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  1. Dr. Yan Xin

    I was able find the PDF version online.. Just search for "<title of the book> pdf"
  2. Nocturnal emission question.

    completely false?? That's pretty judgemental. I dont remember Drew indicating his experiences are the only way or the highway. If he's experiencing and perceiving things in a certain way, and mentions about them here, then that's his truth as long as he is not lying about his perceived experiences. Everybody's truth could be different at times. So are you saying this because you have been taught by 'two' teachers instead of one, or you are a teacher? You may want to say his truth is not 'applicable' to you, rather than saying his stuff is usually completely false.
  3. Sungazing

    I heard that if you have black/brown eyes you should have no problem. However, blue/hazel/green eyed people may have problems while Sun Gazing due to not enough melanin in their eyes. Anybody has more info regarding this? Thanks.
  4. uuhhmm actually it's not double standard. Gauss stated his opinion without sarcasm many times on this issue and also showed tolerance by not forcing people to act in a certain way or forcing his views on anyone. Regarding the `2 cent , no truth offered whatsoever' statement that's been played around by some of you. Looks like Snell's law probably be in full effect with a low refractive index for the medium where you are processing information, causing a total reflection. Where's all the Omega-3s going with all the fish-n-chips? What Gauss is trying to say just doesn't get there I guess.. Well, enough joking... In all, no problem, since I'm also like that at times, and probably need to be reminded with a "2 X 4" (hint:lumbar) on the head to be reminded of things sometimes. If I say the sky is blue when it's noon, with no clouds, that would be still based on 'my' current eye-sight, vision, understanding, interpretation,pre-cognitive knowledge, perception etc. But is it really blue? 'No truth offered whatsoever' comes into the picture here. Gauss, I feel that you haven't asked for this, or set this up intentionally. But you may want to start thinking about thanking to our such community members here for the De transfer.
  5. And you should not call yourself 'harmonious emptiness' when you are full of disharmonious anger....Speaking of contrasting one's self.
  6. Organic Farming: The revolution of the future.

    I also believe we can feed all the people, and agree with M. Gandhi who said something like: World has enough for everybody's needs, but not for everybody's greed. I would rather take action, learn from my mistakes and adapt quickly, rather than waiting for the perfect environment which I don't control.
  7. Is not considered vs what is, are 2 different things. FG exercises are transformation exercises of De. Littlle amount of De, little to transform via exercises, not much benefit. Again my opinion, based on what I understood from the readings and may not be the whole truth.
  8. Wang Liping

    I agree . That council really messed things up in my opinion including getting rid of much the Essenes' teachings also. They(council) knew knew they could not fully stop Christianity and control it, therefore they thwarted and bend it to their agenda to have control over ( putting institutions/church) between Hu-man and God, taking out reincarnation etc...
  9. Here is the righteous thought to anyone undermining Dafa - as Teacher Li says: Fa-Zheng-Qian-Kun Xie-E-Quan-Mie Fa-Zheng-Tian-Di Xian-Shi-Xian-Bao
  10. Of course you're right. It was a joke. We can joke you know. Peace to you also friend.
  11. Thanks for sharing the interview and let us hope that all the good teachings will be accessible, affordable and possibly free to all humanity.
  12. Uhh, I do (reply), and those who do may be the minority. But FD was never about popularity contest, if you want popularity American Idol may be still accepting applications. I sometimes think posting about FD in Taobums is kind of like doing the 5th exercise, but without the physical pain. Just post something good about FD here and let the comments(mostly negative) come in - now that's some good karma burning and De transfer.
  13. What is a true path? What is 'your' true path?
  14. Free Meditation for Higherself connection

    Thanks Santi. Infinite peace and blessings to you.