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  1. Taoist practice advice for post ejaculation fatigue symptoms?

    Updates, to bring this discussion back and find clues to how these problems orginate. I forgot to mention this in the first port, When I first had my "overwhelming" energy drain, I felt energy rush up from my torso and out (I'm pretty sure not just around) the top of my head. I have thought at length about what this was and some conclusions are orgasmic energy drain by an entity, or accidental kundalini-type movement. I also feel that there was initial injury to organs and possible the cns/brain as well. The immense fatigue I felt that night was dualistic, I felt exhausted yet could not sleep well, nor for a few years afterwards. I wonder if an entity or remote magical act could have drained energy/vital force to the point of injury or fatigue for years? Or, knocked meridians/chakras out of balance or short circuited them... I have had two sessions with a Fourwindssociety.com, shaman. She found an etheric "feeding tube" attached to my left pelvis. That is exactly where I felt many pains after ejaculation. She also found no energy at all from my 3rd chakra down. I am working on discovering the "affinity" to a possible "succubus"-like entity so I can release it first. If I can't do that she can do a "fluid" extraction. Then she will work on my chakra issue. I have had mercury amalgam fillings removed and done a CNS/Brain heavy metal detox recently. I have been supplying my body with tons of natural nutrients during the detox. Interesting to note I have had many nocturnal emissions during the detox. However, I have had much less symptoms of fatigue, and almost no aching during the detox+nutrients. Even though initially in the early 90s when this first occurred I had basically Chronic Fatigue syndrome with daily symptoms for years, I am at the point where I only feel symptoms after ejac., so I tend to avoid it whenever possible. The strange thing about this is that I will feel a building up of energy in the nerves for a day or two, occasionaly wont be able to fall asleep all nite because of prickly/stinging nerve sensations (maybe high/charged energy?), then nocturnal emission as I fall asleep (energy release?) I am considering going to an acuupunture/accupressure-ist, and a hypnotherapist at a local holisitic health center. Also I am working on meditating and asking my "Highest" self what happened that night, then what are the cause of these symptoms. I am considering going to a "Family Constellations" Family constellations session, though I don't know if past and present familial psyche and energetic issues can tie into this. I really want to find out the initial cause, entity, kundalini, or orgasmic malfunction (ha!). And if I can re-balance energetically, or if I need spiritual and/or outside energy work to?
  2. I am looking to remove a whole bunch of old amalgam-mercury fillings I've had for a long time. Trying to find a holistic dentist in my area has been a chore. I have found a dentist who removes them but does not use seperate breathing-meaning you get to inhale any mercury dust particles when the drill blasts them to bits. The assistant said they don't create any dust, I don't know about that... They also use a dental dam to capture any particles from the tooth so none fall back in the mouth. The next closest Holisitic dentist is in Toronto, Canada acorss the border which is about an hour and a half away, though I would need to go back and forth during work hours several times to get them all removed. A few questions: 1. Anyone get their amalgams removed? if so, what precautions did the dentist take. How did it go, any problems with the mercury dust? Did they use seperate breathing? How was the mouth sealed from mercury dust falling back down etc. 2. Anyone know any holistic dentists in the Western NY state area, between Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara Falls, Buffalo NY and Erie PA?
  3. Taoist practice advice for post ejaculation fatigue symptoms?

    Yes, the only problems I am having, are post ejaculation, where there is fatigue, and aches under the sides of the ribs if I don't urinate frequently. I enjoy the process aqnd have no problems holding it, I can hold it for hours, and do not need to ejaculate when orgasm occur either. I have been practising techniques to hold the energy in check. The holistic health practitioner has also recommended that I remove some amalgam fillings which have mercury in them, considering that I have nine of these. He says there may be toxicity involved that is causing fatigue, aching, hypersensitivity etc. The plan is to get that done soon. My eating habits are good as I avoid all white processed sugar, junk snacks, and eat mostly home cooked meals and vegetables. I try to buy organic as much as I can afford. I also drink mostly only distilled water, though the quantity fluctuates, I need to increse the amount again. I hope this can be relieved by completing the detox. I want to also visit a TCM practitioner and see what herbs they will recommend. Lately I have been trying to take siberian ginseng for three days or so after ejaculating, this seems to have increased the energy levelos I feel, though hasn't completely alleviated the symptoms. Thank for the suggestions everyone.
  4. Alright this is a lengthy topic that I'll try to make as concise as possible while explaining everything required. When I was in my early twenties my lifestyle was basically eating tv dinners, fast food, junk snacks etc., waking up at noon and taking late college classes, playing guitar in a band, playing RPGs, playing some hockey once in a great while, smoked cigarrettes, and partying-drinking and smoking doobies- hitting the hay around 2-4 AM every night. I also was dating, and had normal regular sex with my girlfriend, as well as "self stimulation". Well I was doing this for about four years out of high school, then I noticed I was feeling tired alot. Then one evening, I was out a a local beach party, I had a couple of beers, when I went home that night I "self stimulated" twice finishing off both times. The second time something very weird happened, I felt something like a mental energy drain, like some kind of vitality exited my body and/or mind. I immediately felt exhausted and felt strange bodily/nerve pain sensations. To make a long story short these continued for years after this, resulting in problems sleeping, fatigue on and off all the time, and pains in what felt like the nerves on and off. Doctors diagnosed epstein barr and then later chronic fatigue. However a couple of years ago I went to a holisitc practioner who said he cured hinself of chronic fatigue. I went through the program and was able to fix close to 85-90 percent of my issues with detoxification. However there are a couple of issues remaining. The one I am most concerned about is that after I ejaculate, be it with a girl, "self stimulation", or a wet dream i am physically drained for days, and I experience aching under the ribs on the sides-alleviated most of the time when I urinate. I have been reading up on Taoist yoga -inner alchemy and have seen how the taoist (as well as Aryuvedic tradtion), considers ejaculation the loss of vital energy. 1. I am wondering if I should try to learn how to transform the semen into vital essence energy as described in the book: Taoist yoga, alchemy and immortality 2. Is this the best solution, or do I supplement my nurishment and excercise practices to increase the health and energy levels to withstand these regular functions which are resulting in these symptoms? 3. Can there be a mental component I am missing, blocking, and/or not realising that can be causing these symptoms? I feel I don't have any hangups or problems with ejaculation, and my guess that these symptoms are leftover from the initial onset so many years ago that night when I first got sick. I have read about personal energy fields, and how burning coal walkers simply train their minds to think that they will not let the burning coals affect them when they walk over them, and so their body is not affected. If this can be a mental manifestation (?), can the mind be retrained to block this type of conscious or subconscious thinking? Any suggestions on further research, more places to look, others to ask on this matter? My holistic health practitioner has not been able to help very much with this problem. I have been considering seeing a TCM practitioner, but she has said she will most likely recommend herbs for the symptoms. Whew, thas a lot to read...sorry
  5. New to Taoism, combining east with west

    Hello, I am new to taoist philosophy in detail , just familiar with basic precepts of zen and having some basic training in Tai Chi. I am avidly studying Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Taoist Yoga/Inner alchemy now. I also have alimited knowledge and practice of Aikido. Some past experiences have led me to rebalance and reharmonize my body and being. I had been under the guidance of a western holistic health practitioner and have underwent A detox program that has helped me return to a youthful health and well-being state,, but I am not finished. I believe I need to continue to develop more spiritual and eastern practices to get where I want to be.