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  1. The Greeds versus the Greens

    I guess he should be considered to be the native pope, the true spiritual leader of America. For some reason I couldn't sign in with my Starjumper7 screen name so I may have been banned.
  2. Some day I might describe what a real transmission is like
  3. Oops, sorry, wrong screen name I'm Starman.
  4. When I though of saying that two days ago it was sarcasm, but now I'm serious, you might learn something that way, if you can get any students. Bye now, forever. In case you wonder why I don't respond to any more of your posts it's because you are on ignore.
  5. Hello,

    I was reading one of your posts and became curious about your practice. Do you mind sharing what path do you follow?


    V/R, Orb

  6. Tao Bums Moderation And Steve

    I simply wanted to put the two quotes from different people together and then keep them together on 'hold' while I wrote my reply so that some nut job wouldn't jump to conclusions and say something stupid about it before I was done writing what I wanted to say. Looks like I had the right idea. ... and I DO realize I'm an idiot for having a dialogue with you.
  7. Tao Bums Moderation And Steve

    It is clear that Winpro posted my name and a lot of out of context quotes from me specifically to make me look bad and hurt my business. (BTW I changed my screen name mainly because I like and PREFER the new name). Earlier when I was posting as Starjumper I mentioned my teacher and realized it was a mistake because some people here have this manic phobia, they need to check out other people's teachers, so when I realized this I deleted all mentions of my teacher from my website, but somebody found the info in a cached older page and blasted it across the forum. Also, what Hardyg said about my links here to my website info is a lie or misleading. I specifically do not have any links to my website on this forum under either screen name and I never mentioned my teachers name until Winnie started blasting it all over the forum, again, specifically to try to produce any harm that he could, emotional or financial, which is a recurring theme with him. If there are any links to my forum it's probably because the freak, winpro, has put them in here somewhere, I haven't seen them and would rather not have them published on this forum.. He has obviously studied my website intensively because he uses info on it whenever possible to try to make me look like a liar. Also, I did not publish Chad Newcomb's name on this forum, it was some other poster who provided that info on the 'being banned' thread, and i simply thanked him for it because I was wishing for it, and I quoted the post a couple of times to make some points. Interesting, I will look into the idea of taking legal action. If anyone has any more infor about the legality of the above please add your information. Thanks.
  8. Tao Bums Moderation And Steve

    If you need to 'spin' in order to try and 'show' another side of the story, then obviously simply stating the truth doesnt cut it. Write your fiction and leave discussions alone that you cannot contribute anything remotely useful to. You miss my point (again). By 'spin' I don't mean I make things up. I mean I point out FACTS that you guys want to or have to overlook, in addition to other evidence which blends so well with the facts they also seems certain. Then you use the facts and the evidence to paint the big picture. That's what spin means to me. OK?
  9. KAP

    Thanks for you long explanation of kundalini awakening, Shaktimama, should I abbreviate your name to SM =). I can identify with a lot of what you wrote as being similar to aspects of energy I've learned in chi kung, but one thing that I fail to connect with is "kundalini is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. Why do you say "is said to be"? I'll read through it again when I have more time so I can analyze it better.
  10. Tao Bums Moderation And Steve

    Outstanding imagination you have! Congratulations. Come and see me in Seattle any time.
  11. Being Banned from Taobums

  12. Being Banned from Taobums

    My tai chi teacher told me this about my chi kung teacher: "If someone threatens to attack him he just smiles, it makes him very happy, it's like a gift from heaven. He hopes that his attacker is very powerful so that he can put his skills to the test. He hopes that his attacker is very evil so that when he destroys him that he will have done more towards ridding the world of evil."
  13. Being Banned from Taobums

  14. Tao Bums Moderation And Steve

    OK, I'll cool it with the little jabs. It doesn't really matter when I get around to the big post, I'll just start a new thread with it and/or link to it in a blog or something. I got to get to work!