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  1. KAP class

    I'm usually just a lurker here...I've been doing KAP for a number of months now. There have been some radical changes in all facets of life as a result of this. Like my brother DJS, I have still not had a full kundalini awakening as a result of the practice, but I am convinced that this system will take you as far and as fast as you want to go if you practice it. I've spent time and energy with a number of systems and teachers and I can tell you for me, I have found a home with Santi and his family. The efficacy of this system is unparalleled in my search and in my opinion you would be hard pressed to ever stumble on what is offered. He honestly has nothing to prove, and the light which flows from him is palpable. It was initially disturbing for me to see how people reacted to the love that flowed from him so freely here, but that is the nature of love, to accelerate the workings of people's karmas and bring them closer to SOURCE. If you have are on the fence about diving in or have any questions about what KAP is about...please PM me here or preferably send me an e-mail at [email protected] I will freely discuss in confidence with any of you of good intention my experiences with KAP. They will not be public because I do not wish to participate in any ego based mental masturbation frenzies. If you want to transcend, do. It's just that simple. Peter
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    Thank you guys.
  3. hi!

    Hi! I've been a non-posting member for the past few years until my account was deleted for some reason. Having found some of the threads around these parts quite interesting, I decided to register again.