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  1. whats the Beef

    what about March 1984 in terms of the foods/elements? I did four pillars once a while back and I think it said I was a fire element, and I didn't have any metal anywhere in my pillars
  2. Aura/non-light vision

    So a thought just popped into my head and being the ADHD Toaist that I am (and what good one isn't - ego!) I dropped everything that I was doing and decided to make a post. How does Aura Vision work? and I'm not necessarily talking about how do you acheive it, I'm sure there are plenty of threads already on here about it I just haven't looked yet. I'm talking about the sheer optics of it. I work in the field of vision and I've plenty of experience with how the eye works. If the eye is currently designed so that it can only be aware of "visible" light then how do people see Aura, or other just phenomena for that matter, unless they lie on the visible spectrum somewhere? Is it just that science has not yet "discovered" ( or should I say, not yet looking for) receptors in the retina of the eye that can perceive things other than light waves on the visible spectrum? Or is it that our brain has the capability to interperit the spectrum of light or whatever that aura fields exist on, and we just have to unlock it meaning that everybody "see's" auras all the time it's just that they don't know to look for them. Everything I have talked about so far is in the realm of science and biology. I realize there is more to the universe than just that, and if you can explain aura vision using other means please go ahead and I'll listen.
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "When you do something right, people will wonder if you've done anything at all." -"God" on Futurama
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "When you teach, you rob the other person of exercising his or her intellegence, while exercising your own." -Dr. Harry Wachs
  5. El Cheapo tea challenge

    Probably one of the best teas I have ever had was an African Red-Bush called "African Nectar" from the Spice and Tea Exchange shop. The perfume was amazing while brewing and the tea needed no additions like milk or sugar. Plus it was relatively inexpensive at $5.00 per oz not to mention all the purported health benefits of being a red tea - no caffeine, high antioxidants, yadda yadda. Here's the link to the site where I purchased it. They have other good teas as well, but this was the best in my opinion. Edit: I should point out that I am no "expert" in the way of tea and this is actually the most expensive tea I've ever drank so it could be that this is just merely mediocre in the realm of tea but to my lacking experience it was superior.
  6. Cure myopia naturally

    Hello all. I want to preface this post by saying this is the first time I'm posting on here. I've been reading a lot, but haven't been inspired to post until now. As a professional who does this kind of visual therapy work on patients everyday, I felt a need to contribute. First, fixing your vision or in the case of this thread your sight (yes, there is a difference), requires a little more than just not wearing your glasses or getting a lesser prescription. Yes, that is part of it for some individuals but some people might need the particular prescription that they are given to fix larger problems. I agree with the issue brought up that the current mainstream theory of myopia is incorrect and needs to be fixed. A current theory that is being tossed around between my collegues in the DC/Baltimore area is that myopia occurs as a response to an external stimulus. The body has certain defense mechanisms built in and (in some cases, not all) myopia is the body's defense mechanism to certain things in encounters. Also, vision is learned, we are not born with perfect vision, and this includes the quality of our sight. If we are constantly being asked to do near work and in addition, choosing to do such near work, our body is learning to accept this distance as the comfortable and "correct" distance to see. If we never give ourselves the experience of seeing at a distance, our body will never learn to see at that distance. Now, this is not including any kind of biological abnormality which should be addressed by a doctor. I cannot give you a set series of exercises to perform because each individual requires individual treatment. The best people I can tell you to see are known as developmental optometrists. If you want to find one nearby you can go to this website and search for a doctor. I will add that not all developmental optometrist are made the same and some have different theories than others. Also, I'll finish by saying that a little myopia isn't all that bad. It means that when you get older you won't need as thick of reading glasses as your farsighted neighbor or no reading glasses at all.
  7. new member intro

    Taiji and taoist practitioner from Wash, D.C. Been practicing for about a year now and want to broaden my understanding and get other people's points of view. Very excited to be here. Thanks!