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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I guess i will use the big draw only to stop from spilling without using external finger lock. I was having some sharp pain in the penis doing the finger lock method, maybe not pressing the seminal vesicle right or something, and was wondering why? Its just that use of force alone(internal) is a bit too much without external fingers use to stop spilling the seed. Anyways,
  2. The Way of the Warrior

    You see the secret of life is to die before you die and find that there is no death. If you are truly living this you and ueshiba are at the same level. At that level it absolutely does not matter if the other guy kills you or not. Because you know for sure you cannot be killed. Because you are immortal. At that level you would rather be killed than take another person's life. Almost all the military personnels are not at that level of training which takes decades or more to realize. So they find reasons to kill(even for self defense) This is the highest level of being. The level attained by few rare individuals. But is that possible. At least we can try! All humans should strive for this. Once all people are there violence will end from the world. Peace will reign. We will have saints walking around all over the world. No need for police, army, military. People will have no fear of death. Utopia.
  3. The Way of the Warrior

    You would rather end up following orders and killing people. I would much rather practice aikido(ueishiba) for decades and not the steven segal or Bruce lee variety. Its not about the art of war its about the art of piece.
  4. I guess this is the most relevent thread to post my question. I do practice testicle breathing, scortal compression but my question is regarding dry ejaculations. This topic is not covered much in any book i have read. I would like to ask when i self pleasure and get close to orgasm i stop myself from ejaculating by holding my breath and contract the perinium with full force and pressing the perinium with the fingers. I go past the point of no return and actually have an orgasm(dry) without loosing semen. Because i do not loose semen this allows me to continue pleasuring myself, if i would have lost semen i would not be able to continue self pleasuring. I again repeat the same process. My question is how many times i repeat this dry ejaculation thing(going past the point of no return). Once, twice, thrice, or more? Till muscle fatigue? Any response is appreciated... Thanks.
  5. I have heard about reverse breathing before but not like this. I started doing reverse breathing as often as i could as recommended in the interview. It takes a little more effort than regular abdominal breathing, but i feel more energy too.
  6. I am not so greedy about money but greedy about learning new techniques. Great to hear about radiating love, reverse breathing, Full lotus. In fact i was looking for something to take me to the next level. Practicing reverse breathing lately and seeing results already.
  7. The "Choking Game"

    Sorry to hear about that Santi. No matter what happens out there things should move on. Best wishes
  8. I don't know why anyone would recommend any book other than the Power of Now from Eckhart Tolle. All you ever need is that book and offcourse Full Lotus posture. World is going to see increasing chaos, conflicts , violence, natural disasters etc. Time for taking retreats is over.Time for taking KAP course is also over. People will not find clean water to drink. good food to eat. They will not find time to practice qigong etc. Their ambitions like Kundalini awakening will be thwarted by the divine. What divine wants to see at this time period is that if you can surrender or not when things go WRONG. I mean seriously wrong. That is the only way to grow spiritualy from now onwards for majority of the population of the world. Specially relevant are the last two chapters of the Book Power of Now which explains the meaning of surrender. So just keep your inner space clean while things fall apart all around you. It's not about being healthy , it's about what to do when you have AIDS and nowhere to go. I don't believe in doomsday. I would much rather see peace, joy, and love flourish. The Power of Now will show you how. I place it even above the Bible and Quran.
  9. Thanks for the juice i can feel the sweetness in my mouth. Already
  10. Please allow everyone regardless of the location to join in. I was getting this nice energy boost a few months back from you guys. It lasted only a day for me but was worth it for me. For some reason i don't get it anymore.If you two can make sure that you are not blocking people for karmic reasons or some other reason. Everyone in world should be able to take advantage of this blessing! Also if you can please make it a bigger event by joining hands with other masters. Just some thoughts.
  11. A question for Vaj the Buddhist

    Where is Mr.Dobles?
  12. Pushups as conditioning
  13. Fasting problem

    Don't need much further info about this subject but anything more is welcome. Thanks Male age 35 height 5 ft 8