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  1. Well I didnt call anyone a hoar, and I didnt tell anyone to lick balls. I said 'I KNOW a hoar who could lick your balls and make you invincible to Swine Flu at that for $10" If your level of censorship and understanding of the english language is that lacking, by all means continue your onslaught and claim that I directed my comment AT someone. You know calling someone a fucker or shithead is what you are saying, and IS DIRECTING PROFANITY but seeing that I did not do that, makes me wonder about you. I am going to tell my buddies about you and this site, in fact everyone I know that is into Taoism in China.
  2. You know I was just surfing the web, I came to this site... THIS IS FRAUDULENT! I sense the placebo powers are strong with this one. Why dont you go and learn the real stuff! What are you a kid?!?!?!?!??????
  3. Hi!

    Hi, I Traveled to China for a time. Got cultured, spent some time in Japan. I learned a lot about Daoism and Buddhism, but my main thing I focus on now is Zen. My parents definately liked to travel and tried to emphasis going directly to the horses mouth about things. I was an army brat most of my life and left home when I was 35. I guess life starts later and later.