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  1. The Role Of Belief/Faith in Magic

    I read the post on the other forum, very interesting. So what do you guys think about working with belief or faith systems? How do you do it personally? I always find intent and faith sooooo tricky to know what to do with. (At the core level, as GIH says, which is getting to the real nitty gritty). I came to a standstill in my taiji practice which I have never really recovered from. I always suspected that it was not the lack of 'progress' in the physical or chi body sense. You know, not just having a few energy blockages that more practice or meditation could resolve, although I tried. There was a 'loss of faith' (to use a religious term!) that became a big struggle. Would be interested to hear more on what you think about these matters. Cheers.
  2. Superstition or B.S

    Ah, what I got from the guy in the videos was that cognitive dissonance is pretty common amongst many Christians. Fair enough. Personally, I'm not convinced that incoherent beliefs are of no value! Similarly, doesn't it seem as if there's an aspect to mantra and prayer that is not quite goal-oriented in the usual manner - and so not dependent on a coherent belief system to 'work'? I agree though that this guy's belief system would preclude the idea of any such thing working for him.
  3. Superstition or B.S

    Hi goldisheavy - are you saying prayer is always confined by your belief system? And that there is no value or relevance to prayer outside of this, beyond a functioning and coherent belief system? I watched the clip on 'disproving heaven', but it didn't really explain it, for me anyways. Sorry if I've misunderstood you, it's a topic I find interesting though!
  4. Help me removing a ghost

    Hi - again, very interesting that your friend has befriended the ghost. (P.S. I'm new to this forum, but I am intrigued by your friend's case. Thanks for posting an update.)
  5. Help me removing a ghost

    I would tend to agree with Mak Tin Si, it is always a good idea to find out more if possible, because these things are rarely as simple as just 'throwing out the garbage'. It's often assumed that entities are necessarily both a] undesirable, and b] a negative influence. But is this a narrow perspective? Blasting it away could bring problems - it might not resolve the underlying issues. I.e. who/what is it? Why is it there in the first place? All entities have a reason for existing, whether you see them as operating with a separate consciousness in their own right, or whether you interpret them as previously unacknowledged aspects of the host's psyche. Especially here it does indeed seem like there is a more subtle relationship - with some indication of interdependence - going on between the OP's friend and the entity. As Mak Tin Si says, entities can easily become aggravated and disruptive. Treating carefully and skillfully is always the best approach - just like in human relationships! We invite all sorts of difficult people into our lives, some need more careful handling than others. I'd be really interested to know more about how the OP's friend feels about having the ghost dispensed with......
  6. Having you ever thought about being a monk

    This post has been really interesting! Like others this is something I consider every now and then, and still wonder if it is something I will choose later in life for a period of time. Who knows? Adam and Iskote, I agree very much with your wise words. Being honest with yourself by exploring your own motivations and expectations of undertaking such a path is critical. I always remember the scene in Crouching Tiger where Chow Yun Fat tells Michelle Yeoh about his experiences in deep meditation, and coming to an awareness beyond time and space. But instead of the bliss of enlightenment he felt an endless sorrow; something was pulling him back into the world. (I thought this was the most arresting scene in the movie - much more so than the fancy swordfights!) Whether you decide to wear robes and choose to live 'simply' in the material world, it is also possible to make that commitment to working with the complexity of your own self in everyday society. I think it has to be dependent on the individual and where he/she is at in life. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. Help me removing a ghost

    Hi, I find it interesting that your friend has developed an attachment to the entity. It might be your desire to go in and blast it out, but is this the wisest move? Entities can live in a reciprocal arrangement with us. The fact that your friend felt upset after the entity was disturbed by your actions tends to suggest this might be the case here. There are many techniques for banishing, moving, or just plain antagonising other beings, just as there are with humans! I would do a little investigation into why the entity and your friend are living with each other if you can. These things happen for a reason. Do you know for sure it is a malign entity? Of demonic nature? Or a spirit trapped and in pain? Also, forceful removal may not be in the best interests for either party, even if you are pleased with a satisfactory outcome. And if your friend is inviting such forces, there remains the strong possibility that another will just take its place. Let us know how you get on.
  8. Was Jesus A Taoist?

    But what about love? And what about being the Son of Man, and the Son of God?
  9. Hi

    Hello, I just discovered this forum, seems like there's some interesting stuff here. Looking forward to exploring.