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  1. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning about religions and the various stories that go along with them, I just don't take them at anything more than myths and stories. Basically I don't want to actively have to be practicing a religion is what I was getting at.
  2. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    So what I have gathered so far is Meditation, of which I am familiar with various different techniques. I have only achieved true meditation twice or where it felt like I was vibrating in a sea of blackness mixed with white lights, complete loss of all sense of time and my actual body. I also saw a mention of Bön which I will have to look into deeper. As far as anything religion related, that's not for me, until such a time there is sufficient evidence for a god or gods, I will not look at any religion as anything other than myths created in an attempt to explain unknown phenomena (at the time unknown).
  3. Mo Pai Alternatives?

    So I was a student of Jim Mcmillan something like 12 years ago when I was around 16, at the time I took him at his word not having read The Magus of Java or heard anything conflicting. Now years later there are a lot of things that just seem off, level 1 just seems bare, and 2 goes against many Qi Gong and Nei Kung beliefs that proper breath is important. Also in The Magus of Java (which Kostas has admitted in an interview was embellished to make it a better read) they seem to disagree on things which shouldn't be the case for low level students. When speaking with Jim I remember asking if he could give any demonstrations and his words being "I don't have the Yin built up to do it without my master" he also mentioned that it takes many more years to accumulate equivalent Yin to post level 1 Yang collection. This doesn't make sense at all, Nei Kung is supposed to be more about Yin and Yang balance but yet seems that Mo Pai is still very Yang first and lacks proper technique to build Yin at the same speed. So now to my question, are there any good alternatives to Mo Pai? No so much interested in the 'abilities' of Mo Pai but rather than retaining consciousness after death portion (supposedly one must reach level 3/4) to obtain in Mo Pai. In Kostas books if anything he said is to be believed, is that there were 3 different lineages, one being Mo Pai, so there must be similar and better systems out there but I can't seem to find any good information, seems that Mo Pai reigns supreme despite having no knowledge (that can be confirmed) from the actual school. It's hard to tell the good schools from the fake so if anyone know of any that would be great.
  4. Hey guys. I have been looking for master John Chang for a little over 3 years now and finally found out he has stopped teaching and am devastated. I am currently practicing Spring Forest Qigong and was wondering can I learn how to do what master chang does through this? And also does any one know where I could find one of master changs students that might possibly be willing to teach me this. Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Introducing!?!

    Hi from Iowa!!!! Just saying hi and making my intro.