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  1. New comer has suggestions and needs guidance!

    Thank you Josh Young Thank you Dainin I'm greatful for your time investment. Now I'll go on and review and research your suggestions.
  2. New comer has suggestions and needs guidance!

    I'm trying to find a system or single meditation that would take me there. Can you elaborate on the prolacting topic. Why do you find being sedated not desirable?
  3. Hello bloggers! I'm a new member here though I've been reading your posts for a while now. I want to share all have learned throughout my research into forms of meditation and ask you for some help at the same time. First, I have noticed that a lot of members ask about sexual behaviors toward spiritual practices and the recommendations are mostly to cut back of sexual intercourse or masturbation in order to conserve semen. To all of you I want to suggest an exercise named Tai-Chi Yin-Kong. It is said to have been used by the Chinese emperors have sex for up to two hours continuously, and achieve orgasms while retaining semen. No wonder they could cope with the hundreds of wives and not die young. Just google the name and you'll be set. Second, in recent comments some of you have been interested i energy healing. I want to present you with the Zdenko Domancic Method of BioEnergy healing, watch the movie here. Now I need your help , I want to open my third eye. For this purposed I read Spring Forest Qigong is one way. I own the first level I and that Small Universe feels to be working every time. I have heard about the moon, sun, and rainbow meditations in levels III & IV but my gut tells me those are not for me. I have heard about the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and it is said to bestow ALL a human will ever need, has anyone tried it>. Can you recommend any other techniques for the third? Before I forget, I also practice a variation of Zazen where I listen to a sound instead of counting breaths and I'm training to go into full lotus. Enjoy the recommendations and Thank You in advanced for your replies!