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  1. The Greeds versus the Greens

    I guess he should be considered to be the native pope, the true spiritual leader of America. For some reason I couldn't sign in with my Starjumper7 screen name so I may have been banned.
  2. Some day I might describe what a real transmission is like
  3. Oops, sorry, wrong screen name I'm Starman.
  4. When I though of saying that two days ago it was sarcasm, but now I'm serious, you might learn something that way, if you can get any students. Bye now, forever. In case you wonder why I don't respond to any more of your posts it's because you are on ignore.
  5. Hello,

    I was reading one of your posts and became curious about your practice. Do you mind sharing what path do you follow?


    V/R, Orb

  6. KAP

    Thanks for you long explanation of kundalini awakening, Shaktimama, should I abbreviate your name to SM =). I can identify with a lot of what you wrote as being similar to aspects of energy I've learned in chi kung, but one thing that I fail to connect with is "kundalini is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. Why do you say "is said to be"? I'll read through it again when I have more time so I can analyze it better.
  7. Being Banned from Taobums

  8. Being Banned from Taobums

    My tai chi teacher told me this about my chi kung teacher: "If someone threatens to attack him he just smiles, it makes him very happy, it's like a gift from heaven. He hopes that his attacker is very powerful so that he can put his skills to the test. He hopes that his attacker is very evil so that when he destroys him that he will have done more towards ridding the world of evil."
  9. Being Banned from Taobums

  10. Being Banned from Taobums

    Concerning deleting posts, Winpro got, from my website, a nice picture of my teacher and me standing together. He blew it up and then photoshopped it in the following way: he added word bubbles coming from our mouths, the one from my teacher saying "fuck me", and the one from me saying "fuck you?" Only he used my teacher's first name, Fook, but the intent was obvious. He also drew devils horns on me. That is all the post consisted of and he posted this same thing two different times on the same thread in one evening without any other posts on the thread in question. The moderator deleted the pictures and then, of course, when they were deleted there was nothing left in the post so that is why he deleted them. He actually helped Winpro out there because if the pictures had stayed then people would see how childish and sick he is as a result of his practice and his continuing decline, which will now accelerate. Concerning banning people: He also followed through on his threat of making a psychic demon attack on myself and Yoda, I though he was just making hollow threats to scare us off, but since he went through with it that tells us more about what makes him tick, and that his demons, both internal and external are winning him over. He used to be a nice guy. I give him one year or less to blow a fuse, this guy is becoming dangerous, to others and to himself. He should be banned but leave him here for others to see the results of his practice. Concerning power of the dark side: I was warned that if I tried to expose the truth that some of the students would do psychic attacks on me and so it is simply a burden I must bear, something that rightfully keeps away most of the others who are in the know.
  11. KAP

    So what does it mean to say 'kundalini awakening', can someone explain that in English? Does it mean becoming enlightened?
  12. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    That post of mine was copied from Church of the Subgenius literature and edited by me. The Church of the Subgenius is the ONLY church worth being a member of. In any case, they are right on and I agree with what they say, including that most people are somewhat crazy, and most are also somewhat sick, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many, more and more, are very sick. There is a conspiracy, but even if there wasn't one I doubt it would make much difference to the man on the street. Of course our vaunted medical system does some good things for some people, no question, but it mainly extends the bad years for those that are poisoned, and now more and more, people are being poisoned by the prescription drugs themselves. The question of who is in control is a good one. Who is at the top of the conspiracy? There is a credible theory that it is aliens. However, my new teacher, a Shaolin grandmaster who is 98 now and is an insider to the CIA, thinks it is the Lamprey lipped bankers.
  13. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

  14. Kunlun and Demons

    Hi there, I just wanted to say that I think Yoda is a person with such a good heart. Even the blind can see he has a good heart, and I've always enjoyed his energy and peaceful attitude. It's true some of Max's representatives are cracked, but there are others that seem fine, like Biff for example. Evidently he is a practitioner of Kunlun and he weathered the storm. I guess, but he appears to be well grounded, as does another dude who posted here, in addition to Scotty. However, I want to comment about Winpro now. I know why he's pissed at me, but how on EARTH can someone want to give Yoda a bad time and make threats of psychic attacks, however hollow? It's completely senseless, what did Yoda ever do to him? He had a bad experience with Max/Kunlun and as a result dropped the practice and went to see a good exorcist. Taking a side detour here pertaining to name calling. He calls me Stevie, so I should call him Winnie ( can anyone please share his real name here? thanks) ... and Winnie sounds just like Weeny, doesn't it? So Winnie, I now christen thee Weeny. Weeny, why are you threatening Yoda with psychic attacks? What did he do to you, you are aware of karma, aren't you? I think I know what happened to you, and that is that while others have either weathered the storm or abandoned the practice, you have clearly succumbed to the external demons that were planted in you, and you got the sick energy. Sick energy sticks to you like glue, good energy runs free like mercury. The demons that are haunting and controlling you are rebelling. I really think you should get some help from a good exorcist, may I recommend Mak Tin Si? Anyway, I like Yoda and I don't like you, Weeny, so if you try to psychic attack him then I may wish for something unfortunate. If you want to attack me, as you also threatened to do, then go for it, at least it may be a little more mature than your previous post, but remember, I am a mirror. And the first law of magic is that what you send out will come back to you three times as strongly. Think about what you have been sending out, and good luck, you need it! _____________________ Edit: Yes folks, that's a picture of me on the right. CUTE little devil, aint I? Edit again: Picture of me in previous post, placed by Winnie, was removed by moderator, so my previous comment doesn't count.