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  1. Nei Gong: Taoist Process of Internal Change

    Hi Ive been lurking on this forum for a few weeks. Sorry, should have posted earlier! Nothing worse than a lurker Ive trained with Lotus Nei Gong on one of their courses last year. I did an introduction to nei kung. I enjoyed it but not sure about the location, the course was held in mid-Wales, wouldn't go there out of choice! Would definitely go back but unfortunately work and family commitments have prevented me. There was indeed some spontaneous qigong but it was quite a small percentage of the course. I dont know much about it but it was making me laugh when one girl kept trying to stand up but ended up with her head stuck to the floor for ages, wierd stuff I would like to more about it, is there much on this forum?
  2. I can on ly manage half hour before my legs go to sleep:( Got to start somewhere though!
  3. Hello All

    Hi, I have been lurking on this forum for some time now and thought I would write something Been practicing Tai Chi for a few years and doing the odd Qi Gong course Very interested in Taoism Live in the UK