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  1. Where are you from

    Im froma the Caribbean... no place in the list.
  2. Hello Brandon. Im kind of new in this forum. Im interested in the copy of the book. Thanh you for sharing valueble information about Da chen chuan PS: pardon my english writing skills... its my second language.
  3. I have been and acupuncturist for the las 15 year, treating patients of all sort of aliements. In my opinions de best book about medical qigong its Dr. Jerry Alan Johnsons. It used to be a one volumen of more than a 1000 pages. Now its divided in 5 volumes. http://www.qigongmedicine.com/catalog.php?...p;id_categ=3195 It has almost everything: treatment protocols, exercises for the patiens, Daoyin, self healiing, channeling qi, practices to develop healing habilities, all the theory regarding TCM view of sickness. I believe that the info in this volumens its priceless for any healing modality you choose. Peace, Sandino.
  4. Hi! this is my first post. Excuse my english because its my second language. I belive that a morally good person is the one who have develop a moral of Consciousness. We first learn a Moral from our parents, school, society or religion. This moral will dictate the way we relate to others and to the world. That its not ours, is inherited. As we grow old we may have conflicting experiences wich would contradict these set of moral values an then the problem begins. Sadness, inconformity, pain and suffering are just kind words to describe the inner conflict. A morally good person is the one who have develop its own set of values from personal experiences (internal and external) and by daring to question all the known, there for changing his life by every experience, evolving every instant. Im not talking the childish attitud of changing with your moods or fashion. Im talking about chang from inside. The real cuestion its: How do i develop tha moral product of the merge of my inner life and the outside world? Peace, Leigong
  5. Greetings

    Hello! My name is Sandino. Im from the Dominican republic, a little island next to Puerto Rico. Im an acupuncturist, a Baguazhang and Taiji practitioner and a traditional Feng Shui Consultant. Im very intrested in all daoist forms of internal work. In my island threres no many masters, books or school, so sharing in this forum would be very important for me. ive been reading quite a lot your threads and a i belive this is a serius place for growing. Thankyou. Sandino.