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  1. Taoist View on Vegetarianism

    I want a path where I can eat meat and still attain enlightenment. So is this possible in Taoism? Can I still become enlightened even though im married? Could I gather up a lot of spiritual strength and heal people?
  2. Who were you?

    I wonder why people dont remember passed lives as animals... its always a human....
  3. How do Taoists cultivate equanimity?

    Namaste, I think a good way to start is to simply accept yourself and your shortcomings therefore you can accept others short comings. Then you realize everyone is you and you are everything. All is ever changing. We come in and out of the Eternal Dao
  4. Buddhism and taoism?

    im sorry mikaelz i got to learn to befriend the search engines. Im looking for both philosophy and in training techniques.
  5. Buddhism and taoism?

    oh that is awesome. I am Namu Butsu on there hehe. im not sure if you knew
  6. Buddhism and taoism?

    I see. I think buddhism is also like that though. You dont really get into debates. Atleast the Thich Nhat hanh version. I love buddhism though but since I am going to be majoring in Chinese Medicine I thought maybe ill investigate Taoism and perhaps in the future I will make it as my religion.
  7. Buddhism and taoism?

    Hello everyone, So what are some main differences between Taoism and Buddhism? Also for those who have chosen Taoism as their way of life and religion is there anything particular that makes you like taoism over buddhism?
  8. Lots of questions!

    Thank you wayfarer and stigweard! so there is a practice of lucid dreaming is there anywhere I can read a Taoist understanding of lucid dreaming or guide to lucid dreaming? So Taoist worship nature is this like the Shamanic cultures? What are some basic meditation a beginner can learn? Thank you for the FAQ! Also have you seen many westerners come to the Taoist way of life? Thank you much -Juan
  9. Lots of questions!

    Well my parents didnt follow a religion nor taught me of one.
  10. Lots of questions!

    Hello all! I hope you will please entertain my many questions. I have no formal introduction to Taoism so please excuse my ignorance. 1) Is there any deities or a Deity in the Taoist way of life and ritual? 2) Can enlightenment be achieved through a Taoist type practice? 3) can people convert over to a Taoist way of life or does one have to be born into it? 4) is there life after death? 5) Do Taoist believe in reincarnation? 6) Are there other realms than the realm we are currently in? 7) Does Taoism also focus on Ancestor guides? 8) Does Taoism have any mystical practices like lucid dreaming? 9) What are we? Are we a soul? A spirit? What is the Taoist definition of what we are? 10) Do Taoist pray? If so to whom? 11) What types of meditation are taught in the taoist tradition? 12) Can someone link me to some reading material on Taoism for beginners? 13) Were we created? If so by what or whom? 14) Does Taoism have an explanation for those who have seen the deceased in dreams who give vivid messages that prove true in waking life? 15) do we have spirit guides? 16) Are there any angels? 17) are there heavenly realms? I will stop at that. Please if someone can answer just one or two I will greatly appreciate it with loving kindness -Juan
  11. Hi from Florida

    Hello all! I am glad to have found this forum. My name is Juan im 23 years old and married to a lovely wife. I work as a manager for public storage locations in altamonte springs florida. The reason I came here is to learn about Taoism ofcourse. Right now I have given up my old religious beliefs and I am searching. I am very interested in Shamanic and buddhist approaches and Now I have come across Taoism. So now I want to learn what I can about Taoism. I Hope you all can answer my questions. Thanks for having me -Juan