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  1. Hi all I am a young male 23 years old. I have had some unsucessful experience with chia's sexual techniques and some more successful experience with chi-gung. However my relaxation and concentration abilities are weak, and I am looking for a good SIMPLE meditation technique or techniques to increase these 2 areas. I think i have approached cultivation the wrong way as i am a very yang person with a lot of tension. I have stopped doing all energy and sexual practices and I am just looking for something to relax me, reduce tension, and increase my concentration abilities. I think that although I may have opened some closed channels and what not with chigung i think i also created a lot of tension and blockages, especially with some of the kundalini stuff I did when I was 17/18. I have some muscle spasms in my pelvic area as a result of this. Is there any good meditation technique that can help with muscles tension and spasms? Also what is the difference between emptiness and concentration meditations? are they the same thing? Also please only suggest techniques that do not take to much concentration/visualization power as I dont have much ability in that area. At the moment I am trying a mediation techniques that involves simply reapeting the mantra I AM mentally over and over (from AYP book series by yogani), but I think this method may also be to yang for me.....not sure thanks
  2. hello all

    Hi all just here looking for some deep meditation techniques!!