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  1. Looking for Kriya Yoga

    Using the term "slave" was an exaggeration on my part. The entire topic of gurus and guru worshop is complex. From the perspective of Western societies, there have been too many gurus who have travelled here, and exploited their followers sexually and otherwise, and this makes gurus in saffron robes or dautis, appear to be enterprising con men until proven otherwise. Secondly, the idea that a person even needs a guru is a presumption that may not be valid(in contradistinction to a meditation teacher). After all, The Buddha himself gave this advice: "Light your own lamp." Lastly, your expression "neo-yogi wannabes" is condescending and insulting. Don't get all worked up over nothing.
  2. Looking for Kriya Yoga

    Hi Dwai: Do you have a guru,... or a teacher? Who is that? Do you live in India?
  3. Looking for Kriya Yoga

    Disclaimers! Where don't we see these on every product, for legal protection these days? Quoting from his website text: "Knot of the Heart: An easy, safe and reliable way for unfastening this knot is Om Japa. Ultimately, Silicon1, we all have to decide for ourselves, as to what to do and what risks to take, and whether to clear away the cobwebs or not. You'll never know if you don't try. Speaking for myself, as a free lance practitioner of all the kriya yoga practices, the journey has been wonderful, there is absolutely nothing to fear, and I have never regretted it. On the other hand if a person is just starting out with these kind of practices, go find a teacher if you want, and if you can find someone qualified without paying alot of money and being treated like a slave. Or alternatively, just work on your Heart with those practices. There is no risk in doing that part of the practice, for even the person who is neurotically unhappy.
  4. Looking for Kriya Yoga

  5. i screwed up my blog

    So when I click on my blog, it says URL/blog/neptune not found on this server. How do I get it back? Any helpers out there? thanks
  6. i screwed up my blog

    I inadvertantly deleted the blogs and everything is dysfunctional since then and I can't get back on the blog to do something else. So where do I go from here to get back into the blog? thanks.
  7. Here's what I did. I decided to discard posts on my blog, and now my blog is not accessible anymore, and I don't know how to re-institute the blog. thanks. neptune
  8. Hi. I want to learn about energy work.

    Thanks for the recommendation S.A. I looked that book up on just now and that sounds like an absolutely terrific book. I'm going to get a copy as soon as possible. Pranic healing has got to be an objective of all those of us who have gotten to know their vital pranic life force as it grows and as a person learns how to nurture it, learns what's good for it, and what's bad for it. And then it grows, primarily through service and through meditation, and through pranayama. In such a scenario, one thinks "This is the darnest thing, this has got to be grace, or maybe some kind of healing energy. I want to learn how to direct this stuff, to heal myself, and maybe somehow, someday, be able to help others too, God willing." And,... reading about this book on, the book you recommend seems too good to be true. I am truly excited you told us about this. Thanks a million. Any other recommendations S. A.? Neptune
  9. Hi. I want to learn about energy work.

    I am a new member too, but don't mind saying a couple things. So you are experiencing some kundalini phenomena with blockages. This just means your system has some degree of maturity but not fully yet. Best treatment for that is some form of meditation,... and figuring out some way you can provide service to others. If you already do some type of employment where you are of service, then you have a blessing right there. If not, find one. Nep
  10. locked out of AYP

    I am signing off this thread. You were knocking down straw men. You are indeed a cranky man and as tenacious as a junk yard dog. Adios Carson and God Speed to you. Nep
  11. locked out of AYP

    I think our posts crossed simultaneously. Thanks for the information.
  12. locked out of AYP

    Hi Scotty, Glad to hear your words of encouragement. Where do we go from here? I have been browsing around in various forums at TaoBums, and have found some threads on Taoism, personal blogs, travel information and questions about Taoist monks coming here and teaching there, and drinking tea,... but don't see practical discussions of energetic practices, unless I am missing the boat. If you could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate. thanks
  13. locked out of AYP

    OK Carson. I guess we are somehow destined to cross swords on the ground floor of TaoBums lobby. We are duelling over doctrinal differences, about your AYP, my brother. We are perhaps much alike though we may never see eye to eye. Maybe we see a reflection of ourselves in each others words, and haven't come to rest in acceptance of that part of us that remains unassimilated into a sense of self love. It's a little ironic that I have come to this virtual place, the Tao Bums Lobby, looking for like minded yogis, and have only encountered you instead, the apparent self appointed defender of Yogani's website and program, the place where I was not welcome to speak out. So I came here, and here you are too, of all places. God speed to you my friend. I still would appreciate any response from the long term members of this Taoist group (instead of further doctrinal discussions about your belief systems Carson)... if there are such creatures on these premises. Great love to you Carson, in all of your young endeavors, and may destiny deal you the hand of cards that will be the most useful in this very life time of yours, I remain your older brother young Carson, however distant our differences set us apart. I'm certain we will keep in touch the way things seem to be going in our relationship. Neptune P.S.Any other considerations from you other real Tao Bums out there in virtual reality?
  14. locked out of AYP

    Thanks Carson
  15. locked out of AYP

    Hi Bums, Pilgrims, and Yogis, So anyway, where is a discussion around here, appropriate for kundalini active people who are already established in Yoga, Microcosmic Orbit, meditation on mantra, chakra awareness, and energetic meditation on the Om sound that is unavoidably heard by us yogis? thanks