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  1. thnx guys thnx, these are perfect answers. Gonna write down those titles. Also..I didn't know about the ajna chakra.
  2. Brothers, I'm familiar with the practice of meditation, AP & chi gong. However, yesterday I experienced something which raises some questions about the third eye. This is my first post, so I hope this topic fits the forum. Introduction Before going to sleep I did my muscle relaxation meditation, and after that I ended it to go catch some sleep. I do this almost every night, this enables my body to absorb as much energy as possible. Anyways, sometimes I happen to have plenty energy already. In those cases, I do not enter the deep sleep but just relax and keep focusing on my body all night. Also sometimes I do some sexual arousal, to increase a chill, comfortable 'floating' feeling. Or sometimes, I just pass thru the night meditating. Yesterday this was the case, so I did a combination of these things. the third eye At some point, I started focusing on my third eye. Normally when I start doing this, it takes a bit time to get my focus 'in position'. Anyways, this time it was like my focus energy was more flexible, and was easily redirected to the third eye. Normally, my focus just chills around my third eye as if its locked, enabling me to watch thought more easily. This time, it was like all the energy of my body gradually was being pulled into my third eye. I recognized this feeling from previous AP practices, but in those cases it got pulled into my solar plexus area. Anyways, as I watched closely and peacefully, I got the feeling that if I allowed this to continue...I would literally go out of my third eye. I felt my body bending over, as if I it was about to drop and I would leave. So I stopped and re-arranged my energy to normal. In conclusion I think it was a great experience! But...I don't feel the urge to go beyond this point without some master or somebody around. questions - Can anyone relate to this? - How do YOU utilize your third eye? - I suspect the sexual arousal somehow made my energy more 'mobile', any thoughts on this? Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Hi!

    Hi, sqz (Leon) from the Netherlands here. I discovered some interesting people and interesting posts here. Its time to join my brothers! sqz