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  1. How exactly Does One FEEL Chi?

    Yep. Everything I've studied and heard from teachers I respect agree with that.
  2. Who's Gurdjeif?

    The main position comes from man being unconscious and asleep - and to become conscious and awake. I think G is of some interest, but the students arising from the school would have, IMO, more interest to you - and most people in this day and age. alfa, here's some info to get you started * note the spelling of the last name. I'd recommend you look into some of the writings of PD Ouspensky, who's work is much more approachable Other students of interest would include Also, the Enneagram has many applications for discovery. Hope that helps some in your search. cheers...
  3. Ding Dong

    Greetings, everyone! Looks like a great forum. Have been training various Taoist arts (aikido, chi kiung, tai chi chuan, nei kung, kinesiology, accupressure...) since the 80's. Looking forward to learning, sharing, and exchanging. Currently teaching and exploring at Strand Aikido in warm, sunny Pawleys Island near Myrtle Beach, SC. [stopped in March 2012 to update web address] - Dan