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  1. Reiki Tummo

    don't take this the wrong way, but this sounds like the attitude of "if i can't see it, then it's not there." I I V i would challenge you to search the web for the definition of Rei, because in my 12 years of knowledge of reiki i've NEVER come across your definition. ???? BTW Look for the book Sword and Brush for exact explanation on Japanese words, like KI or REI, for example reiki wasn't originally designed to be a mere tool for hands-on healing; it was designed to be a path of enlightenment via direct experience the divine. healing was a wonderful side-effect, so usui capitalized on that part of it to garner support. And where did you get this info? Again, that's what you heard, but we also heard strories of Usui beeing Christian, that reiki is from atlantis, etc and the fact that usui sensei died at 62 is a point that shouldn't be lost on anyone who practices reiki. he was unhealthy. he was the progenitor of the reiki lineage, and he was unhealthy. i still contend that it was a result of unrefined lifestyle habits & thought patterns that become magnefied by the induction of energy. What happened with H.H. the 16th Karmapa? And Ramana Maharishi? And Papaji? Jesus must had negative karma... Buddha was so unaware with his food, poor thing. Health and perfection fascism is not the way. If you can be healthy good for you! I met some spirits, I am aware of unseen things, channeling, angels, etc. But it has nothing to do with reiki. And nothing to do with spiritual development. Misleading way in most cases. It can be valid way, but not all the way. Look for Abraham-Hicks, and their way of seeing the world, through a channeling perspective. About reiki practitioners draining themselves: they don't do reiki, they give their own, out of bad intention. Relax! Our fear is a magnet. Let it go! All I know, that when I take care of my mind, it effects the energy, effects the world around me. It scares away ghosts! I don't want to argue, you beleive what you want! It's just not the reiki, that I know about. And all the spirits, ufos, reptilians, angels, with body or not, the have nothing to do with me, or my way. And nor with yours, but if you want to believe it, go ahead. You can also believe that your neighbors are effecting your karma. If it was not enough, why I used the word superstition, the way karma is used here, has nothing to do with the meaning: action. What Abraham_Hicks teaches, is karma at it's best. If I do reiki with the intention of help, I get help. If I do it, because I am scared of illness, I feel pity: I get ill. If I'm confused, scared, full of hate, I will draw such actions, people, "spirits". If I stop my war, the war stops everywhere. About learning: it is not about spoken facts. As buddhists say: don't mistake the pointing finger with the moon, it points at. I stop here, the whole thing doesn't worth it. BYe
  2. Reiki Tummo

    I don't know about the chinese meaning, but in japanese rei means: the thing you respect, what you put on your altar. If you stay with simple hands on healing, it's very nice, and there are no problems with it. In the last 15 years there was no problem with it. The only ones experienced problems are those who couldn't relax into it, and came up with horrible ideas. Good spirit, bad spirit, you guys seem to be very superstitious bums. I don't want to deny the existence of spirits, maybe reptilians, ufos, black magic, etc. But what does it have to do with us? I have to let in everything to have effect on me. If I'm full there is no outside force to harm me. I came here to learn, and I found some nice fellows with some wisdom. But sometimes all this makes me wonder. Is here anyone know basic principles of our mind? What is the goal? How to deal with our emotions, believes, stiff ideas? I don't know the ultimate answer, but I'm not a beginner, and I have a good bsh detector to know what is important, and what is not. The only problem with reiki is not acting upon right information. If you are open and willing to experiment, not belive in fear based ideas, you are on a right track. And forget about instant salvation by some initiation! No reiki teachers, no Lama Dorjes, no one can do it for you! No ultimate formulas, no ways, no superior practices! Just pure seeing who you are, maybe by recognizing who you are not. This can be shown by someone, but it's you who must see. And not by energies, not by mantras, not by anything that puts enlightenment into the future!
  3. Reiki Tummo

    Hi! I'm a reiki teacher. It's a nice art, but all I can say, it is far more valued, that it should be. It can give you a real good taste of energy, you can do some very good healing with it. But I never experienced, that anyone reached even spiritual maturity, not to mention awakening. In some other topic someone wrote, that awakening is an energy experience, but energy is not about awakening. I totally agree.
  4. Reptilians?!

    http://www.amazon.com/Strategy-Dolphin-Sco...d/dp/0449905292 Written is shark style... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Strategy_of_the_Dolphin
  5. Reptilians?!

    Actually I teach this in a four day workshop. The key is beyond the right brain. We should have ONE-brain. If you are in the left mode, you push it, without any creativity. On the right side, you have many ideas, no activity. The right shifts the gear, the left pushes the gas. There is the book called Dolphin strategy. It's about business. The left siders are sharks. I eat you before you eat me, there is lack of everything, so I need to collect for my safety. The right siders are carps (I'm not sure, this is the hungarian translation) They tend to hide, not risking the fight with the sharks. One type believes in lack, so why bother to fight with sharks, I'm not so strong and violent. The other type is funny, really funny. It's the 'enlightened' carp, who believes in abundance only. Just (s)he doesn't have the karma right now, and to get in the ring with sharks is so mundane. I'm a better person. I meditate, pray, I wait for ascension, and the UFO's to change the world around us. And scared about repitilians. And finally there is the dolphin: fights the sharks, kicks the carps' asses to make them move, and also protects them. Believes in lack and abundance, and chooses between them. There's no yang without yin.
  6. Reptilians?!

    Look for Namkhai Norbu (Dzogchen community)and Tenzin Wangyal (bon lama) I get some info together and write about it soon.
  7. Reptilians?!

    In tibetan teachings, nagas are the spirits of the water, and specially underwater. Serpent lower body, human upper body. If you disturb them they can cause problems, like skin diseases, cancer. Also they are behind floods. In a way they are the consciousness of the water element. My ex girlfriend had an open third eye, she could see a lot. When we got the teaching on sang offering by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, we experienced strange things. Sang is a ceremony originated in bon shamanism. We give offerings to the local energies, to protect us. For the spirits of water, the land, mountains, etc. Also it balances our energy. I started to read through the script, not even doing the thing. The energy started to build up in the room. And she looked up yelling at me: what the f..k are you doing? The room was full of strange entities. She started to describe them: there was a Naga, something looked like the little winged faerie, like the on in Peter Pan (i don"t know the English name), something that was like the all hairy guy in the Adams family (a demon of the element space, as we learned later) She didn't know anything of these things, never met them before, but the description was exactly according to tibetan teachings. We looked for information in the works of Namkhai Norbu, and the bon teacher Tenzin Wangyal's book Healing with light, form and sound. I seriously doubt that, these reptilians are same as nagas, and to tell the truth, I doubt, that they exist at all. they sounds to be another newage bullshit. And if they really exist, what do they have to do with my way to enlightenment?
  8. Heart transplant memory transfers

    Few years ago Lama Ole told a similar story. One of his students had a heart transplantation, and experienced strange things. He had to fight all night with a biker guy,for weeks, about who owns the body. And he got the heart of someone killed in a motorcycle accident. According to Lama Ole the heart carries the energy of the mind. Also, my girlfriend was very sensitive, and she got some blood in the hospital (against her will), and she felt 3 different person's blood, and she could describe them. We don't have any proof, but she did some pretty amazing stuff before, so I believe her.
  9. Black Magic?

    Some parts of the tantra, usually the anuttara (highest) tantra deals with the lower forces, sex, violence, human sacrifice. Not in real action, but imitated way. Just to transform those energies. Also, the old gods of tibet needed such things, and gurus converted the rituals to be safe according to buddhism. (Guru RInpoche,Atisha, Tsongkapa) But still, they can be misunderstood, seen as black magic. Also not everyone is for enlightenment in tibet the can pray for the death of their enemies too. They use magic a lot. Like Aunt Lisa, praying against her grandchild's girlfriend in front of the statue of Virgin Mary, in the corner of the church. You can find out more here: http://www.vajranatha.com/
  10. Spiritual Attitude

    In the first phase, you must stop improving yourself. Because your 'self' is nothing like you imagine. What we think about ourselves is just a bunch of believes, we hold to not feel the fear. Fear of becoming like our parents. Every self improvement is based on false base. There are two side of us. The unchanging witness, and the forever changing energy. You can not improve the witness, and can not make the energy to stay same. In the first phase you recognize that you are the witness, that is called liberation, so you are never moved by the energy emotionally. That's the goal for example in advaita: who are you? emptiness, stillness, etc. You are not interested more in the world for your own sake. Then (it's automatic from here) you get involved for others, and the energy side gets improved, by staying in the moment, and stiff ideas disappear. And in the end you recognize, that the energy and the witness was never separated, that is enlightenment. So this is what I think. But I can be totally wrong.
  11. I figured It Out

    Hmm you are really doing the best to scare the doubtful away for sure
  12. Lama Dorje

    I just asked, if he is really a lama, authorized by Ralo rinpoche, if he really has the lineage connections. Yes, he may have the connections, but so is the other few hundred, or thousand, who got the empowerment. But it is not about teaching, but pacticing If you check his website you can find this, among the subjects he is teaching: "Elements of Santig Phurba Practice: learn the mantra, visualizations, and essence of Nyingma tantra of the ruthless compassionate one. This class will explore the basics of Cave Lama practice that is without the ceremonial ritual elements." Sound good, but without authorization it's just messing with serious karma. Refusal of prostration is not only a bad manner, but pure ignorance concerning what this is all about. It's not a contest of who is the bigger dog, but a gesture of respect towards the Buddha within. " If you see a dog like a Buddha, you get the Buddha's blessing, when you meet, but if you see a Buddha like dog, you get a dog's blessing." He may be a powerful man, with lots of skills, but why he has to present himself this way? Ralo rinpoche's daughter answered to me a very eastern way. She just said that the guy is an impostor, in case, you can not decode what she wrote politely. I really wanted to believe Max, against all my better knowing of tibetan buddhism. Two days ago I had a clear dream of my Lama, who gave me a book. In the book he said that Max is not a Lama. I woke up and still mistrusted my dream, although it was very definite answer. Then the email arrived. Why? Even if I want to trust his Taoist connections, which I can not check, how, after this? He could say: ok guys I checked out some nyingma stuff, I feel I can do better than them, without too much ritual. You don't have to be a lama to be very powerful. Do you know who Lobsang Rampa is? He wrote some books on tibetan buddhism. He claimed to be the clairvoyant of the Dalai Lama, healer, etc. Later it turned out, that he was a plumber in Manchester. He even claimed to have changed body with the English guy, in order to fulfill his mission. So, now I stop. If you experienced nice things meeting him, good for you. I hope you get enlightened soon, and have a nice thought about this unbeliever, with too much dust on eyes. I will not write more on this subject of distrust, but I am really interested, what explanations or excuses can you find? Have a better day!
  13. Lama Dorje

    I'm really sorry, but I like check things out. So I asked about "Lama Dorje" He claimed to belong Ralo Rinpoche's line. This letter arrived today: Tashi Delek! Due to Ven. Ralo Rinpoche's arrival in Washington D.C. it has been a very busy month. I could not reply to you at my earliest convenience. By the way, I am Ven. Ralo Rinpoche's daughter, Kunsang. I understand your doubt and you definately have the right to ask questions about anything related to dharma. And to answer your question. Ven. Ralo Rinpoche the master of Phurba lineage has never given the authority to instruct Phurba teachings to anybody until today. He has only given numerous empowerments and teachings to his students about Phurba. I hope this answers your questions. Tashi Delek! I really wanted to believe!
  14. Lama Dorje

    When a friend recognized her deep fear, and how she was avoiding it, trying to show courage, some "strange" happened. She always felt her fear in the office of her boss, but now, she was conscious, open, so the boss started to back, behind his table, and his chair. They didn't fight, it was just a casual conversation. She realized later what happened. Before that time, they had been together in fear, but not this time. So he lost balance. We are always in energetic "war", and the closed one will always loose!
  15. healers

    I'd look for Daniel Whiteside, one of the founder of One Brain method. I studied with him, and I had good results with MS, using his system as a base. MS is a very hard belief system, usually about, whether I'm able to act alone, or not.(On an unconscious level) One brain is not for healing, just a stress defusion method officially, but it works in good hands, like nothing else! Good luck!