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  1. Heads Up Castenada Fans

    Watch this: castaneda "tales from the jungle" bbc documentary on google video is down at the moment but has lots of info on it too. Some good ideas, but not much heart in it, even though don Juan says to choose "a path with heart", I wonder where the so called "heart" is in those teachings.
  2. Thanks everyone, I need to do some more reading before I will respond. There are some greatly informative replies here, much appreciated. I wont reply further until I have read each post properly and clarified some things. Thanks again.
  3. Encounters with the Nagual - Read it and Weep. -All of his books, (online and free) with Carlos' words omitted, just pure DonJuan Matus comments. Apologies if anyone has already posted these. The "Tales From The Jungle" is still available on torrent, but it is the sign language version, with the film on a screen behind a guy giving sign language. Dont bother quoting DonJuan or Carlos - Im outside of the box
  4. The Secret, is it BS? (Law Of Attraction)

    I was a little disappointed with the simplistic, repetitive nature of "The Secret" (The first edition with Esther Hicks in it). Brian Tracy mentions lots of "Laws" in his books (for instance: [ ) This Forum here raises some nice points about "The Secret".
  5. Wow, thanks for the prompt replies. Without Quoting anyone, im just responding in general to all of them. RE:Zhuo Ming Dao I became aware that Quantum Touch was qigong after watching some of the "Core Transformation" Videos, where the teacher for some reason mentioned qigong (Although Richard Gordon makes no mention of it at all in the first QT video set). Im familiar with usui reiki although I havent done any training/attunments yet. RE: Paul Walter Thanks for your recommendations. Regarding the "endless number of things appearing under the banner of energy healing", are they all derived originally form qigong? or is there a western counterpart to it? RE: Generally Im confused as to how it is taught and performed, and if I wanted to learn Energetic Healing , do I have to spend years reading lots of books, doing basic reiki, pranic,eft etc until being taught advanced methods/attunments"? Does being able to do this type of thing require many years and an ongoing set of disciplines (physical/mental/dietary/spiritual)? or Does it just Co$t a Lot Of Ca$h and a couple of years to get good at. Ive been wanting some answers and recently got the idea of posting here. Any answers appreciated. Thanks again for your general replies.
  6. Hi All and Peace. THis is my first post on the fine forum. Im wondering what other people here may know about or may like to share about "energetic healing" (reiki, bioenergetics, TFT,EFT, pranic healing, quantum healing, energy resonance therapy, etc) Ive experienced sessions before that have been very powerful, but the therapists have always been very very cagey and secretive about how its done. They dont appear to follow any strict lifestyle habits (yoga/qigong/martial arts/cultivation) either. It seems that they have probably paid a lot of money to be somehow tuned into being able to perform energy work on others, but I dont know. Some of these modalities and teachers are a fairly new phenomenon, and therapy clinics and therapists are starting to appear in the last few years. Does anyone know about any of this stuff?
  7. Hi Intro

    Hi everyone here, Im a noob, first post etc. Ive dont a few years of martial arts (not many) and have had several "energy healing" sessions with several people before. Im interested in learning more about energy healing, qigong, taoism, etc. Ive recently been reading: Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss and watching some Yang Jwing Ming videos. These days I try not to get too fanatically caught up in one way. I have some questions id ike to ask some other members. Thats all & Peace to everyone!