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  1. Just how do I resist the urge?

    Just how do I resist the urge to fart when I am doing Standing Meditation? Some told me that resistance is a form of violence and I should let it flow naturally. They say it is the Chi working. Others, particularly those behind me tell me to "control" myself, there has been complaints that on a warm day, my going with the flow can be vicious to others (especially if I had an extra hot curry for lunch). But "control" is another form of violence too!!! I want to do good Chi Gong at the same time I want to keep my friends. The two do not seem compatible. So what should I do, I ask you wise people??!!! Gordon
  2. How to commit suicide?

    Anyone who exit using suicide should be punished on their re-entries with having to read forever and ever every happy life thereafter the garbage posts that is most of the board!!!!! This should scare the living hell out of you right this moment!!!!! Flush Gordon
  3. It sucks to live in UK

    Hey hey!!!! 'Ang on a minute you guys!!! Especially you Archie Bunkers here, the Yank-flavoured ones!!!!! This country, Britain, that is, sent a lot of soldiers to die together with your hapless lot out in two (2) Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and probably Pakistan next if not Eye-ran!!!!! Who else would deprive others of their rights to life if not the use of fluorescent light, chips with fish, even bog standard news reporting than us Brits, eh??!!! Did we not help you bomb the living daylight out of innocent people, sneakily did "rendition" helping you ship humans all around the globe for torture???!! Did we not choose to close our other glass eye to your Temple of Water Board at Gitmo???!! Did we not value our "special relations" helping you do the very un-Taoist evil all over the world - wholesale massacres of humans, bring bargain-basement miseries,...much love-fests of that sort to "the others"???!! Is that "gratitude" what you are showing, slagging us off like that??!!! Why worry about a fluorescent light when you can, like I do, use a candle for carbon emission or do without light??!!! Why not think of living in caves like all good Taoists do and forego a switch altogether??!!! You need all that comfort of "modern" life before you can become an armchair Taoist warrior, is that it??!!! What's "human rights" especially for us (the US?) when we allow others not to have even tungsten bulbs in the Stone Age caves we have bombed them into due to our "Non Action"???!! Tonight when you switch on whatever light you "see" with, log on to tell us about human rights lefts and centers, suck Albion, spare a thought for them Omaha bin Non-Taoists, the others, the "thems" who can't even see their way to their caves to log on to read some "humans" whine. Sure!!!!! Get off our rocking-chairs and beds and save the world (after ourselves, of course...!!!) but why not save many many more lives who might even enjoy any light they might want to choose to switch on???!! There is Life, me ole sunshine, beyond not bothering to use electricity!!! Out there - there is a connectedness that is the souls of "them others" and ours!!!!! They may not be Taoists, real or fake, have good genuine authentic Chi Kung, Taiji or Fart Long Gone - but they are nevertheless human beings, trust me!!!!! Why not we become their saviours, bring down our useless politicians and save them poor souls out there as we save our useless brains from getting migraine from fluorescent light??!!! Wot's the point of any light if they can't make you see beyond the tips of your still-breathing noses, eh???!! Gordon Brown Sugar
  4. Have I guessed right?

    That's not a nice thing to say to a whole nation of people!!! For you I should add: nice as opposed to not nice. That should give you plenty to chew on with your "separate" (as opposed to not separate!!!!) You should even bleach your mind of such thought/wish as to what we guys in the UK may have got (as opposed to not got!!!!!) You should keep nasty wish/thought stuck up your rear-end with the diarrhea/verbal masturbation of "knowledge" of the TTC (2) which you like to show off And show off badly!!!!! Gordon
  5. Have I guessed right?

  6. Have I guessed right?

    Tower? What the shit are you talking about what shit tower on top of what shit mountain? That's a nipple, dammit what on earth grass are you smoking?! Lemon grass??!!!!! And I ain't got no second home, never did claimed for no shiite second home neither!!!!! Who would give the shit if anybody have a second home??!!! The Tories maybe!!!!!
  7. Have I guessed right?

    "dosn't give a shit for people" ?????!!!! Without people there won't be people to see nice mountains No people to tell you you "didn't even notice the people and the animals"... No people to not give the shit to your not giving the shit And no people to be Tao Bums... Gordon
  8. Have I guessed right?

    Aaaaaaah....... Ya sure bring back memories of them good ole days!!!!! Remember the time when those whose lungs were not gone were with those Fa Lung Gone fans picketing every Chinese embassy and every street corner asking for their lungs gone? Singing that jungle? These days the Tu Lungs cannot do half of what the Wang Lungs can do!!!!! Shame these days smokers ain't smokers they don't know their grass from weed. Unlike them energetic rentamob Fa Lung Gone people they jsut want to be lazy Taoist bums!!!!! Gordon
  9. Have I guessed right?

    I smoke large stick of mowed grass Similar to Fa Lung Gone brand Can write anything on sky even Chinese Hope that qualifies! Gordon
  10. Have I guessed right?

    My interpretation of your interpretation - "seems ludicrous to me" "Me" reads like another ego!!!!! Gordon
  11. Have I guessed right?

    Ni "How"! Chief!!!!! From your picture I know you dance with the wolves but I still see 3 wolves with 5 heads I cannot be wrong I practise secret trademarked Eyeball Washing Qigong passed on by Master Mek Mo Ney third generation Tao master from famous Dragon Gets School You get what you wish with the superior art of this school which also offer many other courses for many other ailments you think you have I can see after two days of practise things no one can without paying fat lump sum of 500 bucks to master, I see auras I see the deeper meaning of life for another 500 bucks I can take course which would enable me see meaning of death too!!!!! I also learned proper standing meditation only our school call that by its real name Standing MedicationTM!!!!! You see thumbs up approval of 1,999.99 bucks course in my picture - the thumbs automatically stick up when all system go the qi goes into macro microcosmic orbits, travel through all the gates and alleyways in body. No other school can offer such authentic and genuine course. After six months with Master Mek Mo Ney and making the qi flow from my credit card I am on my way to becoming a disciple of this great master For another 2,500 bucks I can get certificate showing I am genuine Taoist disciple of genuine Taoist Master Mek Mo Ney!!!!! I respectfully accept your take on the mystical banner but see no chicken feathers on native American's head so he cannot be genuine!!!!! You can get chicken feather headdress from China Masterr Mek Mo Ney's relatives manufacture them in their Tai Chi Ken Farm sell them at good price to native American feng shui shamans and weed growers Peace, brother!!!! Gordon
  12. Have I guessed right?

    You cannot not notice it for whenever you come to this website you see the banner with its black and white picture. I am sure many of you must have given the meaning in the picture a thought though I am just a sure amny of you might just ignore it. For me I think the picture is very significant otherwise it would not have been used as a banner for this website. So let me guess, it is a picture of a lunatic doing some kind of wild dance in a field Guy on the right is not sure what the hell lunatic is doing so waits around until hopefully lunatic finishes so he can cross the field in safety. Guy on the left hides behind tree is waiting for lunatic to collapse and he can then set his wolves on lunatic and the wolves can have their dinner Look closely the first wolf has three heads must be some kind of Taoist monster! Raven in sky symbolises bad omen and it waits for wolves to relieve lunatic of his madness so it too can feast on him. So how about that? Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Let me have your take on the secret of the banner 's mysterious meaning Gordon
  13. Greetings Everyone!

    Greetings everyone!!!!! When I am not hard at Labour slogging it with my standing medication I wander here and read your posts then I decided to become a bum too Cameron might take my job or Mandelson stab me in the back If you follow Brit politics you know what I mean I hope I make more friends here than in the Cabinet!!!!!