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  1. Hello...I have an interest in water

    Good responce. The videos of the EEG experiments are below: http://ibvabrainwaves.blip.tv/file/1999619/ http://ibvabrainwaves.blip.tv/file/1999658/ http://ibvabrainwaves.blip.tv/file/1999547/ 10, 000 hours of practice pays off, is the bottom line with talent.... When you are in a state of 'flow', you are calm, but hectic at once. Look at the descriptions below the videos and the difference between the last video and the first on the read out, its totally different .. cos JFB has practiced like a mutha fucka basically N
  2. Hello...I have an interest in water

    I'm Nick and started to observe my breathing about a year and half ago after nearly drinking myself to death... Now I have completed a degree where I looked at the developments in neuroscience and their applications to media. Lots of EEg tests on muscians and MC's to see their brainwave activity under performance conditions. Now I'm goign to do a masters and look at the memory and communication property's of water and the non local nature of Hydrogen atoms and the way they may be able to communicate instantly and accross vast distances. I have an interest in 'remote viewing' for the same reasons. looking forward to delthing into these forums and finding more things to research...I am aware that the philosophy is that to 'Know nothing is to know everything' but I can't help but want to find out about the origins of the universe(s) and the self. many thanks Nick [email protected]