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  1. Thanks for the recipe! I am currently studying acupuncture and just yesterday we were given a lecture on the seasons. Seriously thankyou very much for your thoughts on this - i will certainly carry out what you have advised Cheers mate rambling = great! Now to clarify my broad and very general statement of 'lacking water' which you very rightly pointed out. Yesterday i was treated with acupuncture and had a shiatsu massage from a different practitioner. Both said water yang deficient. Implying bladder i suppose. Unfortunately i am only a 2nd yr student of chinse med therefore cant really go into to much detail about what i was 'born with' just yet. Although my father and mothers kidney energy is pretty strong as far as i can see. The rigourous exercise is early morning - 3 times a week. strength and cardio. my energy levels have improved since i started the new exercise routine(2.5 months ago) and superficially feel fine, it wasnt until both practitioners said yesterday that my water is a bit depleted.Which then i started to notice my forearms speckled with a faint black colour. as for meditation - five animals and rock - can you point me where to go to read about these types of meditation!? as a newcomer to meditation practice, i have been suprisingly consistent this year - however am not following any 'meditation practice' - just watching my breathing and thoughts at this stage. any further advice on this would be much appreciated. oh and by the way - i am a new father - so this act of depleting kidneys will be quite easy to avoid
  2. I am currently engaged in rigorous exercise during the week. It is winter time where i am, but i havnt caught the flu yet and to be honest i am living a healthy lifestyle which is helping the wei Qi protect etc. However, my water is a little out of balance, needs some boosting. Apart from rest, and training at a lower intensity, what types of food should i be eating? and any exercise you can reccomend to cultivate Jing?
  3. The Ego and Thought

    Hello to Kate, Marblehead, Carson, -o-, Steve, Very 'thought' provoking read. In fact i feel humbled by it and happy...and sort of scared. Not scared as in frightened, more like i am in awe of your creativity in your explanations. I must admit my brain was starting to get all tangled up while reading '-o-'s explanation, but i feel like i got the gist of it. You are obviously alot more conscious than i am! My experiences have led me to feel that the ego is the thing which helps us to function in the complexity of life and makes me an individual whilst my true self provides simplicity and peace into my life mainly through providing me with perspective and sort of brings an inner smile and makes me feel good about not knowing the answer to 'why am i here' and 'how did all of this begin'. This thread has really added something to me - thanks - i will try to 'pay it forward' Albert
  4. You are all delusional!

    Well he is communicating his superficial beliefs. And they involve a large amount of ego. As he has admitted too already. Some of his words are heartfelt...others are not so heartfelt and maybe attention seeking. But going back to your wise words...why does he want attention? because he has had a heartfelt struggle with his own beliefs. Therefore, his percieved arrogance and hostility is most likely the same as what most of us do when we feel a bit lost and fearful. I do not feel above or below 'that guy'...therefore i am not being condescending at all in what i say about what he has said In fact, it is nice to hear someone be honest about 'where they are at'. I suppose it is slightly annoying reading some of his thread, because there are some genuinely heartfelt replys from the people who have read his initial post, and it appears they are not sinking in just yet. my next thought is that i should get back to my own cultivation before expressing my judgements/opinions on others.
  5. You are all delusional!

    Thanks for the message - i should have made it more obvious that i was being sarcastic. I think it is funny how 'that guy' has made the effort to sign up to a forum and tell everyone that he knows the truth and that everyone else doesnt...yet he would still like to know 'the delusional opinion'. I am with you on this one, we all create our own reality individually and collectively. What a wonderful experience
  6. You are all delusional!

    I am so confident about what i believe, i feel like going and signing up to a forum to ask them what they believe.
  7. Discarding the Maps

    This thread has been a fantastic read for many valuable lessons are discussed here
  8. Connecting with my son

    That it is my friend
  9. Connecting with my son

    great suggestions there, thanks very much. What you may find interesting (i wonder if this happened to you as well) is that my dreams have become much more vivid and significant since my son was born. I know when i am dreaming most of the time these days and i seem to be able to fly in almost all of them. The real change though is that the 'big' issues of my past are somewhat being resolved in my dreams now. And i cant help but think that there is a strong link to my son being born. So in that sense i cant feel an energetic exchange going on. And sometimes we lock eyes and have a mini-staring contest in which results in a powerful feeling during and after. i will remember to "just spend time, don't force. Follow. Follow. And listen..."
  10. Daily Cultivation Practice Journals

    Thanks Desert Eagle!
  11. Connecting with my son

    Very wise and kind words. Thanks to everyone who contributed. much appreciated
  12. My son Jonathan is 14mths old and is a beautiful healthy boy. I would like to know if there are any meditation practices that i could practice to strengthen my connection to my son on an energetic level. I have often felt it might be a powerful experience for me to meditate in his room whilst he is sleeping. Advice please
  13. Where do i get one?
  14. Introduction :)

    Guten Tag my fellow transient beings! I am an Aussie living in Engy-land, currently studying how to put pins into people and call it healing! I feel more connected than ever and feel i have much growing and learning to come. I am a 1st year student of acupuncture, 25yrs old and seriously need to sort out my energy. My friend reccomended this place as a source of information and inspiration, and i genuinely feel grateful that a website like this exists! So hello to you reading this, hope ur well