love the show...
  4. Ok I want the truth

    I believe so too, have you ever been really wrong though about someone? like you met them and they turned out the opposite of what your initial perception of them was? Have you hear of the Bronnikov Method? ( ) Maybe you re going in that direction if the method is for real. An interesting thought for me is whats your field of vision like? is it the same as when your eyes are open, can you like see whats behind you for example?
  5. Ok I want the truth

    I want the truth, no matter what it does to me! If only the whole world had those powers And I know you re hiding your super powers from me! the whole world is! just show me already T__T Well I m not gonna ask for proof of that, cause it personal, but a before and after picture could be very interesting. Save this kinda stuff for when you're more accomplished And I see what you mean I think thanks
  6. Ok I want the truth

    I ve read about verdessi here and there, and with the prices he charges you better gain powers out of this world!! he has power though, no ordinary man would be capable of setting prices that high and sell with so little public display of his skills Where can I find the video of this man who is capable of making a persons skin go red after a stingy slap?? O_o @ Scotty Thanks for the honesty Your perception powers, you think they re based on physical perceptions, like how the person looks at the time, or a more energetic-al type thing, like "that guy gives me a bad vibe" (even though he may be acting really nice) I am curious about your seeing with different parts of the body though, what exactly happens, and how exactly do you see? (in colour, do you see lights and shadows? )
  7. Ok I want the truth

    with enough practice maybe they could develop the ability to run into walls Ok by special powers I m talking about things that your average person cannot do, and would have to see to believe. If its developed or missing doesnt matter to me, but if they re missing, why are they missing? and if someone out there has manage to find them again, can they show me their old newly found skills? lets list few examples: telekinesis, pyrogenesis, electro genesis, telepathy, levitation, walk through walls, invisibility
  8. Ok I want the truth

    I hope someday you ll share your powers with the world And to me it matters because I m curious I guess, it would be good to have further understanding We could say a plane can fly because the sky god allows it to do so since its shaped after the sky god himself, or because of lift or sufficient thrust and other forces acting on it. With the sky god model we can do much more, but with the understanding of the forces at work we can improve on things, take it a step further. If someone has abilities that cannot be explained by our current understanding of thing I wanna see it, I want it to be better understood. I m just curious and looking for evidence of things i guess
  9. Ok I want the truth

    I stink?? wow man no need to be making personal attacks against me I m perfectly fine with people being happy with their practice , great for them. I m just looking for those "side effects" of practice should anyone have any @ Teddy I believe in your power #1 PROOF it can possibly be done! but the rest I m not so sure about O_o can you get me a vid of the mosquitos during orgasm??
  10. Ok I want the truth

    Hey thanks for the reply, and like you guessed its not the exact kinda stuff I was looking for, but still counts of course. This kinda stuff and the health side of things is important, I m not ignoring them in any way, what i have trouble with is when the effects are more on the super power side of things. If anyone does have them I d just like them to show it, they dont have to say who they are, make a new account and tell me, post it on youtube without showing your face of the video. I guess I m just asking them for a favour, some people ask how they can improve their meditation, I m asking for some affirmation on this type of thing. I ve read kosta danaos books and the seventh sense, I have a genuine interest but sometimes, I can't help but not believe... For an example, it is said in kostas books JC cannot be cut really by normal means, and yet whilst chopping a chopstick on video he cuts his finger (and hits alison between the eyes), how can this be? the most convincing video I had seen by that simple detail makes me sceptical
  11. Ok I want the truth

    Ok so How many of you have gained special skills from your spiritual practice?? And most importantly can you prove it? How? And if not, why not? (could it be you re delusional?) And for simpler effects like of greater health and vitality, what makes you think its really the spiritual at work and not just a more positive outlook and healthier lifestyle??? Be honest with me and yourself!
  12. hello

    hi, i m here to see whats really going on!