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  1. Never mind the Egyptians, going back to the dawn of civilization I see singing, dancing, fun, a bit of fearful respect and a sense of community, not solitary confinement and definitely no FL whatsoever, more the complete opposite of stillness, also resulting in kia/kundalini/dmt release or whatever one may call it. Reminds me of how the early Taoists seemed to have no problem combining internal and external alchemy(before the cinnabar/arsenic period and the megalomanic quest for immortality^^) and were more easy-going than the many to follow. Many wonderful taoist texts were even written under the influence of pot (o.O) BLASPHEMY!!! lol Just as time went by everything became so moral, regulated and creepily fundamentalist with a stick up one's ahem. I'm sure the Nazis were into FL bigtime, haha FL-Nazipervs, like the "Nazi"monks who gave mercury pills to deathrowers.
  2. Avatar (the movie)

    No need to agree, no expectations. People not going to movies to further their spiritual beliefs stopped for me when reading how kundalini energies were moved while watching. All media plays with emotions due to its audio/visual power. Whats wrong with a conspiratorial perspective, thought to put it out there due to the timing of the release. Predictive programming is an issue. Art has always been used as a subtle mouthpiece to get messages out, for the better or worse. Every commodity should be viewed at least with a grain of skepticism, its "just" entertainment seems to be a bit of a cop out. The hypocrisy of woodstock (or the new age).... maybe a bit harsh since I wasn't there and have nothing concrete to back it up, except for what I read, lsd, cia, rape.... Imo just a too radical shift from "evil" to "good". No need to start a debate because of a mere movie, just my personal feelings.
  3. Avatar (the movie)

    Great movie, enjoyed it a lot, 10.000 years too late though. This will give many people a wrong idea, blind nature worship without experience can be very dangerous. See many hypocrites being born by this and surely will be abused for propaganda by the imperialsts who spent millions and millions producing it, instead of doing something worth while a slow and steady education would be more suitable than a hollywood shocker. A spiritually corrupt society going "nature" reminds me of the terrors of woodstock and other falseness. Many of the corporate technoshamans used to be hippies. Quite perverted and twisted, since this is happening right now to the bushmen with their poison bows and arrows, only they stand no chance against the juggernaut of "civilization". Just some thoughts.
  4. nwo and taoism

    Given that the original form of boiling energy / cultivation was "developed" by the peaceloving bushmen, I see no connection to the NWO. Maybe this goes for more recent religions that just preach and do not teach cultivation of subtle energies, but even if you look into Kenneth Grant's work, the last student of crowley, he teaches the MCO via the tree of life, but without sublimation (actually he does, but most people associate orgy with the word crowley )
  5. Nice to be here!

    thanks, fa-so-do you do G. sure is a piece of work, a pity he was "wiseacred" by many of his followers, but he knew it would happen and was so kind as to warn us. Haven't found too many sources that link him to the tao, most seem to get hung up on western logic and gematria, the enneagramic cage of the decimal system. WOW, there is so much to check out here!
  6. Nice to be here!

    Hi Tao Bums! Very glad to have found you!! Reading Gurgjieff, Luk and some other books on self-cultivation got me hooked a while back. Have been trying hard to keep up a regular practice routine since, which hasn't been too easy, especially lately, but am thoroughly enjoying the challenge, trying hard to stay disciplined Topics of special interest are inner alchemy and sound. Looking forward to gathering more data and sharing information! Thanks, Taro