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  1. Aloha!

    Aloha, mercury! It's nice to hear from someone from the islands who knows Max, too. What island are you on? I lived in Kuliouou for a number of years and met Max last year. I'm in Pacific Palisades now and it's great to have Chris and Eileen here in LA to organize the seminars with Max. Look forward to hearing from the islands.
  2. Female Lama Dorje student

    Aloha, everyone! I wanted to thank you for your welcome to the taobums! It took a while to have the time to learn to navigate through the site, however, I'm figuring it out and it's great. Since my first post we've probably been at the same seminar; I'll be at the San Diego seminar this weekend -- if any of you are there, come over and say hi!
  3. A Kunlun Travel Tip

    Max is now focusing on the seminars which are being held here in California. Future seminars will also be held in Phoenix, AZ and other states. Kunlun is the first of steps to open ourselves and become receptive to further, deeper awakenings. Therefore, the seminars introduce the practice of Kunlun; Max and his students help guide and support this initial and foundational work of Kunlun during the practice session of the seminars. I would recommend that you read his book, Pillars of Bliss, to give you a more complete picture of Kunlun Nei Gung; it may answer some of your questions. Max is very down to earth and easy to approach with any questions you may have. The seminars are a great opportunity to talk with him. You can check on for a schedule of upcoming seminars. Hope this was helpful... maybe see you at one of the seminars!
  4. max and the SF kunlun workshop

    In Honolulu, we often used to joke that our after-class gatherings at the coffee shop were the real classes! Max is open to and happy to share his experiences and knowledge with us; so your suggestion to stay close by during the breaks at the seminar is right on! Glad that you had such a positive experience at the seminar. It's been an amazing year for me -- started from the first classes when I began last October -- and so it continues with my move to LA, the seminars, and the opportunity to share and practice with friends here. Practicing Kunlun with a sincere and open attitude and banishing all expectations, clears the way for deep blissful awakenings that are healing and empowering. I'm glad I was able to come to the seminars. Thanks for sharing your experiences of the San Fran seminar.
  5. A Kunlun Travel Tip

    "focus on your own experience of the practice itself" That is exactly what the Kunlun practice is all about; enter into it openly and sincerely and what you experience will be the awakenings unique to you. One of the things that engaged my interest in the practice was something that Max said in one of the first classes I attended in Honolulu, he is not our guru or teacher per se, he shares with us what he has learned so that we can awaken the same abilities he has developed, abilities that are innate in each one of us. He is not a teacher to be followed, but, as I see it, a guide that helps you light your own path; to brighten that light is your own individual work, your own connection with the universal life forces, ultimately leading to my understanding that indeed, it is all one. It has been one year since I first began practicing Kunlun -- and the joy with which I live my life grows, seemingly without measure. I have seen, felt, and understood things that leave me in awe, expand my curiosity, energize my being, and fire my enthusiasm for life, and for who I am. I have more energy and verve for life now than I did in my twenties, thirties, or early forties. But I also feel a great peacefulness that flows and balances that fire. What can I say, I smile a lot and the smile begins from deep within... Now that I am living here in LA, it has been great to be at the seminars and to experience the interest and openness that the people have shown for Kunlun Nei Gung. I'm loving being in California and look forward to an awesome life here. Maybe see you at the next seminars!
  6. Female Lama Dorje student

    I am a student of Lama Dorje since October 2006. I joined the practice in Honolulu and am now living in Los Angeles, continuing my practice. I will be at the seminar in September.