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  1. Can you change my username to "awake" without the quotes?
  2. Help me removing a ghost

    Remember it will respond based on how you treat it through your initial perception and beliefs about it. Make sure you correct them first or you could have a very messy experience on your hands.
  3. One night earlier after listening to Genpo Roshi's Path of the Human Being, I went to lay down in my bed. Instead of my usual thinking before sleep, my mind was quiet. Much like Eckhart's tale, I heard the words "let the universe in through your chest cavity" and like a vortex, i felt this surge of what I can only describe as a "powerful neutrality" come into my body, and I began to feel the difference between that, and my body. But, then I began to worry and it went away. The closest I had to this experience was one night after being high, I woke up with the same sort of feeling in my chest, except I was physically creating it. When I stopped, it went away, then it felt bad after that it was gone. This made me wonder if that feeling bad after it was gone meant it was bad that I stopped creating the feeling, or it was a bad aftereffect of creating the ffeling, meaning it was good that I stopped. I can still create that feeling in the same area (the one that seems like neutrality) but less powerfully. I can only describe it as neutrality because it isnt good or bad, just a feeling. Does anyone have similar experiences, that could shed some light on this?
  4. Hi Everyone

    Hello all here at TTB. I come here in search of answers to my experience. I understand that a large part of this path is experiential, however my mind is still active, and I indulge in various materials to learn to control it. I also know that having a support group of similarly minded people is going to help me on my journey, so I hope you all enjoy your time with me as much as I do! Here is my first topic, I hope you can help me shed some light on this experience: