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  1. Wild Goose, the healer form

    For anyone interested, Dr. Hu's DVD's can be rented (as streams) for $1.99 each on Amazon instant video. You get to view them for one week per rental. Also multiple other Qigong, Bagua and Tai Chi DVDs are available for less than 2 dollars. Cheers.
  2. Angela Yan

    Gotta love anyone who will work with Down's syndrome and RSD patients. Doubt Buffalo. Probably outside Orlando (Kissimmee). Check with her student Sifu Jerry Ziffer. Email [email protected]
  3. What is Tai-Chi?

    One Word? Observer - Graceful Begining Practitioner- Deceptive Advanced Practitioner- Flow
  4. You call that massage?

    Well there is a hyperemic effect that can occur with massage when an increase of blood and lymph flow is distributed to a specific area, but the picture looks like petechiae. That is usually caused by scrubbing in Tuina, or through Gua Sha, when the subcutaneous tissue and interstitial fluid is released to the surface clearing toxins (according to TCM). Also, some old-school Rolfers get this because they don't use any cream or lotion, thinking it will release the fascia more effeciently (but the petechiae are not a desired side effect in this case). Having said this- I love deep massage. The trick is, the deeper you go the more sensitivity you need (both as a client and therapist). Somewhat, counterintuitive, but true. The therapist and client need to establish a confident relationship and deep breathing is essential for proper muscle/trigger point/fascia/etc. release.
  5. Capoeira Angola

    Years ago, before I had ever heard of Capoeira, I say a beautiful intricate display of talent at a San Diego healing arts festival. Really impressive stuff. You mentioned bodywork- Is there an energetic healing aspect to the art or any of the arts of Brazil? I wonder if BJJ masters of old had a hidden energy component.
  6. mama-ing and meditation

    Hmm...How do you undo what you have already done/become? How do you not practice? IMO, as long as you are present and grounded, shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Detoxing

    Well, we are assuming this is a detox symptom. It's summer...people sweat, fungus proliferates. I also think it is a fallacy to believe western medicine suppresses, and eastern medicine cures. If an antifungal cream is fungicidal, it by definition destroys the fungus, so not much suppresion there. Having said this, I tend to lean toward "alternative medicine" as a personal bias for most things, but in this case, I personally would rather use Lamisil cream for a week then say Tea tree oil for months. YMMV
  8. Ancient Songs of the TAO

    Interesting. Didn't know some Taoist chants have overtones. Pardon my "ignorance". Felt energy shifts from sample.
  9. Ignorance ='s lack of knowledge Dimwit ='s stupid or silly person Completely different I don't personally agree with V's interpretation on this, but the words are different and hold separate charges.
  10. Detoxing

    JohnC - Most likely Tinea Cruris. Pick up Lamisil cream OTC twice a day for a week. It will go away. Blasto - If the seborrheic dermatitis flares or becomes too frequent, take Diflucan 200mg 2 tablets QD for 3 days. This cuts down drastically on the pityrosporum ovale counts thereby decreasing recurrence.
  11. Nikura breathing Metatarsophalangeal joint (big toe) or elsewhere? When is surgery?
  12. "GIRI" article

  13. what the *** am i?

    Umm... No Can't reach samadhi, Samadhi connects with you, Are you available?
  14. Was spelled wrong, then corrected; hence Mal's "I got your back" comment. Many teachers are amping the juice today. Both seen and unseen. This will be fun.
  15. John Daido Roshi was an extremely patient teacher, and expert of koan interpretation/contemplation. Zen Mountain monastery had a very insightful journal produced quarterly (not sure if it is still in circulation). He is deeply missed, but his spirit still shines brightly.