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  1. Body armour, trauma, David Berceli

    I'm a bit confused. I just received the DVD and did this exercise and liked it but Trunk's description sounds a bit different than what I did. Are you modifying it Trunk? I assumed the position above and raised my hips and held them there until there was some slight shaking (or more like pelvic rocking. Then I lowered the hips, relaxed for awhile letting my knees just hang there and then began gradually raising them, stopping every 2"'s or so to feel the tremors. Is it when your knees are finally raised to the top when you put them together and gently rock them back and forth, Trunk? I'm happy with the DVD but I'm just wondering if there is a variation that I'm missing. Thanks much.
  2. Chen Style Taiji Quan

    I've been practicing it for about 8 years and can tell you that if you wish to 'learn' it then you need a teacher. There seem to be alot of teachers in Europe. I'd imagine there would be someone near Rotterdam. Chen Xiao Wang has disciples everywhere and there may be people from other lineages as well. As far as videos or online instruction, check out Ken Gullete's site. I think he offers two-weeks free and then you can cancel if you don't like. He's not an advanced practitioner in my book but from what I've seen he can communicate and demonstrate some basic concepts fairly clearly. He's got a ton of videos. For DVD's, I have the Lou Reed/Ren Guang Yi one and like it but the form Lao Jia YiLu is considered a bit advanced. Start with 19 form. --and again, find a teacher..good luck
  3. hi tao bums

    been reading these threads for a couple years now and it's about time I introduce myself. I've been training taiji (chen style) for about 6 years now and dabbling a bit in qigong meditation. This site has been a great find. I hope to continue growing along with everyone here.