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  1. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    Hi Iskote, I heed your advice but I feel we (at least some/most? of us) are grown-ups here and can take a bit of 'stick n stone', not perceive remarks I may or may not have made as slights, take offence and all that. I do agree some can be little princesses when it comes to some of my remarks but i feel there are always those others who are prepared to allow me to 'be myself' and tolerate me, what evil is it that I have done here, eh? I am not terribly worried that there may be those 'honourable sirs' who may not wish to lend a hand for my 'cause' because I am not behaving the way they may think I should to get their gracious support, maybe I should do a bit of slavish kowtowing?... Those who may be unsure can surely speak their minds, maybe even get dangerously convinced, no? If there is any interest even 2% of that on the part of such people surely they can put aside their 'differences' with me rather than expect me to hammer myself into a shape or form suitable or convincing enough for them to come down from Heaven finally to offer a little finger. If there are those with problems with thinking that I imply "... the forum members here are all lazy, do nothing but argue or otherwsie talk nothing but nonsense, and are only practicing nonsense practices, etc." I won't know what to say, at least at this point. I can try one tact "What if I do?" Are these people going to get very angry, tear their hair out, unplug their eyeballs to get at me? What about thinking along the lines of "Hey, everyone is entitled to have an opinion, a say.. Let them say what they want, I can defend myself, my guru, my stupidity/freedom.. I have an open mind we can discuss., debate, argue..." I could also say "I haven't said any of those things which some may have imagined I did". So what about not letting your imagination run wild? Relax, and try to convince me slowly I am not behaving the way they want me to? Thanks for your view, Iskote, I won't worry about turning off that "happy juice" I'll squirt that all over the place, it might 'hurt' some it might give others a laugh but if each and everyone of the little princesses were to tell me how I should behave toward them I would become many Jekylls and many Hydes! Hows about we all suck tolerance juice and live and let live? Hows about wiping off that happy juice but still show some of us are Taoist enough to still lend a hand, "in spite of..". A moment ago we had Pietro took a bit of offence with my remarks. He has been understanding enough to put misunderstanding aside and I hope he can get on his bike to Barcelona soon. I have not made any effort to convince him 100% about anything and I hope he hasn't expected that of me.
  2. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    Thanks for post. I do admire your ability for being omnipresent! It is supposed to be a high skill in Taoism being everywhere and probably nowhere! First Rome, then Portugal, I have a sneaky suspicion you are a Brit! Since you know your alcohol, I forgive you for being everywhere and for being Brit! I haven't said anything about anybody being "legitimate", I won't give a one-armed one-legged monkey to whoever here who thinks he/she/it has the blessed potatoe in the head and self-appointed to judge who is or is not "legitimate", real Taoist or plastic Taoist. Sure, there are people around who pose as masters of Taoism as there are people around who pose as anything else for that matter. There are those who 'know' who may have been around a bit and have come across either genuine or fake masters but I haven't come across anyone who would appear to know beyond that one or two person in Taoism or one or two books on the subject. There may be people who 'know' more but that to me is usually someone who has met one more person in Taoism or slept over one more book on Taoism. But being 'knowledgeable' is not the issue, for me one must go and seek truth by himself/herself, learn as much as possible and not rely on, as far as possible people who are themselves actually 'blind'! I do not have any 'method' for attesting the genuine from the otherwise. I simply leave that to 'sinpatico' and empathy with the person in question. Is he sincere? Is he humble? Does he go round publicising himself or allow a bunch of sycophants to do that for him? Is he into commercialism? Does he need to be worshipped? Does he need an army of unquestioning followers? Does he really spend time cultivating himself or takes off his robes after sermons to count his money or beat up his wife? Does he really have things to teach or he spends his time going on and on about 'deep' subjects that nobody but he understands? Is he for real - does he eat, sleep, sing, bark like the rest of us? - too often the fake would spend a lot of effort cultivating some kind of 'mystique/mystery' about himself, etc etc... The Taoists I have met are all approachable, very giving, down to earth - they are relaxed, open and crack jokes like the rest of (normal) us! Nothing of that put-on man-of-mystery/'deep learning' bovine manure! I can remember not many years back an old Taoist master asked among Taoist priest friends for me for days till everyone thought he wanted to see me for something really urgent. When we finally met, I saw him from a distant, the near-100 year old man had a wide grin which I could see - when he came face to face all he wanted to do with me was to tell me a joke! There you go! He did not dispense great wisdom or tell me some secret technique to transmute gold into scrap! Same with other Taoist priests or devout novice - they are just very approachable, humble and down to earth folks. They are also happy with themselves can't be bothered about the mad rush to run the next course in secret breathing technique or open the next Kentucky Fried Taoist temple! I can remember a senior geomancy expert (he was part of team locating position for Mao's mausoleum, yes the communists use Taoist knowledge too!) who came to see me for half a day when I was in Beijing on one occasion. He had to travel south to Guangdong from Henan his home province then go upward a long distance to Beijing just to see me very briefly. If the old man was into money he would not be bothered! I've got lots of anecdotes, proofs, i can recount about real Taoists and real people but I am sure you and the rest of the board would have your own way of seeing the real from the fake. If at first you are fooled and yes there are more swindlers than the honest in Taoism, you learn from your mistake. You should know at least something about yourself - are you desperate to find something you want to latch on to? Why? I find that when I stop wanting, stop needing, and just 'let go' things start to happen... I get to meet those I had hoped to meet, they just appear... and so on... I was running after a whole bunch of Taoists and things at one time I got so exhausted that I just gave up. And that was when they all suddenly appeared and things started to happen and still I was too exhausted to handle anything! Do go, car or without car, and meet up with Master Tian as you said you are right next door to Spain. Go and be pleasantly surprised by him! He 'clicks' readily with people even if sometimes he is (really) too busy (he actually works hard!). A friend of mine who can speak Portuguese sometimes communicate with him they are like a chicken and duck talking but they do somehow still understand each other, that's sinpatico, mate! Spare yourself the discussions all over just pop over soon as you have arranged something for your stay in Barcelona. Go and show yourself genuine and legitimate - Hey! the opposite does take place, you will be 'looked over' just like you go and suss him out! Come back to the board and tell others your experience and have everybody else lecture you from their armchairs and behind their 'safe' books! I would avoid the alcohol though, Master Tian is no drinker..!
  3. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    <<< You must have felt truly offended by my post, to react like this. >>> Come off it, Piedmont! Don't choke on your raviolis! I was only joking, do lighten up, man! Relax! Open a good bottle of Barolo and drink to our new friendship and misunderstanding! Sorry if I stuck the needles in the wrong places, but rest of post is serious - do get in touch with Master Tian and even pay him a visit. And don't forget to ofload your worthless liras/euros/pastas onto his centre! Bring along a good bottle of your Italian extra virgin olive oil, Master Tian would appreciate geture like that he is getting nowhere with Spanish 'cuisine'!
  4. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    <<< Is this one ok instead? >>> Ok for what? Approved by who? I wouldn't worry about what others say... You will have to go and visit him and find out from yourself. Before going, call the centre and ask to speak to him before you go rushing off from watching Berlusconi TV output, eh! Master Tian spends time in China each year for his work and his cultivation (maybe toward 'approval' by some experts outside China?). I usually leave him in peace so I don't know the very latest with him, he does disappear suddenly at times (but this is not Taoist magic...)! If you do go, the centre is poor, do bring along some of your soon-to-be worthless liras/euros and make a decent donation - it might even end up as fund for a visit by Master Tian to your horrible city!
  5. Allahu, guys and gals! Those of you part-time Taoists must have sneaked out of your fengshuied hovels to eat adulterated non-genetically modified popcorn in the cinemas watching the chop-and-slash film Red Cliff. Or at least seen the large displays on sides of buses as you race to catch them in order to be home in time to meditate and contact the dolphin deities, have ye not? Well, I am not here to discuss buses, dolphins, your meditation or your popcorn, don't panic! I am not even here to discuss the cut and thrust of the film which those of you under 15 in the UK are not even allowed to see if you have not already contacted Master Morgan the Pirate over the Net for your very own copy of the film! I am here to seek from among you latter-day almost-saints Taoist wannabees and masters of the universe opinion on the great strategist, Old Kongming. He was a Taoist so I understand with even 'magical' abilities - spells, incantations, 'influenced' the weather, and so on... He even owned. his own (magical) flywhisk! For most, he was most famous for downloading a whole load of arrows for free from his enemies such was what we learned at school at a young age: Zhuge Liang Borrowed Arrows. We had to recite the story over and over again (in classical Chinese!), we reenacted the 'scenes' with straw men (not 'straw dogs')... We learned whatever else we could about the legendary abilities of this man, a Taoist with many ability. He was a great player of the guqin too though I should not say he played a 'mighty mean tune ' with that! If you want to see beyond Johnny Woo's Peckingpahism you might want to talk Zhuge Liang, after all he would have joined this board as a card and flywhisk carrying Taoist. But as he can only join in spirit why not you guys and gals consider discussing 'da man' (that's 'English' for errrrm da man), his Taoism, his skills and so on and so on? For a fine start, we can discuss Zhuge Liang's Bagua/Eight Trigram Battle Formation, I am sure there must be hordes of armchair generals among you who could lead and delight us with your ill-gotten knowledge nicked from the Net or from a borrowed library book or two. Fear not, we should not be here to discuss plagiarism but, friends, honorary Taoists, countrymen (and women) we are here to give praise to Zhuge Liang, ramble on about Taoism in all its aspects (errrm even military science?), and own up to watching a film that I would never have thought Johnny Woo would have aspired to make... another topic but if you give the man a chance, Johnny does from time to time talk like a Taoist of sort... So fingers to the keyboard, folks! Let battle commence!
  6. Read what the rich and famous have done to dog jackets, bottled water, personal trainers and Taoist soothsayers! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...save-money.html
  7. Hot in Hangzhou

    Good job, Hot, that you have walked around Xihu after it rained. What did it feel like as the mist rise? And if you are in Hangzhou and do not know about the Xiling then maybe about Old Hongyi you should be pushed into the lake! Go do some homework and you'd be mighty pleased with yourself...!
  8. Hot in Hangzhou

    O wow! Last time there was a 'census' there were none at Huangshan. I am talking about the Luo Tian Da Jiao when even the cave-dwellers congregate in Beijing. There were cave-dwellers from everywhere but not from Huangshan - check if those there now get a stipend from the government! Have you yet walked by the lake in Hangzhou after it rained? The Xiling Yinshe is my seal-engraving temple! Find out about Hongyi Dashi in relation to this place and tell me what you think of 'da man' or da monk!
  9. (Some kind spirit advise it better to re-post the below away from "Lobby") Dear All, I am trying to bring over a Chinese Taoist priest (from Spain!) and would like to seek the support of those who are interested in letting a Chinese Taoist (Yes! They exist!) clue us in on his wherefors and whatfors and whatyoumays on the Tao. I think Chinese Taoist views are as valid as any other view of Taoism outside of China, I am not going to go into the validity or purity of who's got the monopoly of 'truth' here and everywhere else but it would help (my humble view) if for the UK (at last) we can have our very own Chinese Taoist priest to enlighten or even to join in the general confusion that Taoism may be different bean curd to different experts (or even Taoists!). Please visit http://www.qingjing.net/ you can click on 'Espanol'-with-the-squiggle on the top right if you can't understand Chinese and if you can't understand either, you can click on 'English' also on the top right. Our friend is pictured on the page and is a highly assessible priest and of considerable standing. A humble man he is studious and commands a range of practices in the Taoist arts. Aim is to bring Master Tian in to lead a range of activities both the wordy and the practical leading to a permanent center (with more priests and helpers) and its own clinic, teahouse, shop, maybe retreat facilities... Now you know it is a fair bit of work involving getting off the bum, so may the brave get out of their beds together with the not-so-brave from their fengshuied hovels and actually do something other than going around in circles and off in tangents discussing debating and getting self and others in everlasting confusion about 'nothing'! Those who are interested (serious, please, we have to deal with the gatekeepers to this Tao-forsaken country, deal with money, other miserable people and so on...) please get in touch on this board following my post. Say that you want to make a difference to yourself and a difference to the endless forums, messages, posts, expert opinions, queries, questions, answers, more answers, sales pitches, ... etc etc Why let everyone else confuse you when you can let your very own Chinese Taoist priest confuse you albeit at the moment mostly in Chinese and Spanish and a litle bit of English only... You do not need to grow long white beards, keep your hair long and wear nice gowns yet but you will need to do plenty to get things off the ground (ie. levitate...)... (Note: There would be along the way, involvement by the Chinese community in the UK too, the more the merrier...) Best wishes!
  10. O Ye Worthy Ones and One-and-halves!

    <<< Don't wear yourself out too quickly! >>> Thanks, Beam-me-up! I am recycling my 'qi' so theoretically would not wear myself out. Besides, with the support I am getting, there would be hundreds to take up my cause if I collapse!
  11. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    Thanks for post, Iskote. North America is not all that distant when you can write and support my post. I will re-post my original post away from the "Lobby" it was just that I thought newbies should hang out there first. Anyway, those who will see my post will see it, such is 'fate' - and you have! I do Taiji at a place not much known to people in the locality but is somehow known to people everywhere else outside! What's more interesting is that people from vast distance outside the area turn up early while those living down the road are the last to appear! My original idea was to invite Master Tian to visit England from time to time but as you may read in my other post we feel more could be done to propagate Taoism from England. Also for certain arts, leaving gaps in learning is not a good idea if Master Tian can only come irregularly. The Barcelona set-up leans more heavily toward academic interest, Master Tian wants to be useful to a wider audience including London's large Chinese community. It is hoped that once we are ready, he should be ready to train and even ordinate priests. Once he can work with those who want to be more closely involved he can then travel all over Europe to organise other Taoist communities.
  12. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    Thanks for your post. I have contacted various people in various Taoist set-ups, even offered to bring Master Tian to visit to say Nihao but got nowhere! This is why I have decided to bring Master Tian for all those who are free-spirits - even bums! Master Tian is an open person and I think he works better with people who are diverse and 'loose' than those who want to don robes and look the part... I go to China quite frequently but only mingle with Taoists because of long-standing friendship and mutual interests, I don't think any of my Taoists friends can see me as someone wanting to be a priest! I am adventurous though - I have lived in caves with them immortals and caused them grief. Master Tian is not my "Master" as such, he is an old friend, though I address him as such as such is the honorific used to address him. Anyone can be my master, I feel. Master Tian and I feel more work can be done in England than in Barcelona and we work well together. The work for the rest of Europe can be done from England, there is yet plans for other places in continental Europe even if Master Tian eventually resides in England. Certainly more priests can be brought over to Europe eventually but for the present not only he is my old friend but Master Tian happens to be quite a 'high ranking' priest in Taoist circles in China and this is useful for getting much done there. I do know there may be plenty of masters in China who would probably jump at the opportunity to come to Europe but most of those I want to bring over cannot usually leave the country because the government is not damn fool stupid, they know certain priests are valuable for their knowledge and skills! With Master Tian there is, among some other priests, the possibility he/they can encourage the government to permit those kind of Taoists to travel outside China for short periods.
  13. O Ye Worthy Ones and One-and-halves!

    I forgive you for being a "continental" but still I admire that as one you would still send good wishes! As for ".. these bums lurk in the shadow, and without movement, are the first to act" I would welcome any "ninjas" soon as they want to become part-time Taoists!
  14. Hows about getting off our bums for the practical?

    Thanks for response! The site is not mine, it is of the priest who (among others) I hope to bring over with the help of other good wishers and willing. I am not counting on any "massive outflow of donations" - we (some others and myself) do not even have an "organization" right now. Money is not what I am after at this point, that would come when things start moving when we become an "entity". A group of willing people is what is needed first to generate ideas and do the groundwork - and this means getting off bums! Good job there is at least you out of 50 viewers at this point who's even written to say hello! This is promising and I live in hope (and London). I do appreciate your comment about being a "resistant and skeptical bunch" that can be fun but there should not be any barrier to finding out more, to even lend a hand and to "admire authenticity" more. I don't know what "authenticity" is, really... I leave that to those who make the effort to get off their beds to do the work of finding out (deeply) and make their critique, preferrably not off their high donkeys! A "fair following" is not quite I think we would be after either, the number game is not quite "it", neither being sectarian. The hope is that Master Tian would lead Taoist activities, teach, run a clinic and so on and as a center builds up we can look into bringing in other Taoists of other abilities and "sectarian flavours". Certainly everything would take time but with the willing that should not be a big issue. Cheers!
  15. O Ye Enlightened Ones! Praise be upon thee for your deep words, meaningful posts and all the rest of it all all over this esteemed site! I am here to seek your most honoured attention and even more honoured act of levitation off most honoured bums to do something to make understanding of the Tao - the Chinese version possible in the UK. Yesterday, this unworthy, ignorant and low-ranking novice sought the help of ye enlightened ones (even half would do) in message in "Lobby" to make possible sojourn of a Chinese Daozhan here. For some reason I was expecting a flood of support and feared that I might even have to hold back you willing hordes as you charge through the LongMen Gate, the Pearly Gates, and the Bill Gates. Sadly, this was not the case when butterfly woke up from pipa dream and realised he was no unworthy novice or even "Zhoo-wang Zee"! Maybe I posted in the wrong section of the forum bureaucracy, maybe high-ranking enlightened ones stay in their suites and do not hang around "Lobby", maybe bums of bums glued too fast to jade thrones or plasticised straw-mats... I haven't tossed sticks and insulted the "Eye Ching" or read answers on back of tortoises, maybe enlightened ones all in Noo York, HengShan or in dole queues not in this country. But then again I thought - if I post here in "upstairs department" and ask all ye worthy ones and halves and quarters to take the lift and come down to "Lobby" and honour me by reading message some miracle may happen(?). The message is the one about "getting off bums" and I look forward to reading your enlightened answers or even your rolling up sleeves of divine gowns to lend a hand to make a Taoist lodge possible. Who knows? - maybe one day you can even serve real tea in the lodge or help pull out needles from victims in the clinic! You can if you want more difficult work do calligraphy, play flute to the ox, do real "internal cultivation"... or even drink a nice cuppa with others when you confuse them about the meaning of no meaning... You can even learn Old Master Lu Dongbin's martial arts... hmmmm why is it when one person holds up his one finger when he does Qigong gets others to burst into guffaws when another does same and commands worshipful silence and awe? If there is anything to discuss I think an addition of a Spanish-speaking Chinese Taoist priest would not make any gem less unclear! Some exercise may be healthy for example walking down to "Lobby", type a few words of wisdom on keyboard. Especially when doing standing meditation, karma meditation, focusing on the void, Taijiquan in its multitude of styles, walking the Bagua circles, imitating the animals of Xingyi, directing traffic and doing dragon breaths with the umpteenth school of Kwee-gong doesn't really in truth work anywhere other than in your heads! No offence, guys, rambling on and on and taking off in tangents and spinning in circles in all sorts of discussions in the flavour of mules talking to donkeys don't amount to anything. By this, I don't mean you've manufactured "Wu Wei". I think Lao Zee said that somewhere... I am sure I am wrong... Still, I hope I see you at "Lobby" (I am not the one carrying the fly whisk) and hope you help lend me one shoe to go on journey of a few yards down the road! Bless you all, the cheek shall inherit the earth!