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  1. Ananda M. Bosman 2008 Shamanism Conference

    Hi these videos are great. Do you happen to know how to contact Ananda or where to find his book The Unity Keys of Emmanuel? If not do you know of any similar types of books or sources that teach similar techniques as Ananda and the creation of the Vortexijah Vehicle? I know that Mantak Chia has a darkroom retreat that I am extremely interested in but would like some guidance so that I can practice, develop, and become self aware of my immortal self or diamond body. Thank you very much for your time! Nick
  2. The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel

    Hi my name is Nick and I'm new here. Has anyone heard of the book called "The Unity Keys of Emmanuel"? It is by Ananda Bosman. I can't seem to find much information on the book or Ananda. If anyone can help please let me know! Nick