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  1. Using prostitutes for cultivation

    In the book 7 Taoist Masters, it's not implying that he was sleeping with the prostitutes, just that he was living amongst them to diminish his sexual desire.
  2. Didn't know if this belonged in the Hindu forum or here, so I just put it here to be safe.
  3. Was it someone from a Chinese / Daoist background doing it (as opposed to a India / Yoga background)?
  4. Floating through meditation is something you hear about in India, but I feel like you don't hear about it much in China. Does anyone know of any references to floating in Daoist mythology or folklore? If not, I am curious about what "outward" effects are referenced in regards to high levels of meditation refinement (I'm NOT so curious about what modern science can prove, but more of what exists in the mythology and folklore of Daoism). For this sort of stuff I usually reference all the Eva Wong books with folklore stories, but I'm not finding much in there about floating. And before anyone asks, I am in no way claiming I floated. I am just curious about filling the holes in my knowledge of Daoist mythology.
  5. I don't want to cough *hoax* but there are a lot of signs pointing to it here. Unverifiable findings and wild agenda pushing speculation - just saying.
  6. So what the heck is going on in that video? How long was that guy supposed to have been there and who is he?
  7. I will start with a question: Is there a girl in your life who you want to do it with, or is this a hypothetical problem for when there is a girl in your life? If the answer is that there no girl yet, then that is your big problem. Find the girl and the place for sex will come. If there already is a girl and you two just can't find a place to be alone, then this problem is not so big. Almost everyone I know has had sex in their parents house while their parnets are home or at girl's houses while their parents are home. It's no deal, just lock the door. If you can't bring yourself to doing it with parents around, tell them to go out for a dinner and a movie. Tell you parents you want to invite a girl over and cook her a dinner and you don't want them around - they will leave if you care about you.
  8. How to attain Bliss?

    Bliss is like a relationship / marriage. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes not so much; but you just continue to work at it and never give it up.
  9. Thank you, Dao Bums

    You just go to the youtube page for the video you want, copy and past the link in the the browser address bar. Then just paste that into your response and it should show up automatically (honestly, I was just going to paste a link, but the whole video showed up ).
  10. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Don't know if you know, but Donovan covers the song on his HMS Donovan album. A link to the song on YouTube:
  11. I apologize for addressing the OP after all this great conversation - but driving the other day I had a good analogy pop into my head about the workings of wuwei. Say you are driving on a small side street that intersects a large busy street. You want to turn right onto this busy street, but there are no major gaps in traffic or traffic lights nearby that will create a major gap in traffic. To take the right turn onto the busy street, you will have to fit your car into one of the small gaps between cars in the closest lane. If by taking your right turn onto the busy street, you cause any of the cars already on it to slow down or have to switch lanes to avoid hitting you, then you have NOT acted with wuwei. But if you can merge onto that busy street without causing any of the cars to slow down, change lanes or even notice you turning onto their street, you have acted WITH wuwei. Why this analogy stuck out to me is that fact that making that right turn is taking action. Waiting at the turn forever without acting is what the OP was afraid of, but wuwei isn't telling you to not take the turn. What it's saying is, take the turn, just don't mess with the flow of traffic. Now you may return to the conversation at hand.
  12. It does seem like a lot of people misinterpret wuwei as doing nothing. But really it seems to be what Marblehead said. Another way I've heard it put is doing things without desires or ego attached to it. This just means to be aware of the reasons you are doing things; and if the reason has to do with desires, ego or negative emotions, then it's probabably not something you should do. Daosim is not Buddhism, Daoist don't denounce actions and the world, they just just try to understand it and live in harmony with it - which involves doing a lot of things actaully. A Daoist day is a full day - not boring at all.
  13. the world (at war)

    Hard to fight that logic.
  14. I was flipping through one of Eva Wang's book this morning and read the chapter on King Wen. It was interesting that she said the form of divination he invented involved having six sticks in a bag (three with yin carved on them and three with yang). He would put the six sticks in a bag and then draw them. If he pulled out more yin sticks, the first line would be yin, and vice versus for yang. I had never heard of this method, but just goes to show, there are many methods out there. The important part if finding one that you like.
  15. 100 Day Surrender Experiment and Book Giveaway

    I'd say I already focus on doing 1 and 3 everyday. But the 'surrendering of fear' part of 2 sounds like a good thing to add to my daily personal development. I'll give it a go.