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  1. Career choice...

    Hey guys! This probably isn't in the right section... but I really look up to you guys and would appreciate any input. I finished school late last year and STILL haven't even had a job. Going to be 19 in July. I do realise that this is due largely to laziness... but I have been unable to identify any career path that would even slightly interest me in going down... nothing I have found resonates with me in any way. All besides spirituality -- but I am no Guru and have no profound knowledge. Like many I am but a complete beginner at this too. Currently there is pretty much zero direction in my life and as a result there is next to zero motivation for even doing anything about it. It would be great if you guys could help me out one way or another; suggest a direction, help me out of this irksome psychological pit, etc... any advice of any kind. Thanks everyone -- you guys are awesome.
  2. Who were you?

    Fascinating, yes? I've always wondered about this. Wouldn't it be amazing if one could remember all, some or even just one of their past lives and retain all knowledge and experience gained from them... is this possible? I think a past life regression technique is in order, anyone care to share?
  3. Fantastic information, friend. Just to gain a degree of clarity on this subject -- is it OK to suffer through to the point where ones legs are completely dead after coming out of lotus? That is... not feeling anything in the legs and not being able to move them? Is this desirable? Functionality and feeling return after a few minutes of course.
  4. OOBExperiences

    Not sure whether or not this is the place to post this -- but all is Dao, so... Out of body experiences, quite interested. Have tried to induce them on many occasions but are yet to be successful. Would be greatly appreciative for any kind of help offered. Also, what is the consenus on them? Have they any negatives related to them? Heard (cannot remmember where this was heard) that it damages the shen, is this truth?
  5. Who's Gurdjeif?

    Ah, Gurdjieff! A mysterious individual indeed -- Recommend that you pick up "Gurdjeiff; An Introduction to His Life and Ideas" by John Shirley. T'is a good place to start.
  6. Hello!

    Greetings, taobums! Amazing forum you all share here, very thankful for the opportunity to take part in the magic. Chat with you soon, ~FAT